Woman Caught Moving Drugs by Wearing Bags as Hair Bow

There's a reason that the war on drugs never ends.

As time goes on, people smuggling drugs through airports and across borders are getting more inventive with their ideas. For every person that security catches, there are ten others that have managed to get away with it. Pretty risky business.

But, of course, the rewards make it tempting to some. One Columbian man was hoping to secure a whopping thirty-three thousand dollar reward for smuggling half a kilo of a certain substance into Spain under a very peculiar-looking wig.

Stick with us as we expose his mugshot as well as a list of the most inventive ways that people have been caught smuggling drugs - including one woman with a surprisingly cute solution.

How stupid do you have to be to smuggle drugs across a border?

But, strangely enough, it occurs more often than you would think. It seems as if a maximum twenty-year sentence isn't enough to deter some criminals.

If you're going to take part in the activity, you're going to need to come up with a good plan...

And that's exactly what people have done. Let's count down some of the weirdest methods that people have used to avoid getting caught with drugs in their possession. Spoiler alert: They all got caught!

10. Candy Eggs.

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I would advise that you keep these away from children and every other human being.

9. Lube.

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Also known as illegal steroids, in this case. I wonder what this guy gets up to in his spare time...

8. Pringles.

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This is a snack that you really don't want to nibble on.

7. Holy water.

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Forty-two bottles of liquid drugs. God can't save you now.

6. Bolts.

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I think that this guy had a screw loose...

5. Chocolate bars.

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Let's hope that the chocolate doesn't melt. Well, it kind of did.

4. Breast Implants.

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This was not the breast way of smuggling drugs into another country...

3. Pallets

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They even went to the trouble of staining the drugs black and still got caught. Sucks to be you.

2. Avocado.

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Too obvious. If you're carrying an avocado, you're probably going to get searched.

1. Champagne bottle.

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We can't forget about this old classic, can we? You could have celebrated if you weren't caught...

One Columbian man tried, but also failed.

I think we all know that smuggling drugs is a bad idea. But it's even worse if you're a naturally nervous person like this guy was.

He was traveling from Bogota to Barcelona was stopped by the Spanish police.

He looked extremely nervous after his flight had touched down in the country. The authorities were immediately notified and he was taken in for questioning.

And that's when they noticed something strange...

The wig that he was wearing caught their attention as it looked unnaturally big. And you'll see from the mugshot that it was completely obvious.

Upon further investigation, the authorities discovered that under the hairpiece was a tightly-wrapped package.

And I bet that you can guess what was inside it. No, it wasn't a souvenir. Well, it could have been... It was half a kilo of drugs.

The package was worth just over thirty-three thousand dollars!

But the wig just wasn't realistic enough to keep it concealed. Neither was the look on his face.

The Spanish police posted the guy's mugshot on Twitter.

I love that they used some good ol' emojis to convey their emotions about the find.

A statement released by the police said: "There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls."

Since the arrest was made, there have been no further details released on the criminal's identity. I mean, props for trying, but maybe look for a job that doesn't make you so nervous. It's really not good for your health. And neither are drugs.

In 2018 alone, over 100 kilograms of illegal drugs were seized by police.

Barcelona's airport sees multiple attempts to smuggle drugs into the country, but the laws around the issue are getting tighter and penalities are getting harsher so be warned. Don't do drugs, kids.

But our story today might be the most innovative method of smuggling we've seen.

via: Wikipedia

It takes place in the amazingly named city of Flippin, Arizona. While on patrol, police officer Kenneth Looney spotted a Dodge Neon with an expired license plate and decided to pull the vehicle over.

The thirty-eight-year-old driver, Jessica Bernice Kropp, was pulled over.

via: Pixabay

When questioned, Kropp admitted her license was expired, the car wasn't registered in her name. Looney then discovered there were five warrants out for Kropp's arrest.

Looney then asked to search the vehicle.

via: Marion County

And it was then he made his odd discovery. An affidavit from the officer reads, "As I was detaining Jessica Kropp, I observed what appeared to be a bow in her hair. The bow appeared to be a small, zip-locked bag containing a white crystal-like substance of suspected [drugs]."

"The baggie had a small rubber band around the middle, giving it a bow shape and was attached to a bobby pin."

via: Marion County

"The substance was affixed to the right side of her head, attached to her hair. I said, ‘Are you serious?’ She said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘You have a bow in your hair made from a bag of [drugs]."

"She said, ‘[expletive deleted], I didn’t know that was there, someone else put that there and I didn’t know what it was.'"

via: Pixabay

According to Looney, Kropp's car was filled with drug paraphernalia including a vape pen filled with illegal substances. Nice try, Kropp. Better luck next time ...?

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