Tips for Relaxing at Home During Quarantine

With quarantine still in full effect, taking care of yourself has never been more important. But it's more than just wearing a mask and washing your hands; in addition to hygiene, you need to take care of yourself mentally too. We've all felt it: quarantine is stressful. Even if you're not usually the type to suffer from severe anxiety, there's an undercurrent of stress that affects us all in a time like this. So everyone may need some tips for relaxing at home during quarantine!

Whether or not you're traditionally a more active or lowkey, easygoing person, there's an activity (or coping exercise) for you out there. Check out this handy series of quarantine tips, and see what you can do about home relaxation and self-care during this trying time. You're not alone!

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Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


Stay as active as you can!

There are plenty of ways to set up a home workout! If you've already got the gear and a routine, great. If not, don't worry! You can always order what you need online. And has a large selection of relaxation and wellness items. Plus they have FREE SHIPPING on their website right now.

Plus, you can still "go" to the gym.

Lots of gyms have set up free online classes due to the quarantine, so check them out and find one that suits you! Like me, you might find that you enjoy it a lot... and end up ordering a bunch of workout equipment online.

Or just take a walk.

Seriously. People don't always think of walking as "exercise," but it's totally a viable physical activity, with mental health benefits to boot. As long as you're adhering to social distancing guidelines, you're safe to walk outside!

Slow things down with meditation.

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If your brain has been buzzing with anxiety, try meditation. It's proven to benefit both mental and physical health, and there are plenty of simple apps you can download that'll show you the ropes. You can also snag a simple meditation pillow online.

Wanna move around a little more than that?

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Then try yoga; it's still totally relaxing, but gives you less room to fidget than meditation. It's also been proven to boost your mood, lower stress, and boost your self-esteem. And all you really need to get started is a tutorial online and a yoga mat.

It won't be hard to start practicing yoga.

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Grab a yoga mat and pull up an online class. There are many – hundreds, even – to choose from, even just on YouTube!

Maintain healthy eating habits.

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More than anything, this just means making sure you're eating both healthy and regularly. It's easy to lose any sense of daily rhythm when you're stuck at home and time just sort of blends together, but you should still focus on eating three balanced meals a day. And there are plenty of ways to do so. I enjoy smoothies in the morning – they make me feel balanced.

Get Enough sleep.

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For adults, we're talking a full 7 - 8 hours. When sleep-deprived, our bodies actually have a harder time fighting off infectious diseases, so a really simple way to protect yourself is just making sure your body has all the basic things it needs. I like using a sound machine to fall asleep. It helps me get to bed faster and stay asleep longer.

But also, beware of the constant napping.

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On the flip side of things, sometimes it's tempting to sleep too much. So if you're going to nap (which is fine), do it in 10 to 20-minute intervals so as not to mess with your sleep-wake cycle. Set an alarm if you need to! This clock doubles as a radio, so you can wake up to some soothing music.

Keep in touch.

Social support is always important to managing stress, and the new social distancing guidelines don't mean you have to be cut off completely; you just need to find new and creative ways to stay in contact with friends and family.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Email, call, text, or video-call a close friend or relative, and do so regularly. The more support you have, the more resilient under stress you'll be. You can even send them a special gift. Overstock has Free Shipping on all items right now. Take advantage of those deals and surprise your loved ones – we know they would appreciate it.

Try some coloring.

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No, really. Studies show that coloring books can actually help people get into an almost meditative state, reducing stress. So pick up one of the many adult coloring books out there and see what you can do!

Play some music.

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There's already been a bunch of videos of people singing while quarantined, and singing actually does improve mental health! So don't be afraid to make a little music while you're stuck at home. Plus, if you have a portable speaker like this one, you can take it out on any porch, balcony, or yard space to enjoy music in the sun.

Or just listen to it.

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We can't all be musically inclined. So instead, just listen to your favorite music. Once again, listening to music has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve moods. Slap on some headphones and get grooving.

There are lots of ways to listen to music.

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You could use this time to finally get a record player and dozens of vinyl albums like you've been wanting to. But if that's not your jam, there's also just a bunch of different streaming platforms like Spotify and Google that'll let you listen to your favorite tunes.

Find a new show watch it.

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When will you ever have this good a chance to binge something awesome? With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and the many other platforms out there, there's also never been a better time to pick up digital copies of your favorite films and shows. You can even take it up a notch with a digital projector. It will bring a lot of magic to your standard movie nights.

Read a good book.

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Either go find one on your shelf that you've neglected, or order a new book that sounds especially interesting. You can also snag a reading light online that will clip onto your book.

Build up that digital library.

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If you've got a tablet reader, even better! You don't have to leave the house or send away for your books; just pick 'em out of the online store.

Take breaks from the news.

Yes, it's important to stay informed – no one's disputing that. But with the currently dismal tone of most news outlets right now, it's also not great to absorb hours and hours of news each day. Try managing your time, watching or looking up news in the morning and evening and finding other things to do in between.

Clean up the house.

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Yep, you heard us right. Doing chores isn't usually at the top of anyone's list of favorite pastimes, but when you're always home it's easy to accumulate mess. And living in a mess just makes everything worse. I find mopping and vacuuming to be therapeutic.

Stock up on cleaning supplies.

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Yeah, it's still kind of hard to find toilet paper or hand soap sometimes, but other basic cleaning supplies shouldn't be too hard to procure right now. also has a ton of cleaning supplies which have been tough to get your hands on during this time.

Start a journal.

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It's often hard to keep a daily journal throughout your life, but documenting this particularly rough and complex time could really help. It's another way to vent your frustrations and fears in a healthy way, and you might be surprised at the peace of mind you'll get from journaling!

Create a new schedule.

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Remember earlier, when we were talking about how hard it is to manage during quarantine when your daily routines are basically thrown out the window? Well, that just means it's time to create a new (temporary) daily schedule.Set up a weekly or monthly calendar. It will feel like you're back in your old routine.

Then there's step 2: sticking to the schedule.

It doesn't have to be a long, complicated thing (unless you're the type of person who needs that). But generally, a schedule for quarantine days can be as simple as making a list of things that need doing and ticking them off as the day goes on.

Learn some new recipes.

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Hey, there's a reason we enjoy "comfort" food. And now's definitely the time for it, so think about what your comfort foods are and try a little cooking of your own. You can do anything from picking up a new cookbook to scrolling down Pinterest for recipes.

Make your bathroom into the ultimate comfort zone.

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What's better for stress than transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa? Essential oils and a steamy shower are a great and simple start to making your bathroom a stress-free zone.

Which scents are best?

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For starters, lavender has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Plenty of people also love scents like geranium, bergamot, and clary sage.

Draw up a budget.

This is another more unpleasant task, but it's one that'll pay off. Whatever stress you get from taking a long, hard look at your finances will turn to relief when you've got a solid financial plan for the remainder of the quarantine.

Above all, remain calm.

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Easier said than done? Maybe. But we've got a foundation of facts to inform our preventative measures during quarantine, and panicking isn't going to help. As long as you're staying physically isolated and adhering to social distancing protocols, it's really going to be okay. Put on a salt lamp, draw a bath, and take a deep breath.