You Can Get a Life-Size Cardboard Cutout of Your Best Friend

It's a sad reality that we can't be with every person we love all the time. The planet is pretty huge, and too often our nearest and dearest end up disappointingly far away - at least geographically speaking.

Luckily, one company has made some small inroads into solving this problem. Wisconsin-based business Cardboard Cutout Standees recognized the popularity of celebrity cutouts and came up with an ingenious idea. Now you can create custom cardboard cutouts of anyone you want. So if you're missing a faraway friend, or can't attend an important sentimental event, look no further. We've collated some of our favorite uses of this cute service.

Life is really only as important as those you share it with.

And family is undeniably important - even when they're working your very last nerve.

Or perhaps your friends are your family?

At least they have the advantage of being chosen by you!

But forging close relationships comes with a caveat.

We live in a pretty big world - and too often, those you're emotionally close to are based at large geographical distance from you.

This can be really hard to deal with.

Even with advances in technology like Facetime, many of us find ourselves missing loved ones a lot of the time.

And this can be amplified during particular moments.

At big life events like marriages or births, the absence of a friend or family member can be felt even more acutely.

But this inspired one company.

And spawned a totally ingenious invention which is now swiftly taking over the internet.

Because, think about it.

Cardboard cutouts have existed for a long time. It's just that they tend to be for fans of celebrities to feel a little closer to their idols.

But if they work for that...

Then surely, they could have another excellent use, too - right?

Well, Cardboard Cutout Standees sure thought so.

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And they came up with an incredible business idea - personalized cardboard cutouts.

Which means one thing.

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Now you can use their website to create your perfect cardboard cutout. Whether you're missing a friend and want them around - or think you have a friend who could do with a cutout of you - the world is your oyster.

And people have been loving it.

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The amount of innovative ways people have used the service is a testament to human creativity. From side-splittingly hilarious to heart-warmingly cute - these cutouts cover all bases.

This one's a classic.

Anyone know trying to reunite the gang can sometimes seem impossible - and if one member is missing, a cutout could be the solution!

Or how about a trip down memory lane?

This comparison between a first and last day of school would bring a tear to any mom's eye.

This one is truly heartwarming.

When one brother couldn't visit another in treatment for leukemia, this cardboard cutout stepped in.

They even work as gifts.

This one for a favorite teacher is a super cute way to show you're grateful.

This is a cute idea.

You could really make an anniversary pop with a cutout blast from the past.

They even do these oversized heads.

Perfect for collecting an unsuspecting relative from the airport.

And it isn't just relegated to humans.

You can even get a cut-out of a beloved pet if they are unable to attend a big event.

While many of these custom cutouts are of loved ones ...

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You can also choose a celebrity option - like this brilliant Mayor Pete at Atlanta Pride.

Or how about this?

We never knew we needed to see this snap of Diane von Furstenburg with a cardboard cutout of RuPaul - but we're glad we have.

Hosting a kid's party?

Why not double the fun with a cutout of the host or hostess?

Or perhaps you have more practical concerns?

Like preventing crimes! We wonder how effective a cardboard cutout would be ...?

Perhaps you just want to confuse your pet.

Or maybe you're of the belief that 2 dogs are better than 1.

Maybe you suspect someone is missing you.

We have to say, these would make pretty hilarious Christmas presents.

Either way, this is certainly a genius business plan.

Want in? Visit the company website to get started designing your very own. Curious about another slightly offbeat online purchase? Scroll on for a babygro with a difference.

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