The Tessellated Triangle Color Puzzle is Driving People Insane

Everyone knows jigsaw puzzles are among the most mellow ways to spend time. But not all puzzles are created equally when it comes to being a challenge. Many puzzles Our favorite puzzles are the ones that really challenge us.

And the latest series of puzzles from Blue Kazoo is literally made for exactly that. We're very excited.

If you need test during isolation, look no further.

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The all-new COLOR puzzle series is here, and it is stealing hearts for both its beauty and for just how difficult it is. "Get

There are 3 puzzles in the set... First, this Circular Geometric Color Wheel.

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People are calling it the 'most beautiful jigsaw in the world' and it's easy to see why. "Get

It makes for the most mesmerizing wall art...

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From the vibrant colors to the glossy finish, this 1,000 piece puzzle will brighten up your home.

The second part of the series is this Tesselated Triangle puzzle.

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This vibrant collection of colors and angles is certainly a challenge in its own right. "Get

The varying angles of the triangles will make the puzzle a huge challenge...

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But the overall experience is guaranteed to be both soothing and entertaining.

And just look at it upon completion!

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Absolutely gorgeous... And you can even tell guests that you're the artist because, technically, you are.

And, last but not least... the Rainbow Gradient color puzzle.

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The third part of the series and again a stunning jigsaw."Get

No puzzle collection is complete without a gradient, and this series is no different.

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Somehow both intensely challenging and wonderfully serene, color gradient puzzles are the pinnacle of jigsaw puzzling... And they look amazing upon completion.

And, if you get the full set., not only do you get twenty-five percent off...

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You can display the finished pieces together in your home for an incredible, and home-made art wall. What're you waiting for? You can get your own set here."Get