10 Odd But Awesome Inventions You Never Knew Existed

Feeling stressed? How about a little online shopping to soothe your frazzled nerves? If you think you've seen all the products currently on the market, think again. I've rounded up 10 of my favorite gadgets that instantly upgrade your life, from a hammock for your neck to a wearable acupressure cuff that sends headaches packing to a crazy device that keeps you hydrated in a whole new way.

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The CreaClip Actually Makes Cutting Your Own Hair a Good Idea

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I recently decided to mix things up with a cool new 'do: Bangs. The only problem? Bangs require trims. Frequent trims. And when you're going months between haircuts, this can only mean one thing: I'd have to trim them myself. And that was a scary, scary thought. Thankfully I stumbled upon this CreaClip, which somehow manages to make it look like I know what I'm doing in the haircutting department. It's all about the built-in level that guarantees a perfectly straight cut every time. I can't tell you how many times I've attempted an at-home bang trim in the past only to have it come out completely crooked.

The Aculief Magically Cured My Migraines

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I've tried pretty much every option available to try to cure my migraines: Prescription medication, all-natural supplements, essential oils, and even Botox injected into my forehead. Nothing worked. So when a co-worker told me about Aculief, I figured I might as well give it a shot. To my complete and utter shock, my headache disappeared within minutes. So how does it work? Aculief uses the 100-year-old practice of acupressure to naturally cure migraines and headaches without the use of prescription drugs. By placing firm but gentle pressure on your L14 acupressure point, your body relieves pressure elsewhere, thus providing immediate relief.

The Dodow Sleep Aid Rewires Your Brain For Sleep

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I've always had an extremely tough time falling asleep at night. No matter how tired I was before going to bed, the minute my head hit the pillow, my eyes would snap open and it would be impossible to turn off my brain. I finally decided to find a product that could help. That's how I discovered the Dodow, the new sleep aid that has already helped over 500,000 people get a better night's sleep. You take a deep breath in as the halo grows, hold it for a moment, and then breathe out as it shrinks. It starts out by guiding you through 11 breaths per minute and gradually slows down until you're taking just 6 breaths per minute. And, before you know it, you're asleep. That's it. No medications or uncomfortable monitoring devices are required. Plus, with regular use, it actually retrains your brain to be able to shut down easier so you can fall asleep on your own again.

The Ulla Keeps Me Hydrated in a Whole New Way

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I'm terrible at remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day. My life is pretty chaotic, and most days I'll look at the clock and realize it's already 2 pm and I haven't had more than a few sips of water. The Ulla was created for people like me who need a constant reminder to take a sip. You can use it on any type of bottle, mug, cup, or thermos. The stretchy band makes it easy to switch between cups and bottles. Ulla uses a built-in motion sensor to keep track of your sips. If you're running behind, it gives you a gentle reminder to drink up by blinking. This thing helped me triple my water intake in just one day.

These SeedSheets Helped Me Grow an Herb Garden In My Tiny Apartment

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I am a notorious plant-killer, and although I've been burned so many times before, I decided to give it one more go by trying out these SeedSheets, which basically do all the hard work for you. SeedSheets comes with everything you'll need to grow your own fresh and delicious herbs from your own home; no garden required! Two weeks after planting my seed pods I already had enough basil to make pesto and plenty of cilantro for Taco Tuesday.

This Digitizing Service Single-Handedly Saved My Memories

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The other day, I was cleaning out my basement and found a treasure trove of family artifacts. There were leather-bound photo albums filled with black-and-white pictures, VHS tapes of hilariously awkward home movies, and even a box filled with old slides that I hadn't looked at in years. I knew I had to do something to preserve these relics, since years of sitting in my damp basement had already caused some water damage and mold to creep in. Luckily, a friend had recently told me about iMemories, which makes it easy to digitize and restore your old home movies and family photos. The look on my mom's face when I showed her a home movie from 1973? Priceless!

The EyeQue Brings The Optometrist To You

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I haven't been to the optometrist in ages, and lately, I've been getting some eyestrain-related headaches at the end of the day and finally decided that I need to update my prescription. But what do you do when you can't get in to see the eye doctor for months? The EyeQue is here to help. It's an optical device that accurately tests your vision right on your phone. Plus, the corresponding mobile app helps you to analyze that data and even order new glasses without having to see an optometrist. I got an eye exam right from my couch!

The Neck Hammock Cured My Neck Pain For Good

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I've always been prone to hunching. Years of typing away on a laptop while hunched over in bed have really done a number on my spine, and it's gotten to the point where I toss and turn every night unable to sleep from agonizing neck pain. The Neck Hammock is the solution I've been searching for. It was created by a licensed physical therapist to not only relieve your sore, stiff neck and shoulders but also to help you relax, unwind, and de-stress. It uses cervical traction to stretch your sore, tired muscles to release built-up tension. Trust me, it works!

The Bondic Can Fix Pretty Much Anything

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I don't know why, but every single one of my phone chargers starts to fray after about a month. After watching me struggle to duct tape it back together, my husband searched for a better solution. And he found one: The Bondic, which actually fuses things back together instead of just acting as a bandaid. It works to fuse any two surfaces back together:  Metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, etc. Warning: This stuff is addictive. After fixing all my frayed cords, broken sunglasses, and leaky pipes, I've been on a constant search for more repair jobs throughout the house!

These Peeps by CarbonKlean Are A Must-Have For Glasses-Wearers

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Here's an embarrassing admission: I think I may be greasier than most people. Why else would my glasses constantly be so smudged? Thank goodness for Peeps by CarbonKlean, the handy eyeglass cleaning tool that sends smudges packing. This nifty gadget uses advanced technology to buff away smudges in one quick swipe. The microfiber cleaning pads and invisible, all-natural cleaning formula leave glasses spotless without harming the integrity of the lenses. It also comes with a built-in retractable brush to remove dust and grit from your frames. Plus, it's small enough to throw into your bag and forget about until you really need it.