We Can’t Believe People Use This Wacky Kitchen Utensil From The 1400s

I'm always in awe when people much cleverer than me invent beautifully simple yet incredibly effective solutions to everyday problems and annoyances.  Thanks to the internet, it's so much easier to discover these gems of genius and have them in your hot little hands in a few short days!

Whether you need a quick fix for sweaty palms, a better way to scoop ice cream or a helpful utensil from the 1400s, you'll find a game-changing product on this list that sparks joy every time you use it (can you tell I've been bingeing Marie Kondo's Netflix show?)!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Bottle Emptier Ensures You Get Every Last Drop

What's more satisfying than completely finishing a bottle of product, down to the last drop? Whether it's your favorite condiment or spendy bottle of shampoo, you'll get your money's worth by using these handy Bottle Emptier gadgets that store your bottles upside down. This pack of two is sleek enough to fit nicely on fridge or shower shelves but sturdy enough to hold a bottle of laundry detergent, and double as a water/baby bottle drying stand!

This 6-In-1 Kitchen Tool Makes Meal Prep a Breeze

What can't this innovative 6-in-1 kitchen tool do? This bad boy ensures its meal prep must-have status thanks to the clever scissor-style food cutter with built-in cutting board, knife, peeler, fish scaler, bottle opener, nutcracker, knife sharpener and finger guard. Easy to use, fewer things to wash and store - how did I survive in apartment kitchens without this gadget?

This Dog Feeding Tracker That Saves Your Sanity And Keeps Fido Fit

Dogs are kind of like kids in the sense that they'll never say no to a snack even if they ate an hour ago. Since you can't get a straight answer when you ask the dog and you live with one or more people who may have already fed them, this useful "Did You Feed The Dog?" tracker will save your sanity and your pup's waistline! It's also an indispensible helper for older pet owners who'd benefit from an easy reminder.

This Couch Coaster Stops Living Room Spills

This genius Couch Coaster keeps drinks from spilling, even if kids or pets are bouncing around or you're in a rocking recliner! The smart cup holder is weighted so it stays in place and is an awesome solution if you don't have room for an end table or coffee table. Choose from snazzy red or couch-matching neutrals. This thing seriously has a rabid fanbase on Amazon - the reviews are incredible!

This Cactus Back Scratcher Lets You Get Juuuust the Right Spot

Why is it that I seem to get an itch right in the middle of my back when my hubby's not home to help? I've resorted to aggressively twisting up against a doorframe like a deranged bear but this cactus back scratcher seems much more efficient. The two-sided design lets you choose nubs or spikes depending on how strong you like your scratching, and the elastic strap stretches to hit just the right spot. Aah - I feel better just watching this guy use it!

This CryoCup Helps Injuries Heal Faster

Everyone knows ice is key for helping sports injuries, but the CryoCup makes the healing process even faster since you can give yourself an ice massage. Simply fill with water, pop the cup in the freezer then apply to your injury. An added bonus is it keeps your fingers from freezing off since you're not directly touching ice!

This Triple Timer Is Your New Kitchen BFF

I'm always amazed when people can perfectly time cooking a meal so the sides and main are all piping hot and ready to serve at the same time, but I think I've discovered their secret. This fancy triple timer displays three easy-to-read 100-hour digital timers with unique alarm sounds that's so good it won "Best Kitchen Timer" in an America's Test Kitchen product test!

These Silicone Food Savers Hug In The Freshness

How do you save the rest of an onion or tomato if you only need half? Ziploc bags or plastic wrap slide around annoyingly and don't do a great job, but these Food Huggers create a perfect seal! This set of four silicone food savers come in different sizes to fit fruits and veggies or reseal open jars and cans. Handy and cute for the win!

These Stemware Savers Make Wine Glasses Dishwasher-Safe

The last thing you want to do after a relaxing glass of wine is hand wash your stemware. Now you can pop your wine glass in the dishwasher without worrying about breakage thanks to these stemware savers. These flexible silicone gadgets clip onto your wine glass stem, then a hollow tube slips onto the dishwasher post to keep the glass secure during the washing cycle. Congrats - you just freed up more time for your nightly Netflix binge!

