Videos of People Swinging Their Hot Drinks Around Without Spilling a Drop Are Baffling Viewers

Carrying many drinks at the same time can strike fear into the heart of any clumsy person. But now there's a new way, and it all involves an incredibly innovative tray . Scroll on to take a look...

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Here's the video that started it all.


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You have to admit, it makes for some pretty captivating viewing.

The Tipsi Tray is a game changer.


It uses science to allow anyone to carry up to 9 drinks without spilling a drop.

​It allows you to carry a tray one-handed, meaning it's ideal for older or differently-abled customers.


People are seriously impressed with this life changing item.

"I recently ordered the Tipsy Tray, and started using it for summer backyard gatherings immediately. I found it to be solidly made, with great functionality. Would buy again," one reviewer writes.


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