The Viral "Amazon Coat" That Literally Everyone is Talking About

I was incredibly excited to review this "Amazon Coat" that went viral among fashionable types. It was crowned the "Upper East Side Mom Coat" and even landed itself on Oprah's Favorite Things list. (If something's Oprah-approved, you know it's good!) Since it works for Instagram stars and fancy NYC moms, I wanted to see if it'd work for regular moms like me, too. It's accessible enough that I don't feel intimidated by wearing a weird fashion that'll go out of style next season; it's kind of the perfect mix of stylish but sporty and totally cute.

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Does this coat live up to the hype of being the most comfortable, fashionable down coat ever? Read on to find out my honest review of the jacket everyone's wearing!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

It's Warm & Cozy

This coat couldn't be cozier! It's densely packed with feathers and warm but not too bulky. The outer shell is a great lightweight material that's windproof and water-resistant, so I've even worn it in the rain with no problem. I love the sherpa fleece lined hood for extra coziness and the faux fur hood trim on some versions to keep the wind out that much more!

It's a Great Value

When I saw the price of this internet-famous jacket, I couldn't believe it at first. For a coat with this much popularity among fancypants types, I thought it'd cost megabucks. Guess what? It's just $139.99 for the regular version and $159.99 for the faux fur hood version and it often happens to go on sale during Amazon Prime or other big shopping events!

It's Down-Filled

This cozy jacket's filled with real duck down, not synthetic stuff, so you know it's gonna be warm! And the inner liner is made of 100 small squares (I counted) sewn tightly so fill doesn't shift around and feathers don't poke out. I'd say that's excellent quality for the money.

It's SO Comfortable

This coat's thoughtful details make it so, so comfy. The cool zippers on the side let you adjust how roomy the coat is, so you can fit thick sweaters underneath in the dead of winter. The zippers also make more room for when you're sitting in a car or on a ski lift and you don't want the jacket bunching up around your waist. Can we talk about the pockets? Because there are SIX gloriously oversized ones to hold all your stuff. You don't even have to carry a bag with all your kids' stuff when you're wearing this cool coat. Truly a mom's best friend.

It's Fashionable

Down coats can be tricky - while they can keep you super warm, sometimes you end up looking like the Stay Puft marshmallow man or worse, like you're wearing a lumpy sleeping bag. This coat's cocoon shape and shorter in front, longer in back style keep you from looking like a snowman (even on shorties - I'm 5'5 and it falls nicely above my knees). It's sporty and totally cute, plus it's versatile - I can wear it from the mountains to city streets with ease.

It Comes In Wearable Colors

I couldn't decide which color to pick because they all look amazing! From five wearable neutrals to bright pops of red and yellow and even two camo prints, this coat can blend in or be a total outfit maker. I finally decided on the olive green because it literally goes with everything and it's not black like the other 99% of my winter wear!

It's the Real Deal

Readers, I have to say this coat lives up the hype and then some. It's warm but lightweight, a great price, filled with real down, comfy as heck and stylish to boot. It's pretty much everything you could ask for in a coat and more (whether you're a mom or not). This winter you're going to want this cozy sidekick on your body at all times. I'm kinda looking forward to Pumpkin Spice season starting so I can pull this amazing jacket out again! Want more recommendations like this? Check out these articles: Or keep reading for 37 hilarious things on Amazon!