These Plate Dividers Eliminate Dinnertime Drama

If your kid subscribes to the "foods shalt not touch" commandment from the book of Picky Eaters, these silicone plate dividers will save your sanity. They suction to the plate so even runny foods stay in their lane, and each food cubby holds 1/2 cup so it's easy to measure portions. The best part? Now you can toss all those bulky plastic kids' plates with all the different sections that are a pain to store and wash!

This Mix N Chop Tool Is Perfectly Suited For The Job

Every once in a while you stumble across a tool that's so simple yet so genius it blows your mind. This Mix N Chop utensil is that gadget - this kitchen workhorse's pinwheel blades help ground meat evenly brown and make quick work of mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, egg salad and more. Hundreds of reviewers are bananas over this durable nylon tool - one has been happily using the same one for over ten years!

This Gel Ice Hat Slays Migraines

Maybe it's not the most fashion-forward headwear, but this gel ice hat is a miracle-worker for migraines. Three flexible gel ice packs slip into the hat's pockets and perfectly contour to your head so you can lie down comfortably until your headache's gone. Reviewers suffering from sinus pain, head colds, seasonal allergies, fevers and tension headaches found immediate relief with this cold cap!

This Burger Press Looks Like A Nightmare, Works Like A Dream

This interesting silicone burger maker might look a little crazy but the thicky, juicy burgers are so good you won't care! It makes six 1/3 pound patties and has a built-in burger dimpler that's "scientifically proven" to keep burgers flat and evenly cooked during grilling. Since we love a multi-purpose gadget, you can also use it to portion out soups or stews for freezing.

This Pour Over Travel Brewer Is A Godsend For The Morning-Impaired

Although I've been part of the working world for quite a while, I'm a resolute night owl which makes mornings exquisitely painful. Even more so since I have two little ones raring to go at the crack of dawn! Good thing this Coffee Gator pour over travel brewer makes it easy to get your quality caffeine fix even if you're running late - simply fill the removable filter with ground coffee or loose leaf tea then splash in some hot water and you're good to go! Plus it comes in fun colors like orange and burgundy to make your mornings a bit brighter.

These Finger And Toe Ice Packs Work Like A Charm

When you jam your finger or stub your toe it's impossible to ice the pain away without freezing your entire hand or foot...until now! This finger and toe ice pack relieves sprains, sports injuries, arthritis and minor burns by using cold and compression to quickly work its magic. Reviewers report being "happily surprised" at how well these little guys work!

This Double-Ended Extension Cord Solves Your Lighting Woes

If you've only got one wall outlet smack in the middle of a long sofa or king-sized bed, how do you power lamps on both sides? Answer: this double ended extension cord that stretches up to 6 feet on both sides and spans 12 feet total! Since each end of the cord has 3 outlets, you can conveniently plug in cell phone chargers, humidifiers or whatever else you want by your side.

This Divided Skillet Lets You Cook 5 Foods In One Pan

Want an easy way to cook an entire meal (or different meals for picky eaters) all in the same pan? This divided non-stick skillet has five sections with high walls so you can easily flip or stir foods without spilling. Reviewers love it for family breakfasts and dinners with multiple sides. The best part is you only have one pan to wash and it's dishwasher-safe!

This Inverted Umbrella Has 1,000+ 5-Star Reviews

When the wind's gusting and the rain's coming down sideways, your regular umbrella ain't gonna cut it. If you're sick of flimsy umbrellas flipping inside out at the hint of bad weather, this functional inverted umbrella is your new trusty sidekick on stormy days. The durable carbon fiber ribs open from the top so you stay dry while exiting the car or doorway, then close to form a waterproof cone, thoughtfully keeping floors and your car interior dry. And one reviewer says "the design on the inside makes me hate everything just a little bit less" - it comes in 19 patterns so there's something everyone will love!

This Liquid Filled Ice Cream Scoop Is Professional-Level

This ergonomic Zeroll ice cream scoop comes highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated, America's Test Kitchen, Food & Wine and tons more legit sources. Still not convinced? A reviewer that owns an ice cream shop says it's the only scoop he'll use because it rolls the perfect ball of ice cream and releases it easily. The secret is the heat-conducive liquid sealed within the handle that makes this scoop such a smooth operator - I don't care how it works as long as it gets the ice cream in my face faster!

