You Can Get a Giant Inflatable Water Bubble Ball and I'm Going To Need One

Sometimes, a product goes viral that's truly unique. Such is the story of this giant inflatable water bubble ball. What is it? What purpose does it serve? And, most pertinently of all, why do we want to buy one, like, immediately?

So, what exactly is this product?​


Well, it was designed to be just like a real bubble - except it's one that doesn't pop, meaning you get to actually play with it.

It can be used to throw and catch, kick, bounce, or even to lean or sit on.


It also makes for a great prop for photoshoots.

It can be filled with air, or with water, or with a combination of the two.


And once its fully inflated, it measures a whopping 3 feet in diameter!

​They can be used indoors or outdoors, and claim to be super strong.


Although if you are planning on laying out on yours, it's important that you don't fill it up all the way - as this can lead to it bursting!

It's safe to say we're intrigued!


And if you are too, you can buy your very own right here.