25 Brilliantly Handy Cleaning Gadgets

There are few things more satisfying than a perfectly kept home, and few things more annoying than keeping that home perfect. From cleaning up dirty dishes to the kid's messes to whatever godforsaken substance the dog's tracked across the living room carpet, you can spend hours of your day cleaning, only to be faced with the same messes day after day.

Fortunately, there's a whole industry of cleaning gadgets designed specifically to make cleaning as efficient and un-annoying as possible. From a standalone vacuum that makes dustpans irrelevant, to the most disgustingly satisfying sink tool ever, these 25 products are guaranteed to take the sting out of cleaning.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these gadgets as helpful as we do! Just an FYI, 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Bag Of Charcoal Will Make Your Febreeze Unnecessary

via: Moso

You might not think a bag of what's essentially charred wood would be so good at absorbing odors. But according to literally thousands of Amazon reviews, it's fantastic. Find it on Amazon

The Critter Catcher Will Slay Spiders For Days

via: My Critter Catcher

One of the few ways I can prove my masculinity to my wife is pretending not to be afraid when dispensing of giant spiders that appear along our crown molding. I'd be willing to forgo that feeling in exchange for a Critter Catcher. Find it on Amazon

This Squishy Yellow Goop Will Keep Your Electronics Spotless

via: Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is a popular option for safely cleaning your electronics. The fact that it's basically an industrial version of the old and glorious Nickelodeon Gak product probably doesn't hurt its popularity. Find it on Amazon

This Inexpensive Drain Snake Will Clear Your Pipes And Make You Question Things

This is essentially the ultimate zit-popping video of the pluming world. And I can't wait to try it out myself. Find it on Amazon

This Grass-Like Drying Rack Makes Drying Your Odd Kitchen Implements Easy

via: Breve

We use these in my household for drying all of the odd accoutrements required for feeding an infant human person. Just don't leave it anywhere near the ground, or your dog might mistake it for a primo pee opportunity (don't ask me how I know this). Find it on Amazon

This Silicone Cleaning Pen And Brush Cleans Where Nothing Else Can Reach

via: https://www.oxo.com/products/cleaning-laundry/mops-household-brushes/electronics-cleaning-brush

These things are as effective as they are inexpensive. And they're really inexpensive. Find it on Amazon

Throw Out Your Dustpans Because The Eye Vac Exists And It's Glorious

via: Eyevac

As a tall man of limited flexibility who truly hates bending down, I am an instantaneous advocate of the Eye Vac. It's like a Roomba that stands still, doesn't get up in your business, and costs about one-quarter as much. Find it on Amazon

This Specialty Fan Duster Will Clean Those Blades Before It's Too Late

via: eBay

One day, when I was young and foolish and my heart still overran with hope, I was eating cereal on a hot day with the ceiling fan in my kitchen running full blast. Suddenly, I noticed chunks of a black fuzzy substance drifting into my Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I'm a child at heart). Those chunks were literally hunks of disgusting kitchen grease-dust that had built up on the blades of my ceiling fan and were now dispersing themselves across my delicious bowl of CTC. And my day was absolutely ruined. Save yourself this terror. Invest in one of these washable microfiber fan and ceiling dusters. Find it on Amazon

A Set Of These Super Sliders Will Help You Vacuum Everywhere

via: EZ Home Solutions

Not only will these sliders make it easy as pie to vacuum under your couch, they'll take the effort out of searching for that remote that constantly finds its way under your sectional. Find a set on Amazon

This Simple Rubber Broom Is The Top-Selling Broom On Amazon For A Reason

via: Evriholder

And that reason is: it works. And also: it's cheap. People love this thing. Find it on Amazon

This Ingenious Grout Brush Adjusts To Clean Any Tile Pattern

I'm not sure what's very Gator-y about the Grout Gator, but I think its simple, adjustable-brush design is legitimately brilliant. Find it on Amazon

