37 Products to Take on Your Next Adventure This Season

The closer I get to summer, the more I'm craving time outdoors. My little walks around the block aren't cutting it anymore. I need a sun-drenched adventure! I'm planning a family beach trip and some hikes on local trails for starters. I just can't wait to get outdoors and soak up some nature.

Of course, I'm also doing a little Amazon shopping to gear up on products to take on my next adventure this season. From waterproof speakers to the biggest beach blanket I've ever seen, there are cool and useful gadgets for every excursion. I can't wait to share my favorite finds with you, and I hope you get inspired to plan your own outdoor adventure, too!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Collapsible Metal Straw for Eco-Friendly Sipping on the Go


There are a lot of reusable straws out there, but this Sharktank winner is my absolute favorite! This Collapsible Metal Straw fits inside the included travel case, ready to self-assemble into an air-tight straw with silicone tips at both ends.

This Bestselling Headlamp That Customers Call Amazing and Affordable

Amazon / Hannah

With over 23,000 ratings, this Bestselling Headlamp is a safe bet for dark excursions. The adjustable band fits adults or kids, and it can run up to 45 hours on three AAA batteries (not included). Customers appreciate that it's low-cost, lightweight, and reliable.

These Biodegradable Body Wipes Are Infused with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe


Toss a pack of these Biodegradable Body Wipes in with your gear for a quick but thorough clean-up anytime, any place. Each bamboo wipe is moistened with cleaning agents that don't require rinsing, along with tea tree oil, aloe, chamomile extract, and a light and natural fragrance.

These Inflatable Lanterns Are Solar Powered


I bought one of these Inflatable Lanterns for my camping gear, but I've been enjoying it for all sorts of backyard and outdoor adventures. The lantern folds up for compact storage, then inflates to a cube that produces a soft, lovely glow. It can be charged by USB or in direct sunlight.

This Fanny Pack Holds Two Water Bottles


Perfect for hikes, day trips, and theme parks, this Fanny Pack gives you plenty of space for snacks and necessities. My favorite feature is the dual exterior cup holders. In addition to strapping around the waist, it also includes a shoulder strap.

These Merino Wool Hiking Socks Were Designed by an Everest Climber


Serious hiking calls for serious socks! Danish mountaineer Rasmus Kragh developed these Merino Wool Hiking Socks for his Mount Everest climbs. They've also earned thousands of 5-star ratings from Amazon customers.

This Outdoor Explorer Set Encourages Kids to Have Fun Outside


My kids have had a lot of fun with this Outdoor Explorer Set! Designed for ages five and up, the set includes 20 items that help kids interact with nature and have fun indoors or out. My kids' favorite part is the bug catcher kit.

This Oversized Beach Tote That Customers Call "The Best I've Ever Owned"


On a beach trip last year, I used a sad combination of grocery sacks and an old backpack to cart our gear to the sand. This year, I've wised up and ordered this Oversized Beach Tote. It's a fantastic value and has enough room and pockets to carry everything. It's also earning top ratings from Amazon customers, with an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star average!

This Picnic Backpack Is Perfect for Romantic Outings


I'm sending a link to this Picnic Backpack to my husband as a hint for my next birthday. The delightful set includes everything needed for a picnic, from the blanket to silverware to wine glasses. It even includes tiny salt and pepper shakers!

This Pocket Microscope Gives You a Closer Look at Nature


Equally fun for kids and adults, this Pocket Microscope lets you get a closer look at plants, rocks, bugs, or anything else you encounter on outdoor adventures. The bright LED light is powered by one AA battery (not included), and the lens provides a range of 60-120 times magnification.

These Round Sunglasses Are On-Trend and Cost Under $20


With a flattering round shape and reflective lenses, these trendy sunglasses are a must-have accessory for outdoor excursions this season! They come in six colors (my favorite is the gold frame and blue lens combo) and earn rave reviews from thousands of Amazon customers.

This Authentic Serape Blanket Was Made in Mexico


These Mexican blankets look like summer fun to me! Perfect for festivals, picnics, and outdoor lounging, each blanket is made from recycled acrylic and cotton in Mexico. Machine washable.

This Travel Bag Holds a Weekend's Worth of Pet Supplies


Give your dog or cat their very own suitcase for your next vacation! This Travel Bag is designed specifically with pet supplies in mind, with multiple pockets sized for food, toys, and other gear. It includes two collapsible bowls and two dry food containers.

This Water Bottle for Dogs Is the Easiest Way to Hydrate Dogs on the Go

Amazon / Catherine Hou

After trying to give my dog Rosie a drink of water from my water bottle (and ending up with wet shoes and no water left for me), I went to Amazon for a solution. This Water Bottle for Dogs has a genius design that lets you squeeze water into the attached cup, making it easy for dogs to drink without wasting water or making a mess.

This Popular Waterproof Speaker Has 76,000 Amazon Ratings

Amazon / UneekNaym

This highly rated Waterproof Speaker is a top choice for portable convenience and excellent sound quality. Go ahead and take it to the pool or beach; this speaker is not only splash-proof but can actually be submerged in water with no ill effects.

These Beach Cup Holders Won't Fall Over


Lounging at the beach wouldn't be complete with a cold drink and a safe spot for my phone. That's why I'm ordering a 4-pack of these Beach Cup Holders, which feature spikes that dig into the sand to keep it stable. It even has a built-in bottle opener!

This Cache Cap Has 6 Hidden Pockets


Ideal for camping, vacations, and other adventures, this Cache Cap looks like a basic, low-profile hat with an adjustable band that makes it work for both men and women. The killer feature is the six secret pockets where you can hide cash, ID, key, or other essentials.

