The 37 Highest Rated Dog and Cat Products on Chewy

You're tired of wading through endless junk online to find the good stuff. We get it. So, stop worrying and let someone else do the hard work! Hundreds of positive reviews can't be wrong.

Need the perfect treat for your kitten? The ultimate chew toy for your pooch? Look no further. Here are the 37 top-rated items on for you.

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Let's start with the number one top rated dog treat.

There's a reason the Get Naked Dental Health Medium Vanilla Mint Flavor Grain-Free Dog Treats are top rated. They reduce plaque and tartar and contain 5 natural breath-freshening ingredients.

And if your dog isn't a fan of mint, try these top-rated chew treats.

The Better Belly Proteins with Real Lamb Flavor Rawhide Roll Dog Treats are made with a unique manufacturing process that helps break down rawhide fibers so your pet can digest them faster. Happy dog, happy you!

Now onto the top-rated wet food for small dogs. Get your tiny lil pooch the best wet food because doesn't your dog deserve the best?

This wet food is specifically for dogs up to 22 pounds, so this is for our small buddies only. If that's your dog, look no further. The Royal Canin wet food contains all the nutrients your small dog needs to be in tip-top shape.

Let's give the cat owners some love. This is the top-rated kitty litter on Chewy.

Natural valerian extract attracts your cat and makes them want to use the litter box while White Bentonite clay keeps it smelling fresh. Cat people agree that this is the best one!

On the topic of litter, check out these top-rated scented litter pads...

These Tidy Cats Breeze Morning Fresh Scented Cat Pads come with 10 disposable cat liners. Get rid of your stinky old litter and swap them for the Tidy Cat Litter system.

Look at these insanely cute (and top-rated) boots for your pooch.

Some parts of the country are still in the middle of some nasty weather. Don't let your sweet furry friend go outside without anything protecting their delicate paws. These Frisco Dog All Weather Boots will keep your BFF warm and dry. My dog absolutely loves them!

Taking your dog for a boat ride this summer? Make sure they have the top-rated dog life jacket.

I bought this Frisco Dog Life Jacket for my dog last summer and he absolutely loves it. I could take him on my family's boat without fear of him falling into the water. Win-win!

The top-rated raincoat for dogs is this adorable number. Could anything be cuter??

This Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat will keep your beloved four-legged pal warm and dry, even in the worst weather. Also... look at the hood. How stinking cute is that?!

Look at these top-rated flannel pajamas for dogs.

Can you even handle these Frisco Classic Dog & Cat Flannel PJs? I just bought a pair for my mom's dog and he wears them like he thinks he's a little old man turning in for the night with a cup of tea. I can't!

But we're not leaving our feline friends out! Keep Mr. Kitten Mittens looking dapper with the top-rated cat costume. A tuxedo for your purrfectly-dressed cat.

Does your cat need a black-tie outfit? Well, look no further. The Tail Trends Dracula Formal Bandana is here to make your cat look more handsome than he's ever looked before.

Once your kitten has allowed you to put him in a tux, you're going to need to give him a treat. Of course, that would be the top-rated cat treat!

Save big on treats with this super-sized bag of healthy, delicious AND affordable Greenies Feline SmartBites.

Give your fur baby the number one wet cat nibble with this chicken filet treat.

This cat treat might look expensive and have an expensive-sounding ingredient list, but the Inaba Ciao Grain-Free Grilled Chicken Fillet in Crab Flavored Broth Cat Treat is actually shocking affordable, even in bulk!

Alright, back to dogs for a minute. Let's get things straight. When it comes to dogs, this is the best food.

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Pampering your pet starts with what you put in their body. We're talking about the highest quality dog food to make sure they're healthy (and they've got that beautiful shiny coat). Blue Buffalo is the best place to start when you're picking up the essentials.

There's more than one option for food, though. Chewy customers' favorite dry food is Taste of the Wild.

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You can try a grain-free version with Taste of the Wild. One reviewer said "Our pup (Khal Doggo) is actually pretty picky when it comes to dry dog food. We're not the kind of people who are going to home-cook our dog's meals or develop a perfect raw diet, but we do want the best quality dry food we can find can find - and this line of food has high quality ingredients (and a variety of fun themes!) that is priced more reasonably than some others. Khal likes the high prairie, southwest canyon, and pacific stream the best!"

