The CreaClip Actually Makes Cutting Your Own Hair a Good Idea

The CreaClip Actually Makes Cutting Your Hair a Good Idea

I recently decided to make an impulsive hair decision that I've since come to regret, considering how hard it is to get to the salon these days: I got bangs. The only problem? Bangs require trims. Frequent trims. And when you're going months between haircuts, this can only mean one thing: I'd have to trim them myself. And that was a scary, scary thought. Thankfully I stumbled upon this CreaClip, which somehow manages to make it look like I know what I'm doing in the haircutting department.

So just how does this handy product turn what might be a hair-don't into a total 'do?

It's all about the built-in level that guarantees a perfectly straight cut every time. I can't tell you how many times I've attempted an at-home bang trim in the past only to have it come out completely crooked. While the smaller clip is great for bangs, the larger CreaClip helps you cut the rest of your hair while adding in gorgeous layers. Because you're keeping the level on the inside where you can see it, you're able to ensure a straight cut that never looks jagged, and the curved shape keeps the ends from looking too blunt. So, for only $29.99 for a 2-piece set, I just saved you a lifetime's worth of $100 haircuts.