TikTokers Are in Genuine Shock Over $5 Mascara That Gives Professional Lash Look

Since 1923, when mascara evolved to how we see it today, we have been obsessed with having long, black, curly lashes. It sometimes feels like you can have no other make-up on but a little mascara can make you feel brand new.

But finding a new mascara can be a tumultuous affair…


You don't want to break the bank, but it can all be very overwhelming as there are thousands of products to choose from. Nevertheless, we think our favorite will have you smiling.

The Essence's Lash Princess mascara is fantastic and currently only $5!


The innovative brush captures and sculpts every lash, so you can say goodbye to clumpy, spider lashes. Our favorite part? It's cruelty free and will last all day.

Say goodbye to those irritating false lashes, as this mascara gives you the lift and volume you need...


And it's completely guilt free, as you're spending less than a cup of coffee and knowing that essence cosmetics is certified by PETA as being a cruelty-free brand. Go all day without it flaking off and irritating your eyes like other brands.

TikTok user @shelbybmorris showed how fantastic this mascara is…


Another lash video 🤔 #lashprincess #essence #mascara #lashes #

Now with over a million views, you need to grab this deal now before it's too late. With results looking that great, we have a feeling we found our favorite new makeup bag essential.

Still not convinced? Just take a look at the amazon reviews!

"My sister suggested Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love," one customer said.


"It provides dramatic length and great volume. I can honestly say I can't stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look. Also, it is very long wearing. I go from an 8 hour work day right to the gym and sweat like crazy...and this stuff doesn't budge! I love it!!"

Another shopper added: "This has became my favorite mascara. It lasts & doesn't dry super fast so you can build it as much as you want. It comes off easily with my eye makeup remover & doesn't flake throughout the day.


"I also love the wand (this part is huge for me) it glides the mascara on perfectly & seperates my lashes. I tried the purple tube as well & definitely prefer this one (purple has a curved wand where this one is straight with individual spikes). Also the purple curved wand caused me to get as much mascara on my eyelid as the lashes. But I have been using this stuff since January & have not looked back! For the price & quality you cannot beat it!"

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