This Bed Sheet Tucker Tool Makes It Easy To Make Your Bed

Like everyone and their mother these days, we recently got a memory foam mattress and what they don't tell you is how heavy those suckers are. It's so cumbersome to lift the mattress corners, end and sides to tuck in your top sheet, especially if you have any shoulder or arm injuries. This bed sheet tucker tool tightly and effortlessly tucks the sheets without making you lift the mattress - might be incentive enough for the kids to start making their beds...

These Magnetic Spice Jars Are An Adulting Power Move

If your spice drawer looks anything like mine, it's a nightmare to find what you need and the jars have spilled everywhere. These magnetic spice jars handily attach to your fridge so you can free up kitchen drawer space and make sure the spice is right with a quick glance at the see-through lid! The no-spill jars let you shake or pour the just amount you need and come in packs of 3, 6, 12 or 24 so you can customize to your spice storage needs.

The Aquapaw Makes Bathtime Fun For Pups

If your dog hates getting clean, this Aquapaw pet grooming tool will make him a bathing beauty! It's a pet shower sprayer and scrubber in one that you can hook up to your shower or outdoor hose and it's great for dogs, cats, horses or feral children. It slips onto your palm so you can use both hands to hold onto your animal, and keeps her calm since it just feels like you're petting her while you're actually giving her fur a deep cleaning treatment. Less soapy water spraying all over and a lot less stress for both of you makes this gadget a no-brainer for pet owners!

This Tablet Wall Mount Keeps Your Precious Screen Out Of Harm's Way

I'm constantly using my tablet to reference Pinterest recipes while I'm cooking, and it suffers oil spills and saucy smears on the regular. This tablet wall mount is an awesome solution for home cooks working from online recipes or dorm dwellers wanting to watch movies hands-free, and you can even mount it on an exercise machine to make your cardio sesh suck less! It adjusts to fit any size tablet and has built-in cord clips to keep things neat.

This Handy Snack Bowl Phone Holder Streamlines Your Snacking

This two-piece snack bowl with phone holder is a genius solution for keeping your space clean while you enjoy messier snacks like edamame, olives, cherries and nuts or seeds with shells since it doubles as a trash receptacle. The clever bowl holds your phone or mini tablet so you can keep on watching hilarious pet videos or playing Candy Crush while you nosh.

This Trash Bag Holder Keeps Plastic Bags In Check

Even though we try to bring reusable grocery bags on shopping trips, somehow we end up with a million plastic bags. I love to repurpose them as small trash bags or for bagging drippy raw meat containers before tossing them, but I don't love how they take over all the under-sink space. These Handi Hanger Trash Bag Holders easily install on cabinet doors and keep plastic shopping bags neatly contained but easy to access. Reviewers living alone or in small spaces have even replaced their space-hogging regular trash cans with these!

This Foldable Yoga Mat Takes Up No Space!

Yoga mats are notoriously bulky and a pain to tote to the gym, but this foldable yoga mat takes up virtually no space in your trunk or gym bag. The compact design fits easily in a carry-on bag so you can get your daily moment of zen wherever you travel! It comes in six cool patterns and gets rave reviews for portability and comfort.

These No-Show Knee High Socks Keep You Fashionable, Not Frozen

These no-show knee high socks let you wear your favorite booties and flats all winter long without freezing to death. The clever cut-out in the front hides the socks from view, and the knee high style keeps them from slipping down throughout the day. More good news: these socks eliminate the common problem of stinky shoes if you typically go barefoot in flats!

This Hoodie Pillow Is An Introvert's Dream

Sometimes you just want to retreat into your own little world, and this hoodie pillow is your ticket to escapism. The pillowcase is made of the same cozy material as your favorite sweatshirt and includes thoughtful details like an adjustable hood drawstring, pocket to hold your phone and a headphone portal so you can totally block everyone out! Great for travel (especially if you're stuck in an airport for any amount of time), dorm dwellers or anyone with roommates or a noisy sleeping environment. If only it was socially acceptable to wear this to the grocery store.

This Antiperspirant Hand Lotion Won't Make You Smell Like Teen Spirit

There's not much that saps confidence faster than an impending handshake when your palms are dripping wet. Fist bumps are a bold choice for business meeting or cocktail party introductions but if you'd rather follow convention, there's this antiperspirant hand lotion. Happy reviewers say they can now enjoy things like holding hands with dates and feel more confident during social interactions and job interviews thanks to their now-dry hands. Plus, you can use also use it on your toes to stop stanky swamp foot!

