There Are Underwear Pads That Stop Your Farts From Smelling

The internet is the perfect place to find a vast array of those weird and wonderful products you never knew you needed.

Exotic insects? Devices to lick your cat with? The internet has it!

And there's one bizarre new invention which has recently gone viral for all the right reasons...

Long gone are the days of uncomfortably holding in your flatulence out of the fear of making those surrounding you retch, because some legend has invented underwear pads that will literally stop your farts from smelling. It's a miracle, I know.

Keep reading to hear details on these fart pads and a few other internet goodies... Just for the laughs.

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This Nicolas Cage PIllow Case.

via: Amazon

Look, you love Nic Cage, I love Nic Cage, we all love Nic Cage. And you need his face on a pillowcase. That's all there is to this story.

This Melting Pig Steamer.

via: Amazon

All you have to do is place this melting piggy over your vegetables in a pot to help steam them perfectly.

One hundred Misprinted Pens.

via: Amazon

You don't want a box of one hundred random ballpoint pens with misprinted company names on them? Of course you do!

These Light-Up False Eyelashes.

via: Amazon

Your clubbing outfits deserve these LED light-up false eyelashes! They change into seven colors with the help of a wearable controller that fits right over your ear.

This Shaving Bib.

via: Amazon

If you are, or you live with, a guy who shaves, this shaving bib is a perfect product. It has suction cups that stick right onto the mirror and catch every tiny hair that falls.

These Grass Flip Flops.

via: Amazon

There's nothing quite like walking barefoot on fresh grass, and with these grass flip flops, you can do that all the time!

These Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

via: Amazon

You could be grossed out by the prospect of buying a pair of real live cockroaches on the Internet, or you could name them Simon and Garfunkel and give them all the kisses.

This Play Suture Kit.

via: Amazon

Practice sewing up human skin with this suture pad! It even has three layers to mimic skin, fat, and muscle.

This Bacon-Flavored Floss.

via: Amazon

I don't know that there is anyone in the world who really wants bacon-flavored floss, which is why you should buy it right now and give it to someone that you want to confuse.

This Tongue Brush for your cat.

via: Amazon

As if cat people needed another reason to get closer to their furry friends. This spiky tongue will make your kitty purr, and your cat will love you even more than she already does.

This Boyfriend That's Also a Pillow.

via: Amazon

The boyfriend pillow is the greatest because it's just like a man, but it doesn't have a head (you know, the worst part of men)!

This 8 lb. Bag of Cereal Marshmallows.

via: Amazon

The best part of Lucky Charms are the marshmallows, so why even deal with the healthy wheat bits when you can just have a whole entire bowl of the sweet stuff? And, by bowl, I mean eight whole pounds. Of marshmallows.

These Rare Two-Dollar Bills.

via: Amazon

These two-dollar bills are rare and consecutive. They've never been in circulation and they will be in perfect condition when you receive them. If you're a collector, or you don't mind paying $20 for $10, this is for you!

This Mullet Headband.

via: Amazon

You may not think that you need a sweatband with a mullet wig built into the back of it, but oh boy, you were mistaken...

This Full-Body Suit.

via: Amazon

Someday, you will need a skin-tight full-body spandex suit, and you don't want to be caught without one when the time comes. This one comes in seven colors, so you can dress as the whole rainbow!

This T-Shirt depicting a cat riding a llamacorn.

via: Amazon

Yes, that is a llama with a unicorn horn and a cat on its back. And a rainbow in the background. And UFOs. Don't worry about it. Just wear it everywhere.

This Gigantic Gummy Python.

via: Amazon

This gummy python is 8 feet long and weighs twenty-seven pounds. That's a lot of candy. Like, verging on too much candy. If that's a thing.

This Sushi Bazooka.

via: Amazon

The sushi bazooka has a fun name, but, unfortunately, you don't use it to shoot sushi into the sky. You do, however, put the rice and the fillings inside to form the perfect sushi roll. It comes with an instructional e-book and a sushi mat, too!

This Female Urination Device.

via: Amazon

The Go Girl allows women to pee while standing up. It fits in your purse or your glove compartment and is perfect for those public restroom debacles and side of the road emergencies.

This Wall Decal of an old woman with asthma.

via: Amazon

Maybe you're lonely. Maybe you just like the decor. Whatever it is, this giant wall decal of an elderly woman breathing into her inhaler is here for you.

This Cat Butt Tissue Holder.

via: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the cat lady in your life. And, if you are the cat lady in your own life, go ahead. Treat yourself.

This Giant Watermelon Slicer.

via: Amazon

It's an apple corer! But gigantic! For watermelons!

This Yodeling Pickle.

via: Amazon

This is a yodeling pickle. It's not anything else. It's a pickle. That yodels. And you, or someone that you know, would very much like to own it.

These Jellyfish Air Plants.

via: Amazon

These are real live plants that hang upside down in your house looking like green jellyfish. They don't require any soil, just air, water, and care.

These Salt Blocks for Your Feet.

via: Amazon

Himalayan salt is supposed to have healing and detoxifying properties, hence these salt blocks for your feet. They're supposed to ease your aches and pains.

These Chambongs.

via: Amazon

The Chambong is "glassware for rapid champagne consumption," which is always a good idea, isn't it? Yeah, it totally is.

This Busty Dog Costume.

via: Amazon

We thought that this world was complete. But then we saw this Marilyn Monroe knock-off dog costume and saw this hilarious little bulldog with boobs. And now the world is complete.

This Light-Up Shower Head.

via: Amazon

Bring the club to your shower with this LED light-changing showerhead. It has seven colors that change automatically to make your shower the most fun part of your day.

This Fanny Pack that looks like a man-belly.

via: Amazon

The belly bag looks like the beer belly of a dad at a BBQ. This is the perfect gag gift for anyone you know. Who doesn't love a fanny pack?

These Tiny Hands.

via: Amazon

These tiny hand finger puppets are the creepiest way to say hello. You get a set of 10; that's fifty fingers!

This Exfoliating Foot Peel.

via: Amazon

One treatment with the Baby Foot Peel and your feet will be molting like snakes in a matter of days. It's grossly satisfying and you will love it!

This Ingrown Toenail Fixer.

via: Amazon

This cool, weird tool totally corrects your nasty ingrown toenails. Sure, it's gross, momentarily. But it's totally worth it.

This Tongue Brush.

via: Amazon

Many people forget that you have to clean your tongue regularly, but you do! This pack of four tongue cleaners will rid your mouth of nasty bacteria and help keep your chompers clean!

This Pimple Popping Toy.

via: Amazon

If you are a fan of the super gross, super satisfying hobby of pimple popping, this toy will be heaven for you. You can refill it with fake pimple pus and enjoy popping over and over again.

Something called Liquid Ass.

via: Amazon

Taking things in the opposite direction is this bottle of Liquid Ass. It's a super gross fart-smelling spray. To use on your worst enemies.

And for your actual farts?

via: Shutterstock

Yep, it's the one that you've all been waiting for.

There is now an invention that claims to eliminate any bad odors down there.

via: Flat D Innovations

Flat D Innovations, an American company which specializes in flatulence odor control products, have unveiled their latest project.

The pads are designed to fit securely in your pants.

via: Flat D Innovations

Made primarily out of charcoal, the pads claim to neutralize odors by filtering out the smell with a thin charcoal layer. Your peers will be none the wiser!

They're completely versatile.

And, most importantly, they're machine washable! The pads are also said to help people with conditions such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and those who are lactose intolerant.

And they're a complete bargain.

The pads are currently on sale for as little as $15... A fine price to pay for odorless farts if you ask me!