People Are Fully Obsessed With Viral Winged Eyeliner Stamp That Makes Everything Easier

Anyone who's ever attempted winged eyeliner knows it's no picnic. A wobbly hand of slightly uneven eyelids can turn a subtle wing into some Kiss-style face paint in seconds. But with this viral eyeliner stamp, you never need to struggle with your cat-eyes again!

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The La Pure Original Liner Stamp already has a cult following.


The set comes with 2 different sized stamps, plus a liner pen.

First, you place the stamp of your choice on the outer corner of your eye.


You can then use the deeply pigmented and smooth liner to connect the wing to your eyelid.

The results speak for themselves.


In fact, the product already has nearly 8,000 5-star reviews - which is no mean feat!

​"Okay, so I am as shakey as shakey gets when it comes to putting eyeliner on... But this is a miracle sent from above! It honestly is the most amazing eye makeup product I own atm. It is as easy as it sounds. Literally. I like that it is double-ended as well! You have two pens, 1 for the left eye, and one for the right. The opposite end on both is just an everyday liquid liner pen. But honestly, it goes on so much smoother than any other liquid liner I've tried or owned. I will use this every chance I get!! It also appears to be long-lasting. I just came home, ripped open my box (yes a box for the eyeliner, just the eyeliner), and stamped away. Got it right on the first try!" one writes.


"I am someone who is terrible at applying makeup and once I saw this product I knew I just had to try it. I have struggled since I was a teenager to create the perfect winged eyeliner... and always failed because I could never get them to be even. And this product has completely changed the game! I am so happy with this product. Not only do I achieve the perfect winged eyeliner - the eyeliner itself is pretty decent for the price," another agreed.

It seems as though this stamp is a total game-changer for people who struggle with liquid liner. Will you be adding to cart?


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