The Essential Starter Pack for Hiking and Backpacking With Your Dog in 2020

My husband and I have a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Ripley who needs constant exercise and stimulation, which is why we try to take her hiking as often as possible.

Just about every weekend, we pack up our car with all the essentials and hit the road for our favorite trails. If you're new to hiking with your dog, here's a list of everything you'll need to get started.

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The Dog Hiking Backpack That Lets Your Pup Carry The Essentials

You have to carry a pack with you when you hike, and dogs are no exception. This Supply Backpack Saddle Bag by Lifeunion is a perfect way to carry all the must-have items you'll need on the trail without weighing yourself down even more. It comes in small, medium, and large so you can find the best fit for your pooch and is completely adjustable for even more customization. The saddlebag design holds a surprising amount and features secure buckle and zipper closures so you don't have to worry about dropping stuff while hiking.

The Best Dog Leash For Hiking

We've owned a lot of different dog leashes over the years, and this Retractable Hands-Free Dog Leash by TaoTronics is hands-down our favorite. It's the perfect combination of strong, durable materials and surprisingly lightweight design that you need when you're hiking for hours at a time. The waist strap makes hands-free walking a breeze and the stretchy retractable style allows our pup to run ahead without immediately getting yanked back. Plus, the two different handles are perfect for when we need to reel her in quickly.

The Hiking Dog Collar That Glows In The Dark

There's something magical about hiking right at dusk when the sun is almost completely set or in the early morning when it's still dark outside. But when you're hiking in limited light, it's important to be as visible as possible. That's where this llumiseen LED Dog Collar comes in. It has a built-in LED strip that's bright enough to be visible to cars and passing hikers without being distracting. The four different light settings include steady, rapid flashing, or slow flashing. This thing gives us major peace of mind when we're out in the middle of nowhere.

The Only Dog Hiking Boots That Actually Stay On

My dog is extremely fussy when it comes to her feet. If we hike without putting any protective gear on her paws they usually end up red and bloody, but if we strap booties on before we head out she ends up kicking them off after two minutes of walking. These QUMY Waterproof Shoes for Dogs have been the only pair we've tried that she hasn't been able to immediately kick off. We also love the rugged anti-slip soles, strong Velcro closure, and reflective strips for added visibility at night.

The Dog Poop Bag Holder That Clips Right To Your Leash

We've all been there: You're in the middle of a long hike when suddenly your pup starts to squat to do their "business" and you realize that you have zero dog bags. The last time this happened I immediately went home and ordered this dog poop bag holder on Amazon. This thing attaches directly to your leash with a strong carabiner so you always have it with you no matter how absentminded you're feeling. And how cute is the bone shape?! Oh, and did I mention that it's only $3.99?

The Dog Poop Bags That Are Good For The Planet

Now that you have your handy dandy dog poop bag holder, you'll need a stockpile of bags to go with it. These ones by Earth Rated are not only a great deal, but they're great for planet Earth as well. The bags themselves and the roll cores are made from recycled materials, and the 100% leakproof design helps you to avoid a catastrophe while you're out in the wilderness. They're even lavender-scented to keep things fresh. When it comes to dog poop bags, you can't do any better.

The Dog Poop Bag Holder That Sends Bad Smells Packing

Truth be told, even with lavender-scented poop bags, bad smells have a way of sticking around. Cover them up with this nifty Reusable Smell Proof Waste Bag by Wag & Wander. It might sound too good to be true, but this thing really is completely smell-proof. Now, instead of having to carry around dog waste for hours on end, we simply stick it into this carrier, attach it to our pack, and forget about it until we pass a trash can. I don't know how it works, but I'm sure glad it does.

The Collapsable Dog Bowl For Hiking That's Easy To Carry

I don't know about you, but I insist on packing at least 12 different trail snacks in case I get hungry. And since hiking really helps you work up an appetite, I always make sure to bring enough food and water for our pup as well. These portable dog bowls by COMSUN are exactly what you need for a full day of hiking. It comes in a set of two, which means you have one for food and one for water. The collapsable design keeps them light and thin so they take up minimal space in your pack.

The Hiking Dry Sacks That Really Come In Handy

Before I discovered these Outdoor Products 3-Pack All Purpose Dry Sacks, I used to store my dog's food in a plastic baggy which would always end up tearing in my pack and spilling all over everything. It was annoying and, honestly, pretty gross. These amazing dry sacks not only provide sturdy storage for all of your on-the-go essentials, but the waterproof design also keeps things, well, dry, and thus keeping everything else in your pack protected. I especially love the secure buckle closures.

The Hiking Water Bottle That's Completely Collapsable

It's easy for your pup to get dehydrated while out on the trail on especially hot days, so it's crucial to bring along enough water for both of you. This hiking water bottle is one of those products that I've recommended to everyone since the first time I used it. My husband and I each have our own Nalgene bottles for hiking, but we keep this Collapsible Water Bottle by Nomader full of water for Ripley and simply collapse it once it's empty so we're not lugging around a third full-sized bottle for the rest of the hike.

The Dog Camping Bed That Gives Your Pooch A Soft Spot To Lay

We like to take our time while hiking, and will often stop for an hour or so to eat lunch or take in an especially pretty view. And since we usually bring our camping chairs with us for this very reason, we also include this Camping Dog Bed by Outrav for Ripley. It provides her with a comfy spot to sit or doze while we take a break. It's both waterproof and insulated, so if the weather gets nasty we know she'll stay dry and comfortable. She loves it so much that we even use it as her normal dog bed when we're not hiking or camping.

The Dog Paw Balm That Protects Sore Feet

We live in Wisconsin, which means we're not scared off by a little snow in the wintertime. In fact, sometimes the snowy hikes in -40 degree weather are my absolute favorite. And while Ripley loves the snow, she hates it when it gets caught between her paw pads. This Mushers Secret Paw Wax provides the perfect solution. We simply rub a dab onto her paws and it acts as an invisible shield. And it's not just for winter months. This stuff helps to protect against sand and dirt, too.

The Camping Hammock That You And Your Pup Will Love

If you're never tried a hiking hammock, you don't know what you're missing. And ya know who absolutely loves hiking hammocks? Dogs. And there are few things more enjoyable than relaxing in a hammock in the great outdoors with your favorite furry friend by your side. This Double Hammock by Legit Camping is easy to assemble, extremely durable, and spacious enough to hold me, my extremely tall husband, and our 45-pound dog with ease. I've even set this thing up in our backyard for everyday lounging.

The Best Camping Towel For Messy Situations

I don't know about your dog, but whenever mine sees a body of water she feels the need to immediately run into it. And while it's pretty hilarious to witness, it also results in a messy dog that's constantly shaking filthy water all over us for the rest of the hike. This Microfiber Towel by Rainleaf comes in a variety of sizes depending on what you need. The tiny mesh case makes it easy to carry and the quick-drying design means you're not stuck lugging around a wet, mildewy towel for hours on end.

The Pet First Aid Kt That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Anything can happen when you're out roughing it in the wilderness. I'm a big worrier, so I like to be prepared for any and all worst-case scenarios. That's why, in addition to our normal first aid kit, I also bring along this Pocket Pet First Aid Kit by RC Pet Products. It includes first aid products specifically designed to keep your pet safe during an emergency, such as gauze pads, latex gloves, antiseptic swabs, and a pocket pamphlet that teaches you how to perform pet first aid. Throw it in your pack and forget about it until you really need it.