This Beach Umbrella Hook Holds Towels and Bags


One of my favorite new vacation gadgets! This Beach Umbrella Hook attaches to most umbrella poles to provide a handy spot for hanging towels, bags, keys, and other necessities. One Amazon customer writes, "One of the best features of this little gadget is that if it is placed high on the umbrella post, it is completely invisible to anyone walking past your umbrella."

This Body Glide Prevents Chafing


My marathoner friend recommends Body Glide to prevent chafing and make outdoor exercise more comfortable. Smooth on the balm to protect skin anywhere it rubs on clothing or against other parts of the body. The allergen-free and plant-derived formula is gentle on all skin types.

This Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Inflates in 2 Minutes


Versatile and oh-so-comfy, this Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. The sturdy polyester mat weighs just 3 pounds and folds up into a hand-sized carrying pouch (included). When you're ready to relax, inflate the pad by pressing on the built-in foot pump.

This Floating Speaker That One Reviewer Calls "Dynamite!"


One look at this Floating Speaker, and I'm ready to book a vacation with a pool! Value-priced and highly rated by Amazon customers, this speaker connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to play music on the go.

This Folding Table Weighs Under Two Pounds


Lightweight and portable, this aluminum Folding Table is an excellent addition to your outdoor gear. Amazon customers use this handy table for picnics, camping trips, and long days at the beach. Reviewers appreciate that it's waterproof and easy to clean.

This Hatchet Multitool Is Like a Swiss Army Knife on Steroids


Measuring just 7 inches long, this Hatchet Multitool will take up hardly any space in your backpack yet will come in handy for countless situations while enjoying the great outdoors. It's an amazing 14 tools in one, including a hammer, ax, pliers, knife, saw, screwdriver, and much more.

This Hydration Pack Holds 2 Liters of Water


When a water bottle doesn't hack it, this Hydration Pack is the solution! Designed with comfort in mind, this adjustable pack includes a 2-liter bladder and sipping tube with a bite valve. It's earning top reviews from customers, who appreciate that it's lightweight and not bulky.

These Sand Toys Let Kids Play Sweet Shop at the Beach


I've tried to build sandcastles with my kids, but they're nearly always a lumpy, collapsing disappointment. This year, I'm setting us up for success with this Ice Cream Sand Toys set, which promises simple, sandy fun.

This Phone Tripod Helps You Take Better Photos


Make sure you're in your vacation photos with the help of this Phone Tripod. The flexible legs grip onto limbs, poles, or whatever is handy so you get stable photos in any situation. Works with any screen up to 3.7 inches wide and includes a wireless remote.

This Cute T-Shirt Encourages You to Hike More, Worry Less


I searched Amazon for a hiking shirt, expecting only to find basic, solid-color performance wear. So I was pretty excited when my search yielded this cute t-shirt! It comes in several colors and sleeve lengths and is earning top ratings from customers.

This Portable Campfire in a Can


Cozy up to this Portable Campfire anywhere! A Sharktank success, this innovative product burns up to three hours and is easily extinguished by putting the lid back on. It's made from recycled soy wax and recycled paper briquettes and produces virtually no smoke or smell.

This Rugged Power Bank for Worry-Free Charging on the Go


Last year, I bought a lipstick-sized power bank for a trip to the mountains. I didn't even use it once before I dropped it down a rocky trail and broke it. I'm replacing it with this Rugged Power Bank, which has a rubberized exterior designed to be splash-proof, dirt-proof, and drop-resistant.

This Compression Sleeve Stabilizes and Protects Your Knees

Amazon / Anastasia

Protect your knees during hikes and other outdoor activities with this two-pack of Knee Compression Sleeves. The knitted silicone material is designed to hug the joint and stay comfortable even during vigorous, sweaty exercise. It's earned nearly 30,000 ratings, with one satisfied customer writing, "Eased my knee pain immediately."

This Extra-Large Beach Blanket Folds Into a Hand-Sized Pouch


I needed a sand-resistant blanket for my kids at the beach and was very pleasantly surprised to find this Extra-Large Beach Blanket. It comes in a tiny pouch and unfolds to a whopping nine by 10 feet! Includes metal stakes to secure the corners to the ground.

This Scavenger Hunt Card Game Inspires Kids to Explore


Take this Scavenger Hunt Card Game on your next outing, and break it out as soon as the kids complain they're bored. The set of 35 cards comes in a cute drawstring bag and provides a structured activity that encourages kids to explore their surroundings.

This Shell Collecting Bag That a Reviewer Calls "Perfect for Shelling"


Perfect for your next day at the beach, this Shell Collecting Bag provides a handy spot for shells, pebbles, or other natural treasures. The mesh exterior sifts away sand and lets the items dry. Fun for kids, but also lovely for any adult who loves shelling!

These Travel Soap Sheets Let You Wash Your Hands Anywhere


Just add water! These Travel Soap Sheets are the perfect solution for rest stops with no soap or quick hand washes using a water bottle or other freshwater source. The tissue-thin sheets of dry soap come packaged in a convenient (and cute!) case that fits in your pocket or bag.

This Surf Brush Is the Best Way to Brush Sand From Skin


I've tried every trick in the book for getting sand off the skin, but this Surf Brush is by far the most effective method. The plastic bristles are just stiff enough to catch all the sand and whisk it away without it being uncomfortable on the skin. It works great even on powdery sand!

This Swim Bubble for Safer Open Water Swimming


Take a cue from triathletes and use a Swim Bubble when swimming in the ocean or lakes. The ultra-light swim buoy attaches via an included strap and floats on the water next to you, making you highly visible and acting as a flotation device if you need to rest.

This Travel Towel That Customers Say Dries "Wicked Fast"


Handy for travel, hiking, or the gym, this Travel Towel is made of soft, premium quality microfiber that dries exceptionally quickly. It folds up compactly, fitting into the included travel case that's only a few inches long.