If you're like 99% of dog owners...

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Your dog is a fan of finding food and consuming food wherever it is. You may have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right storage solution so that your pooch doesn't have a few extra snacks each day. Enter the IRIS Airtight Pet Storage Container. This baby is big enough to hold a full bag of food, seals tight so your pet can't get in (no matter how hard they try) and is on wheels so you don't have to lug it around if it needs to move. A true essential.

So now you have the food and the container. But your dog is eating too fast and making themselves sick.

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It's time for some serving options. Sure, you could go for a standard bowl, but so many dogs will hoover right through their food so fast that it comes right back up. The solution is a puzzle bowl, like this one from Outward Hound. It slows down your pooch's mealtimes and keeps them healthy and engaged.

Maybe you prefer the classic look.

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Especially if your dog is a bit of a destructor, you might want heavy duty bowls that will last through any amount of chewing and flinging and impact. Frisco's stainless steel bowls are a great option. Simple and affordable, but sturdy.

Don't forget the water dish!

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It's a good idea to have a water dish that keeps the water moving and fresh! Frisco has a gravity-based water dish, which means no plugging in or electricity while still providing long-lasting fresh water. Even the pickiest pup will be happy to slurp from this fountain.

If you're like most dog owners you love to spoil your canine.

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That means treats and lots of them. Lucky for you there are dozens of different kinds of treats to appeal to every pooch in the bunch. Here's one that's a little bit different and also amazing: Kong Stuff'N Easy. Squirt some of the treat inside a Kong toy and your dog will spend hours trying to get every last bit out of there.

Treats can also pull double duty.

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These Dentastix dog treats aren't just delicious, they also help to fight tartar and plaque. Most of us are not exactly excited about brushing the dog's teeth, so make it easy on yourself by giving them something they want to chew on instead.

You can also go for a more classic treat.

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Greenies is a favorite brand for treats, and they also make a dental care chew. The best part? It looks like a tiny toothbrush combined with a bone. It's so cute, there is a possibility I would not be able to give it to my dog.

And speaking of chewing...

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It's time to get into everyone's favorite part of buying for their pet: toys. Every dog that I have ever had loves to chew. They go through toys like a ballerina goes through shoes. Which is why heavy-duty chews that last for a long time are the holy grail of dog ownership. Did I mention that Nylabone's DuraChew fits exactly that description?

Nylabone also has incredibly cute options.

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Because we all know that some dog owners will not buy it unless it's adorable. Lucky for you these dinosaur chews are so flippin' cute I want one of my own.

Maybe your dog is more into that squeak life.

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They want to chew, but they also want to be able to hear that they are truly murdering their toy. Squeaky toys are the answer! ZippyPaws has a 3-pack of squeaky toys featuring foxes and raccoons. Good for tug-of-war and straight up chewing.

It's time for some tug-of-war!

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Is there anything better than holding a toy and watching your dog go absolutely buckwild trying to yank it out of your hands? No. It is the height of joy. Find those joyful heights with this Frisco Rope that also features a squeaky ball. The best of all possible worlds.

Some toys are a bit more natural-looking.

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If your dog absolutely loves sticks but keeps getting little splinters or tracking nasty branches into your house, this Dogwood stick toy recreates the big outdoors while keeping things a bit more manageable for you.

Maybe your dog wants a toy that's also a pet.

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Here are some very good things about this toy: it squeaks, it has no fluff for your dog to eat, and it's shaped like an alligator. Frisco has definitely figured it out with this one.

Does your dog need a little more entertainment?

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Somehow they've always got more energy than we do. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball might be the perfect solution. QuincysMom says "FINALLY! Entertainment that wears my 5 month corgi pup out enough that he'll actually take a nap and I can accomplish something without him stuck to me like velcro!"

This toy has a little bit of everything.

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A rope component for tug-of-war, rawhide for that good chew, and some rope to make it extra sturdy. This USA Bones Cotton Rope will keep your pup busy for hours, because let's be honest: it is essential that our dogs have an endless array of toys.

Is your new puppy going through teething?

