You Might Find Your Next Favorite Amazon Purchase In This Post

What can't Amazon do? It's become so large that you have anything you could ever need. I'm also the queen of online shopping and not buying anything so I've seen all that there is to see on the site these days. There's truly something for every occasion.

From a pastry mat that helps you achieve perfect measurements every time to a water bottle that can fit in even the smallest backpack to a pen holder that will keep your favorite writing utensil nearby to high-quality clothes, perfect for going out or staying in, these 37 Amazon goodies will you spending all of your money. I know what you're thinking–you can thank me later.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Get Perfect Measurements Every Time With this Pastry Mat

If you're a big baker, then you know messy it can be. One batch of cookies and your counter is covered in flour and sugar. This silicone mat not only keeps your countertops clean but also helps you measure out ingredients. Use it for pizza dough, pie crust, bread, homemade biscuits, cookie dough, and more.

This Coffee Maker Will Give You The Perfect Cup Of Joe At Home

Why spend money on overpriced lattes when you can make your own cup of joe at home? This coffee maker uses a rapid immersion brewing process to make smooth, tasty coffee without bitterness. It makes 1-3 cups of coffee per pressing in about a minute–aka with very little effort, you can spend your time sipping on coffee while soaking up your mornings.

Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh With This Car Diffuser

I'm a big fan of using essential oils to make my home smell good. During the fall, I use cinnamon, pine, and cedar to make me feel like I am tucked in the forest in a cozy cabin. This car diffuser fits right in your cup holder and emits just enough mist to keep your car smelling fresh. This mist also acts as a humidifier so you can maintain healthy moisture during your drives.

This Door Opener Tool Helps You Stay Germ Free

Although I've never been a germaphobe, the older I get, the more I realize just how dirty door handles, ATMs, and elevators (just to name a few) are. If you want to skip the germy surfaces, you need this door opener . It's tiny in size, hooks onto your keychain, and even has a stylus that can be used on touch screens and signature pads.

This Showerhead Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

A good showerhead can make or break your whole shower experience. That's why I'm a firm believer in splurging on a high-quality piece of equipment that will last you years to come. Lucky for you, Amazon has this shower head that is not only long-lasting, but also extremely affordable. With six different settings–including rain, pulsating massage, and power mist–using it will have you feeling like you're at a luxurious spa.

This Soap Dispenser Makes Sure Your Sponge Stays Sudsy

​Dishes are one of my least favorite chores. I'll be the first to admit that I leave dirty plates and bowls in the sink for a couple of days until the pile gets too high. So I'm always searching for something that will cut my dishes time down. That's where this soap dispenser comes in. The 1-hand dispensing system gives you the perfect amount of soap every time, so you can spend more time scrubbing and less time at the sink.

This Cereal On The Go Is Ideal For Busy Kids And

Have a kid that is always on the go? Or maybe you're always jetting out the front door to rush off to work. No matter what the situation, there's a good chance that you don't eat breakfast. But as they taught us as kids, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So next time you're in a mad dash out, grab this cereal to go and enjoy a bowl of your favorite cereal or some yogurt and granola for a morning pick-me-up.

If You Travel A Lot, You Need These Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the biggest advantages of working remotely is the fact that I can work from anywhere. Because of this, I try to travel as much as possible. There are times when I don't feel like breaking out my full laptop, or I don't want to pack it for an overnight trip. That's why I love this Bluetooth keyboard . It connects to your iPad, phone, Kindle, and more, so you can type your little heart out without lugging the heavy equipment. ​

This Slide Out Shelf Makes Accessibility So Easy

Being in your early to late 20s typically means a living situation that doesn't include much storage space. Fortunately, there are a ton of options for your home, no matter what room you need help with. This slide-out shelf can be used in pretty much every room–including your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

This Water Bottle Takes Up Practically No Space

Why carry bulky water bottles when you can use ones like this one instead? The slim book design was created to fit in any bag and even in larger pockets. And, it's more than just aesthetically pleasing. It's BPA-free and made of all recyclable materials.

The GermGuardian Is A Pluggable Air Sanitizer

If there is one thing that the past couple of years has really taught us, it's that humans are very germy. I know that I've become a bit of a germaphobe after years of not caring much. With the GermGuardian , you get purified, cleaner air, free of bacteria, airborne germs, and unwanted odors.

