You Can Now Get Temporary Tattoos of Your BFF's Face

It's a sad reality that we can't be with every person we love all the time. The planet is pretty huge, and too often our nearest and dearest end up disappointingly far away - at least geographically speaking.

Luckily, one company has made some small inroads into solving this problem. Fancy wearing your BFF's face wherever you go? Well, your prayers have been answered, at long last.

Life is really only as important as those you share it with.

And family is undeniably important - even when they're working your very last nerve.

Or perhaps your friends are your family?

At least they have the advantage of being chosen by you!

But forging close relationships comes with a caveat.

We live in a pretty big world - and too often, those you're emotionally close to are based at large geographical distance from you.

This can be really hard to deal with.

Even with advances in technology like Facetime, many of us find ourselves missing loved ones a lot of the time.

And this can be amplified during particular moments.

At big life events like marriages or births, the absence of a friend or family member can be felt even more acutely.

But this inspired one company.

And spawned a totally ingenious invention which is now swiftly taking over the internet.

Ever considered getting a tattoo in honor of your pal?

It would be nice to look down and see a reminder of your BFF.

But there's just one problem.

Tattoos are a little, well, permanent, right?

But one company came up with a solution.

How about a temporary tattoo. All of the memories, none of the terrifying commitment!

Well, wouldn't that just be heartwarming?

And now, thanks to Lili Mandrill, that can be a reality.

The brand makes all sorts of personalized gifts.

The illustrations can don classic items, like sets of mugs.

They also make these.

Handy stamps to decorate anything you desire!

But undoubtedly the star of the show?

It's got to be their temporary tattoos.

They're adorable.

Who wouldn't want to wear their pal on the body?

Or, even better?

You could gift your BFF with a sheet of your own likeness.

You simply send in your favorite photo.

The illustrator does the rest, turning your pal into a cute cartoon.

The bespoke products cost $80 for 25.

Which is, let's face it, way cheaper than actual inkings!

They're perfect for an occasion.

Imagine gifting someone a sheet - or offering them out as party favors!

What a great way to tell someone you miss them!

Or, in fact, to stop you from missing someone else!


Check out the array of designs on her website! Fancy more custom purchases? Scroll on for the cookie-cutter made exactly in the likeness of your pet - too cute!