Kids' 'Dust! Sweep! Mop!' Set Encourages Children To Clean Up After Themselves

Teaching kids to clean up after their own mess is probably one of life's most difficult tasks but we've all got to do it at one point if we want to avoid running after them every single time they want to play with their toys. And what better way to give them a helping hand than to make the idea seem fun?

Let me show you...

Speaking of their creation, the geniuses behind the product said this:


​"We developed the Dust! Sweep! Mop! Pretend Play Set to motivate your child to model independence and use their imagination to have fun! Each cleaning tool gives them an imagined role and pretend task to try."

They're hoping their invention helps children develop skills and confidence.


​"This skill-building and the confidence-boosting set is designed to strengthen and embolden your child's sense of purpose. Each pretends play tool helps them develop coordination and fine motor skills."

They continued:


"Our kid-tested and timeless toys make great gifts for encouraging screen-free, hands-on, and open-ended play. These toys are designed for kids to come back to again and again as they discover new possibilities."

And you don't have to take it from me, take it from the 2000+ reviews on the official Amazon page.

"I'm a massive fan of Melissa and Doug and these don't disappoint," wrote one happy customer.


"My daughter wanted a cleaning set but she's a little heavy-handed so I knew those plastic sets wouldn't be up to the job and be broken in days. I ordered this and it's awesome. All made of wood and nice good quality brushes and mop head and duster head. Looks really attractive, is strong and realistic. My daughter plays with this every day . Brilliant set highly recommended."

And for only $23.98 + no import fees, you're getting yourself a real bargain. Order yours today before they're all gone!