The Top 5 Reasons You Should Learn To Code

Coding is the language of the future. But we know it's intimidating when you're a beginner in this mysterious new world. The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle can help you go from starter to savant. Though it usually costs $1,356.95, it can be yours today for just $34.99!

Still on the fence? Check out the top 5 reasons that you should learn to code.

5. Improves Problem Solving

Once you get the hang of coding, you'll realize that it will help you problem solve in other areas of life as well. This is because coding requires you to strategically plan things out and think logically before getting started, since potential issues and debugging can be avoided with some foresight. This systematic approach then rubs off on your day-to-day, as you can apply it to anything from planning your day to cooking dinner!

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4. Improves Communication Skills

Coding is like learning a new language, but it's one that will help you with your communication skills in your native language as well. If you work on coding projects with others, talking through things is a key to success. You need to be on the same page as other teams like designers and product managers, and this skill of being open and communicative will have a beneficial effect on all of your relationships. (Yes, even the one with your significant other!)

3. Constant Self Development

As people, we're always evolving and the coding languages are no different. New coding languages are developed every day, so it's impossible to be stuck in your ways in the world of coding. Sure there are legacy coding languages like JavaScript, Python and SQL, but coders need to constantly be on their toes... which is also helpful in everyday life as well.

2. Opens New Possibilities

Just like learning any language, it seems like a whole new world opens up when you conquer coding. Whether you're learning the basics for fun or for a potential new career, you'll definitely feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with this exciting knowledge. And once you realize that coding can actually solve real world problems both big and small, it's an excellent motivation factor to keep your skills sharp.

1. Career Jump

Lastly, even if you get into coding as a hobby there's still the potential to earn major money with this know-how. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a software engineer in Los Angeles is $110,000. So once you are confident in your knowledge, don't be afraid to make a career switch -- it can pay handsomely!

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