This Blister Blocker Balm Is a Big Miracle In A Little Tube

If you've ever had to wear pinchy high heels for hours or break in stiff new shoes, the painful, blistery memories will be all too vivid. Thankfully some hero invented this all-natural, non-greasy blister prevention balm that lasts up to 6 hours and is small enough to slip into your tiniest evening clutch. You can use it on any shoe pain points like straps that chafe the top of your foot and ankles and heel or toe friction.  Now heels might be (almost) comfortable!

This Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder Will Keep Your Bathroom Clean(er)

My kids get more toothpaste on the bathroom counters than their actual toothbrushes and there's always an unholy mess waiting for me. This automatic toothpaste dispenser will pay for itself when the kids aren't slathering every inch of the bathroom with sticky grape-scented goo! And the included toothbrush holder will make the frantic search for the kids' toothbrushes when we're already late for school a thing of the past. Since they're both wall-mounted, your bathroom counters stay clutter free-ish!

This Faucet Drinking Fountain Means Fewer Cups To Wash

Anything that cuts down on household chores is a winner in my book, and this faucet drinking fountain gadget means fewer cups to wash since kids can get a sip straight from the tap! Just pop it on your tap, turn the water on then squeeze to redirect the water up for drinking. Conveniently, you can leave it on the tap all the time and still use your faucet normally for washing hands or dishes with no obstructions.

This Puzzle Rolling Mat Is A Frustration-Free Storage Solution

Puzzles are so much fun for kids and adults, but they can easily take over a dining table and are a pain to store. This puzzle rolling mat and storage bag lets you neatly roll up a still in-progress puzzle without messing it up or losing any pieces. It holds up to 1500 puzzle pieces, has a convenient hanging strap so you can store it tidily away until next time and a label so you know which puzzle's inside! I have a feeling Marie Kondo would wholeheartedly approve.

This Buckle-Free Belt Erases Belly Bulge

This buckle-free belt makes wearing jeans and "real" pants so much easier since you can just snap it on and forget it! You don't have to unbuckle and redo it during every bathroom break, and you don't need to adjust it when you sit down since the elastic band stretches with you. But the key selling point is the lack of buckle bulge under shirts and the slim, streamlined look it gives your midsection. I work from home so nothing comes between me and my elastic waist pants, but this game-changing belt might make jeans an easier choice!

This Windshield Cover Makes Snow and Ice Cleanup Laughably Easy

Here in the tundra of Boston, the arduous process of digging your car out of the snow and scraping ice off your windshield in face-freezing windchill is par for the course in winter. That's why I'm so excited about this windshield snow and ice cover that makes car cleanup infinitely less painful - you just lift the mess off in one go! And it'll stand up to the gale force Nor'easter winds with windproof straps that attach to the wheels to hold the cover in place. In nicer weather it doubles as a picnic blanket, tent sleeping pad, baby crawling mat or pet car seat cover so it's pretty much worth it's weight in gold.

This Mattress Band Secures Bedding With No Fussy Fasteners

The almost-profanely named Rubber Tucker mattress band keeps sheets and blankets from sliding off the bed and disrupting your sleep. Plus, it's so much easier to actually make your bed in the mornings since your sheets stay perfectly in place - all one happy reviewer has to do is smooth her top sheet and quilt for a tidy look.

This Portable Paw Cleaner Keeps Pups Happy and Floors Clean

Mud is tough on pup's paws and even more so on your rugs. Now you and your four-legged friend can splash through puddles and take muddy hikes without worrying about messy paw prints all over your car and house with this Portable Dog Paw Cleaner. Just fill the plastic cup with a little water, insert doggy's paw then twist the mud off with the gentle silicone bristles that line the cup. Cleaning the cup is easy, since all the components come apart for a quick rinse.

This Water Bottle Makes Staying Hydrated Fun

We all know about the benefits of drinking water, right? I don't need to remind you of the science. However, most of us could use a little help actually ensuring that we've had enough water to drink on a given day. This water bottle has colorful bands on the outside. You can roll them up the bottle every time you empty it in order to keep track of how much you've had to drink and easily tell at a glance how much more water you should have.