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First: CUTE. Second: you need something that that little stinker won't destroy. This Nylabone puppy chew will help you make it through those tough toddler years without losing your shoes, your patience, or your mind.

You MUST celebrate your pup.

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Every dog owner knows that any time they can throw a dog celebration, they must. That's why it is absolutely essential that you get this bday box for your pooch. Treats, a birthday bandana, what else could you want?

Well, we can think of one other thing you'd want.

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A PARTY HAT! The next most important thing as a pet owner after making sure your pet is well cared for is putting them in humiliating outfits. This birthday hat is a prime example. On their birthday dress them up and remind them that they are the birthday boy (or girl).

Or take it even further.

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If a simple party hat isn't enough for you there are always ways to up the ante. Put an entire birthday cake on your dog's head! Bonus: it doubles as a chew toy when they inevitably rip it off and destroy it.

Or you can be more subdued and fancy.

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A simple bandana might be the route you go to announce that your pup is a whole year older today. More likely that the dog won't rip it off, plus you get all the compliments while you're out and about.

Ok, ok, we can be practical.

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Another must-have item is the MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate. Dogs have a way of getting into things. You need to keep them out of things. Enter the pet gate: simple and effective, it will make sure your dog doesn't chomp down on some chocolate when you aren't paying attention.

A crate is good for every dog.

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Just like you, your dog needs a space that is 100% their own. This is a place they can go when they're anxious, a place you can put them when you're not home, or an area of comfort. Yup, we're talking about a crate, and this Frisco Fold & Carry is a great option that is affordable and effective.

Make sure your dog stays healthy.

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In addition to all the finer things in life, it's your responsibility as a pet owner to keep your animal healthy. Sometimes that's not the most exciting part, but things like these Nexgard Chewable flea tablets are what make sure Fido is there for you years down the road. Best stock up.

Of course, it can be difficult to get the dog to take his medicine.

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Luckily Seresto has another option for tick and flea management: a collar. You don't have to fight your dog to make sure they're healthy, and you can rest easy that they don't have unwanted passengers.


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Speaking of protection, it's important to keep your dog's feet safe if you're heading offroad for any reason. Which is why we have included the most adorable piece of dog apparel: BOOTIES!

Let's get back to basics.

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Before we round this article out with a few more fun things, let's add in a few reminders: make sure that your dog has a solid collar with tags that include your information. You never know when they might go missing and you want to make sure people can return them home.

And don't be that guy.

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And the obvious pair with your collar is to make sure you've got a leash. Don't be the person who thinks their dog is cool off-leash. Make sure you've got the tools to keep your pup under control when you're out walking.

And if you are headed out and about...

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It's a good idea to keep your dog safe in the car, too. One option is a pupshield, a hammock-looking device that lets your dog sit down without sliding off the seat.

You could give your dog their own seatbelt.

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If a pupshield is too much of an investment, you can also use a harness and a seatbelt tether to give your dog stability in the car. It's like creating a canine-specific seatbelt.

Oh, this one is good.

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I personally can vouch for the fact that the chuckit is one of the greatest dog toys in existence. If your dog likes to run, chase, or fetch, you will be able to hurl a ball to infinity (and beyond) and give them the workout they want.

Or you can go for the cutest toy ever.

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Did you know some dogs like to play hide and go seek? It turns out they do, and this set of dinos plus mountain let your dog find the hidden t-rexes and pull them out of the volcano. HOW CUTE?

Make sure your dog is stylish.

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Not only does your dog need a lot of toys and practical items, but they also need to look stylish. Yes, we're talking about dog clothes, and yes, they are essential. First up are these dino pajamas. I would like to buy them, despite the fact that I do not have a dog.

It's business time

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If your dog isn't about the lounge life, perhaps they'd like this very smart polo shirt. They could come with you to the office, or out on the greens because they look oh so professional with their little collar.

And for the wild child in your life...

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There's this sweet little tie dye number. This is for that dog that just wants to hang out ya know, man? They'll definitely look cute while they're doing it.

We're ending with the most important item.

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Yes, it is 100% essential that your dog sleeps inside of a unicorn bed. Don't question it, it's just the way things are. Make sure your doggo gets the best night's slumber inside of this too-flipping-cute bed.