Get Clean Hands Everywhere You Go With Paper Soap

Speaking of germs, sometimes you just need some soap while on the go. Whether it be because you are camping in the great outdoors or you're at the mall, and they've run out. No matter what the situation, these paper soaps are the epitome of convenience. Just wet them with water and watch them lather up in a matter of seconds.

Back Up Your Phone To Use On Multiple Devices With This Flash Drive

I am the queen of hoarding photos. When I tell you that I have that over 30,000 photos on my phone right this second, I am not exaggerating. And while iCloud works wonders, I'm a bit old-fashioned and love having them stored somewhere else in case anything were to happen. That's why I love this flash drive . It connects to your iPhone so you can back it up with one click.

Who Needs Krispy Kreme When You Can Make Your Own Donuts With This Donut Maker

Donuts are arguably one of the best foods, so why not make them at home? This mini donut maker makes cute, tasty mini donuts in a matter of minutes. With the auto-shut-off feature, even the worst cooks in the world can't mess these up. It's so simple, even your kids could do it.

If You're On Your Feet A Lot, Try Out This Anti Fatigue Mat

As someone who works from home, I'm a big believer in stand-up desks. It's so easy to get sucked into sitting for hours at a time, so why not spend the day at least getting the blood flowing while you work? Unfortunately, I'm also someone with terrible back pain. This anti-fatigue mat enhances comfort, reduces lower back pain, and lessens joint pain.

Save Your Counters With This Silicone Mat

Who else used to burn the hell out of their kitchen counters with their straightener when they were in middle school? Just me? Okay. Well, despite being an adult, I'm still known to leave my hair tools on occasionally. And now that I'm in charge of paying rent and making sure my house is in tip-top shape, I want to make sure I don't ruin any more countertops. That's where this silicone mat comes in handy. They protect your home and can be used to wrap around your tools while you travel as well.

This Mini Dustpan Is So Aesthetically Pleased

While I try not to buy too many things based on aesthetics, I couldn't help myself when it comes to this mini dustpan . Not only is it totally adorable, but it is also perfect for cleaning small messes, like crumbs on the kitchen counter or dropped dog food.

Feel Totally At Ease With This Eye Pillow

Are you someone who suffers from endless headaches or migraines? Or maybe you find yourself constantly stressed out. If this sounds like you, you're going to want this eye pillow . The satin-covered pillow has a lavender-scented fill, designed to relieve tension and stress. Use it after a long day of work or add it to your yoga routine for a little extra zen.

This Car Trash Can Will Help You Keep Your Car Spotless

How is it that cars get so dirty so fast? I swear that mine is covered in garbage two days after cleaning it. And while I may not be the cleanest person ever, I try my best. My next purchase is most definitely going to be this car garbage can . It easily folds up when you don't want to use it, and when you are using it, it helps you stay clean without taking up too much room.

This Tote Can Pretty Much Hold Everything

Stop using plastic bags and use this tote bag instead! The heavy-duty bag is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the grocery bags that you've been stockpiling. Use it for your food, your gym clothes, your school supplies, your beach day goodies, you name it. It's a bag that can do it all.

Make A Hassle Free Fire Anywhere You Want with This Portable Campfire

I am a big camping fan. In fact, I'm laying in my car, camping as I type this (no lie). So campfires have become a big part of my life. There's nothing better than hanging out with your loved ones, making s'mores around the fire. While most campsites have a fire ring, there are tons of instances where you may need this portable campfire –like on the beach, during an evening picnic, or during a hike.

Eliminate The Frustration Of Fastening Clothes With This Button Hook

I'm in my late 20s and I have yet to figure out why some buttons are impossible to do up. Why do companies put microscopic buttons on a shirt and expect you to be able to do them up without any help? It's become my comprehension. But, with this button hook , getting dressed has never been easier. It eliminates the pain and frustration of buttoning and zipping, especially for those with carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Keep Your Pup's Paw Clean With This Paw Washer

Dogs, lord bless them, are always getting into something dirty. From digging holes in the backyard to rolling around in the mud at the dog park, you just expect them to be filthy 24/7. I take my two pups with me everywhere I go, and it shows in my car. With this paw washer , long gone are the days of paw prints all over your car seats.