These Plate Dividers Are Ideal for Picky Eaters

Anyone who lives with a picky eater knows how frustrating mealtime can be. If your child hates when their food touches, you can use these nifty barriers to ensure it doesn't happen! They can also be used to measure portions of food — each divider holds 1/2 cup of food within its walls.

This Veggie Peeler Has a Brilliant Design

This peeler nests comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for peeling carrots, peaches, pears, eggplants, and more. Since it attaches directly to your finger, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping it or having it slip around. The edge of the peeler features a special tool you can use to remove the eyes from a potato. Or your enemy! (Just kidding.) It's also dishwasher-safe.

Keep Your Mushrooms Clean with The MushroomCloth

If you (like me) have a tough time believing that you're actually getting your mushrooms totally clean, the MushroomCloth might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Each side of the cloth has a different texture. Use the soft bristle side to remove debris and dirt from mushrooms, and use the wavy texture on the other side for veggies with thicker skin. It's small enough to keep in a drawer or hang on the inside of your cupboard door whenever you're not using it, but you'll be glad to have it when you need it.

This Round Ice Scraper Is Changing the Game

If you live in a place with snowy winters, then you know how much of a hassle it can be to scrape your windshield off before you drive. This little tool makes it so much easier! It's small enough to fit in one hand so you don't have to try and get good leverage with a huge handle. Use the larger end to scrape loose snow right off. If there's ice, flip the cone around and use the spiky end to remove it in a jiffy!

These Finger Covers May Look Silly, But They Work Like a Charm

OK. These finger covers look a little goofy. But you know what else isn't a good look? Bright orange Cheeto dust smeared all over your pants. Slip these onto your fingers (there are three of them total) and eat your messy snacks without worry! They're washable, reusable, heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe. You can laugh now, but you're gonna thank me later.

This Bread Slicer Folds Flat for Easy Storage

There's nothing quite like buying bread in a loaf from the grocery store — or making it yourself! Unfortunately, it can be pretty tricky to get the perfect sandwich-width slices when you're just eyeballing it. That's where this bread slicer comes in. Simply place the loaf of bread inside and use the slots to guide your knife and create the ideal slices. No more shoving a too-thick piece of bread into the toaster!

This Is Called a Spurtle, and It's the Best Utensil Ever

So, the spurtle is a wooden kitchen tool that dates back to 15th-century Scotland, where it was used to stir porridge and soups. But as it turns out, it's also wildly useful to have in your kitchen today. It's a unique cross between a spoon and a spatula and can be used for prettttty much anything. Use it to mix, scrape, stir, spread, or serve! This listing is for four different spurtles of varying sizes and styles (one of them is slotted). Once your kitchen is spurtled (?), you'll never go back.

These Cable Savers Will...Well, Save Your Cables

If you haven't had a charger cable start to unravel at the end, then you may want to call up Hogwarts because you are clearly some kind of wizard. For the rest of us Muggles, these cable savers come in handy. Simply coil them around your cables to add some much-needed stability. Maybe someday the powers that be will invent a cable that doesn't unravel. Until then, we'll use these nifty things.

The Fred Travelamp Brings Light Wherever You Need It

I'm pretty sure everyone reading this is well aware of their cellphone's flashlight feature, but sometimes, you want a light that fills an entire area, rather than just pointing in one particular direction. The Travelamp is a lantern-shape light diffuser that you can place over your phone's flashlight. When you do, the light will be spread out to cover a larger area and provide a pleasant glow rather than a harsh beam. It's especially great for camping trips!

Take the Perfect Puptastic Photo with the Pooch Selfie

If you have a dog, it's basically a law that you have to take pictures of them. However, it can sometimes be tricky to get them to look at the camera for that perfect photo. The Pooch Selfie makes it super easy by allowing you to clip a squeaky ball directly onto your phone! Now you can take the perfect pooch-tastic selfies!

This Armrest Table Tray Is Super Convenient!

Sitting on the couch = good. Eating on the couch = also good, but it can get messy! However, if you have one of these table trays that hook directly onto your armrest, your life is much easier. You don't have to worry about balancing a plate on your lap or placing it far away on the coffee table — just cozy up next to the tray that's seated right next to you! This is a must for your next party. And your next Netflix binge sesh.

This Knee Pillow Relieves Back Pain!