The HANS Screen Cleaner Will Wipe Your Dorito Grease Off Your Expensive Electronics

via: Hans-Swipe

I remember when I got my first iPod touch, I was so protective I'd literally wash my hands before using it. I'm now on my third iPhone and I'm sure there's pizza sauce residue on it somewhere. Fortunately, simple solutions like the HANS screen cleaner exist to help slobs like me maintain their electronic decency. Find it on Amazon

This Hoop Hamper Gives Your Kid One Less Excuse For Not Cleaning Up

via: eBay

Who are we kidding, if you're buying this thing, it's probably for yourself. And you'd be right to do it: the Hoop Hamper is awesome. Find it on Amazon

Unleash A Category 4 Cleansing Storm On Your House With The Hurricane Spin Scrubber

via: Hurricane Spin Scrubber

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is, at its heart, basically a power tool. Which means I'm automatically into it. Find it on Amazon

These Simple And Cheap Stove Protectors Will Save Your Stovetop, Sanity

via: Lingstar

Next to pure diamond, the second hardest substance on earth is that carbonized gunk that's stuck to your stovetop right now. It's science. These dirt-cheap stovetop protectors will take the heat (and mess) for your stovetop itself, not to mention saving you the extreme displeasure of a stovetop scrub session. Find a set on Amazon

This Simple Invention Turns A Mason Jar Into An Economical Cleansing Dispenser

via: eBay

Whether you've got a spare pickle jar lying around, or are a hoarder with a garage-full of mason jars that were just too good of a bargain to pass up, these screw-on sprayers will turn your surplus glass an invaluable cleaning dispenser. Find it on Amazon

This Brilliantly Simple Play Blanket Makes Lego Cleanup Insanely Easy

via: eBay

Seriously, the soles of your feet will thank you for buying this brilliant blanket. Find it on Amazon

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Is The Superman Of The Cleaning Product World

via: Mr. Clean

It'll wipe crayon off walls, take the gunk off your keyboard, make your tennis shoes look brand new, and even polish your gold jewelry. Is there anything the Mr. Clean magic eraser can't do? Yes. Experience love. Find the Magic Eraser on Amazon

These Adorable Tiny Vacuums Eat Your Dinner Crumbs For Dinner

via: Wrapables

In my house, our crumb vacuum is a pig. Stereotypical, sure. Effective? Absolutely. Find it on Amazon

These Pumice Stones Can Do So Much More Than Shave Your Calluses

via: eBay

Uses for pumice stones that you probably didn't know:
  • De-pilling sweaters
  • Cleaning your toilets
  • Scrubbing your oven
  • Removing pet hair from upholstery
  • Essential oil diffusing
And also, it's a rock that floats. And that's just cool. Find one on Amazon

Roomba Makes A Robotic Mop And We Are Officially In The Future

via: iRobot

Why do I love robotic products so much? Is it my '80s-kid indoctrination of Batteries Not Included and Flight Of The Navigator coming to the surface? Nope. It's because robots are awesome. And robots that clean your house for you are even better. Find it on Amazon

Bissell's Stomp-Activated Cleaning Pads Add Some Much Needed Aggression To Your Cleaning Routine

via: Bissell

You put one of these miraculous pads over a stain in your carpet. You stomp on it (perhaps while visualizing the smirking smug face of an enemy). You leave it alone and it removes the stain. Simple as that. I hereby advocate an increase in stomp-activated products. Find it on Amazon

The Beloved Tub Shroom Will Prevent Clogs, Make You Fear You're Going Bald

This simple silicone plug'll catch any hair thrown at it: human, dog, cat, sasquatch. Your pipes have never been this clean.Find it on Amazon

The Turbo Scrub Annihilates Soap Scum With An Almost Human-like Vengeance

Let's be honest: you work hard all week. You pay your bills on time. You raise your kids right. You're above stooping down to scrub the creases between your toilet and bathroom floor. Make the Turbo Scrub do it. You're more than worth it. Find it on Amazon

This Combination Vacuum And Squeegee Should Have Always Existed

via: eBay

This German-engineered cleaning tool boasts a 60% metal construction (for some reason), and a host of glowing reviews on Amazon. Find it on Amazon