Never Lose Your Favorite Pen Again With This Pen Loop Holder

Don't lie, you have a favorite pen. And it's a tragedy when you misplace it and have to use a different one. Or maybe that's just the writer in me. This pen loop sticks firmly to any flat surface, so you can have your favorite pen on you at all times. I'm putting one on my planner, my journal, and my desk.

This Scrap Trap Makes Cleaning Up A Piece Of Cake

One of the worst parts of cooking is the prepping and the clean-up afterward. The scrap trap makes prepping and cleaning a piece of cake by allowing you to clean up trash and toss them in seconds. Plus the included brush means you don't have to touch any icky food.

Cure Neck And Back Pain With This Acupressure Mat

As I mentioned earlier, I am the queen of back pain. Doesn't matter what I'm doing, my back kills me 24/7. I am all about finding homeopathic ways to cure ailments, and I have heard people rant and rave about acupuncture. So I did some research and came across this acupuncture mat . In as little as 20-minutes a day, you can roll it out and eliminate excessive pain.

Turn Your Phone Into A Mini Movie Theater With This Magnifier

Who wouldn't want to turn their phone into a movie theater? I know I want to. Especially when I'm traveling. This screen magnifier transforms your phone into a mini screen, ideal for movie nights on the go. There's a reason it has a 4.5-star rating and 10,000+ reviews, just saying.

Organize All Your Keys With The KeySmart

If you have multiple keys, it may be hard to keep them all organized or in one place. With KeySmart , you can hold up to 22 standard-size house keys. Say goodbye to bulky key rings and constantly jingling!

Make Your Car Vibey With These Car Lights

There's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've taken an Uber that had crazy colored lights like these . With over 16 million color options and light effects, they're a fun way to take your car rides to the next level. Why not make your car lighting match your mood? Sad? Blue. Happy? Yellow. Frustrated? Red. The options are endless.

These Reusable Sticky Notes Save You A Bunch Of Paper

While sticky notes are great in theory, they tend to get thrown away and wasted. There's no point in cutting down trees and wasting paper when things like these reusable sticky notes exist. The front is made of a whiteboard, while the back is re-stickable, over and over and over.

Stay Hands Free With This Phone Holder

Humans are addicted to their phones, and that addiction has carried over into other aspects of our lives, such as driving. Now, this is not me shaming you, because I am definitely guilty of doing it. But I'm working on breaking that habit as soon as possible. This phone holder makes its a bit easier, giving you the chance to rely more heavenly on Siri to direct you or respond to your messages.

Say Goodbye To Stray Beard Hair With The Beard King

There's nothing more frustrating than going to wash your hands only to discover that your sink is covered in beard hair. That stuff is a stubborn pain in the ass that will never go away, no matter how much you try to wipe the counter down. With the Beard King , you can catch your beard hair before it even begins to make a mess.

Suck Out The Itch With The Bug Bite Thing

I've never bothered to get my blood checked to see what type I have, but whatever it is, bugs love it. I can't go outside for more than 2 minutes without a variety of new bites. It has been especially bad this summer. I've relied heavily on the Bug Bite Thing . Using a suction, it removes the venom, saliva, and other irritants, so you can spend less time itching.

Soothe An Unhappy Baby With The Baby Shusher

Free up your precious time, and soothe your cranky baby without the sound of your real (recorded) voice with the Baby Shusher . The genius invention not only gives you the gift of time back, but it also has 15-30 minute timers, assuring that it can get even the most stubborn babies to bed.

Keep All Your Goodies Nearby With This BedShelfie

Keep all of your favorite goodies at your fingertips with the BedShelfie . Whether you're not a fan of nightstands, or yours is too small for all of your belongings, this bedside shelf gives you extra storage space, so you can keep everything you love close by–from phones to books to a delicious candle.

Wipe A Whisk And Bowl Clean In Seconds With This Whisk Wiper

Cleaning whisks are a pain in the butt. I typically like to lick mine clean, but I know this isn't always the most practical (or sanitary) way. This whisk wiper allows you to get into every nook and cranny of a whisk, so you can spend more time baking and less time cleaning.

This Airplane Footrest Makes Flying So Much More Comfortable

I am an avid traveler. So much so that I genuinely fill with joy when I am on an airplane. What I dislike is how uncomfortable can be if you're flying coach. This airplane footrest allows you to kick back and relax without having to throw your feet in the aisle.