If you wake up with a sore back, chances are that your spine is misaligned while you sleep. In order to prevent this from happening, you can use this small pillow between your knees. It's contoured to fit snugly between your legs, encouraging the correct posture and reducing pressure in your joints. It has nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews and the company that makes it also offers a 10o percent money back guarantee.

Bring Order to Your Countertops with This Makeup Organizer

I always get annoyed having to dig through my makeup bag in order to get the stuff I need, but I also don't want to just leave everything out on my counter where it's sure to look cluttered. This storage box makes a lot of sense. Use the various drawers and shelves to store all of your  makeup and keep it within easy reach.

And This Makeup Brush Holder Can Be Put Right Next to It!

It's pretty unsanitary to store your brushes in a bag where they touch each other (and all the makeup containers). This brush holder features a bunch of spaces formed with flexible silicone that will grab the brush handles and keep them propped up. There are three different sizes of holes that should work on even your tiniest (and largest) brushes.

These Adjustable Drawer Dividers Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Aren't you tired of having to dig through your entire drawer of T-shirts in order to find the one you want to wear? Everything becomes unfolded and you're left with a sloppy mess. These drawer dividers can be adjusted to fit pretty much any drawer — not just your dresser drawers, either! Use them in the kitchen, garage, linen closet, or bathroom drawers to bring some order there, too.

These Hat Clips Are Ideal for People Who Wear Many Hats

(And I mean that literally.) This pack of 10 clips can be used to hang up 10 hats on a single hanger in your closet. They work with all button-top hats and even prevent any damage coming to them. And they increase your closet space (or free up some drawer space). Basically, if you're a hat fan, this is a pretty great option for hat storage. After all, it's not like you can wear every hat at the same time, ya know?

This Scrap Bin Hooks Directly to a Cupboard Door

I remember the first time I watched Rachael Ray's cooking show and was totally blown away by the concept of a garbage bowl. Putting all your veggie scraps in one convenient location? Makes so much sense! Now, my mind is equally blown by the idea of a scrap bin that doesn't even take up any counter space! This one hangs right on a cupboard door and stays out of your way while you prep. Plus, it's super easy to just sweep the scraps into the bin.

Stay Warm and Enjoy Some Tunes with This Bluetooth Beanie

This is one of those products that just makes perfect sense. No one should have to sacrifice warmth for listening to music, or vice versa. This hat has speakers built right into it! Not only that; it also features a built-in microphone for easy hands-free phone calls. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes (or podcasts! Or audiobooks!) while doing cool winter sports...or while standing at the bus stop. Either way!

This Hairline Template Keeps Your Haircut Looking Good

It's totally fine to give yourself a haircut. But please, for the love of all good things, don't try to do it without the proper equipment. For best results, use an actual set of hair clippers (not a random pair of scissors you found in a desk drawer). And when it comes to shaping the hairline, use this handy tool! It's basically a no-fail stencil that will keep your lines straight.

And If You're Trimming Your Beard, Use The Beard King

This is another one of those things that looks a little silly but is totally worth it in the end. Use the suction cups to attach the apron of the Beard King to your bathroom mirror, then shave and trim as desired. Rather than getting all over your counter and sink, the beard trimmings will land directly in the apron for super easy cleanup. Future you will thank you. So will anyone you live with.

The Hot Sock Is a Diffuser That Works Pretty Much Everywhere

If you have wavy or curly hair, you're certainly no stranger to the diffuser. However, many diffusers are super bulky, and you never know if a diffuser attachment is going to attach to the hair dryer if you're traveling. The Hot Sock is pretty much what it sounds like — a sock! It's a diffuser made from fabric that folds perfectly flat for easy storage and fits virtually every hair dryer out there.

Mountie Makes Your Desk Less Cluttered

Have you ever been working on your computer and tried to reference your tablet or phone at the same time? Unless you have three hands, it can be a bit of a struggle...unless you have a Mountie. It's basically an instant second display. Just clip it onto your monitor and use it to hold whatever other screen you need right at eye level. Its quick lever action makes it easy to attach or remove in seconds.

This Charging Station Should Have Come with the Apple TV, honestly.

Anyone who has an Apple TV knows how irritating it is to charge up the remote. I feel like every time the remotes needs charging, I have no idea where the cable is and I usually end up having to plug it in in a kitchen outlet. This low-profile stand can be used to charge the remote and it looks pretty classy while it's doing it! You can also use it to charge your other Apple electronics like your AirPods or an iPad Mini.

You Might Also Want to Pick up This Glow-in-the-Dark Remote Case

My other pet peeve about the Apple TV is that I always. Lose. The remote. I mean, this is partially because my husband always accidentally puts it in his pocket and walks out of the living room. But also because it's quite small! This glow-in-the-dark case will ensure that you never lose your Apple TV remove again. Plus, it just looks cool.

This Elephant Cup Has a Built-In Drainage Hole

OK, first of all, this little guy is really dang cute. But that's not all! He also has a little drain hole in his nose, which makes him ideal for storing toothbrushes in the bathroom or cutlery in your kitchen. You could even use the container as a planter! It comes in five different colors and only costs about 10 bucks — why not grab a few of 'em?

This Book Lamp Is a Must for Book-Lovers!

We all know about the magic that occurs when you open a book. Well, this lamp is kind of a physical representation of that magic, if you think about it! Open the book and the lamp turns on, providing a soft, warm glow. You can either lay the book flat or open the covers wide to create a circular lamp. And it doesn't take batteries — just charge it with a USB cable.

The Mighty Bright Is Super Handy

I don't care how good your eyesight is; everyone could benefit from a magnifying glass every now and again. Maybe you're looking at a particularly small and detailed map! Whatever the situation, the Mighty Bright is perfect for the job. It's just about the size of a credit card (making it easy to carry around!) and also includes a bright LED!

These Silicone Straws Are Fun, Funky, and Environmentally Friendly!

While the discussion around the environmental impact of disposable straws continues, more and more people are opting for reusable straws. After all, drinks just taste better through a straw, ya know? These silicone straws come in a variety of fun colors and also come with a nifty squeegee for easy cleaning.

This Head Scratcher Is Seriously Life-Changing

If you've never used one of these head scratchers, then I truly feel bad for you. They are truly incredible. I don't know what it is about them, but a few minutes of head massaging and your stress and worries will be melted away. This listing is for two scratchers, which is perfect for anyone who lives with another person, 'cause you're not gonna want to share.

Tweexy Keeps Your Nail Polish Close at Hand

You shouldn't have to sacrifice an awesome manicure just because you don't have a flat surface to put your nail polish bottle. Whether you're sitting on a couch or bed, or even in a moving vehicle (not one that you're driving, obviously), Tweexy will hold your nail polish bottle firmly and keep it right where you need it while you do your manicure magic.

I Have Only Two Words for You: Miniature. Raclette.

Take a few seconds to just luxuriate in that GIF, OK? That beautiful cheesy magic is known as raclette. It's pretty popular in Switzerland and France, but now, you can bring it right to your very own table. Just light the tea light candles in the base, place the tray over the flame, and put some cheese in. A few minutes later, drape the melty cheese over a burger, some potatoes, or, honestly, just right into your mouth. No judgment here.

This Microwave Cake Maker Is What You've Been Looking for All This Time

After you finish your raclette journey, it's time for dessert! But you don't have time to make an entire cake. Should you panic? No! You should grab this microwave cake maker and bake your own little personal cake! In the microwave! Just use the plastic insert to measure out the ingredients (including box cake mix), mix everything up, and pop it in the nuker. Just think: at any given moment in your life, you could be just a few minutes away from enjoying cake.

This Brownie Pan Has Nifty Dividers

If you're looking to make a full-size, shareable dessert, then brownies are perfect! This nonstick pan comes with a nonstick insert that slices the brownies for you! Use them to create an array of different brownie types (Peanut butter! Chocolate mint! Marshmallow!) all at once. And you don't have to worry about making sure everyone gets the same size piece — the divider does all the work for you.

These Food Huggers Save Your Veggies

Sometimes you only need half a tomato. Or onion. Or avocado. You get the idea. Rather than tossing the other half (or just letting it go bad in the fridge), use these food huggers to create a seal against the cut side! Those veggies cost money — why not get the most use out of them?

This Super Thin Pen Is Also a Bookmark

If you're someone who likes to take notes while you read, this pen is perfect for you. You can store it right inside your book! Or, you could store it in a notebook so it's always ready when you need to write something down. It's so tiny! I kind of want to get a bunch of them and just hide them in all the nooks and crannies in my house.