The 22 Best Versions of Products You Use Every Day (All Under $30)

From the world's best mechanical pencil to an umbrella guaranteed to last a lifetime, these 27 products are the best versions of things you'll use every day. And they're all a wallet-friendly $30 or less.

We hope you find these fantastic every day products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


These Darn Tough Socks Are So Good, They're Guaranteed For Life

This is one pair of socks you'll never have darn, because they're too Darn Tough. Find them on Amazon

The Best All-Purpose Pocket Knife Is The Classic Opinel No. 8

Prized by vinters and outdoorsmen since the 19th century, this classic French knife combines a carbon-steel blade with a smooth beechwood handle into a durable tool that'll last for generations. Find it on Amazon

The Best Car Charger For Your Phone Also Adds Bluetooth and Location Tracking To Your Car

It's Roav's SmartCharge, and it'll charge two of your devices, broadcast crystal clear Bluteooth audio over your radio, and remember where you parked. That's one heck of a resume for a humble charger. Find it on Amazon

The Best Teapot You'll Use Every Day Is The Teaze Tea Infuser

This dishwasher-safe, 16-ounce infuser makes the perfect serving of your favorite tea, and looks good doing it. Find it on Amazon

The Best Battery Bank Is Anker's Wildly Popular PowerCore+ Mini

About the size of a tube of lipstick, this little cylinder packs enough juice to charge your phone right up (and quickly), so you'll find yourself stranded, phoneless, again. (Unless you forget to charge the PowerCore, of course). Find this on Amazon

The Best Umbrella Is The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

It's so good, it's got a lifetime guarantee. Find it on Amazon

The Best Pair Of Tweezers Are These Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers

Odds are you'll never wear out a pair of good tweezers, but just in case you do, Tweezerman offers lifetime sharpening services for free. Find them on Amazon

The Best Mechanical Pencil Is The Rotring 600

Its solid brass construction gives it unmatched durability and a satisfyingly weighty feel, while its tough-as-nails advancing mechanism is built to last for decades. Find it on Amazon

The Best Flashlight Is The Small-But-Mighty J5 Tactical V1

It's got almost 14,000 glowing reviews, a beam that can shine as far as 600 feet, and it operates on a single AA battery. Not bad for a $12 flashlight that can fit in your pocket with ease. Find it on Amazon

The Best Travel Mug Is The Hydro Flask

This ultra popular travel mug will keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot, and do it in hip, minimalist style. Find it on Amazon

The Best Keychain Is The KeySmart

Sure, you can have a bunch of baubles dangling off your keys, but with the KeySmart, the keychain becomes the key organizer. You'll never have to sort through a tiny tape measure, a metal spinny-thing, and a squishy small Myrtle Beach float while searching for your house keys again. Find it on Amazon

The Best Notebook is the Leuchtturm1917

With its hardy binding, thick, dotted-and-numbered pages, and legendary quality, the Leuchtterm1917 is the best solution for long-term, durable journaling. Find it on Amazon

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $30 Is Cambridge Soundworks' Oontz Angle 3

With almost 24,000 reviews on Amazon, the water-resistant Oontz Angle 3 is wildly popular for a very good reason. Find it on Amazon

The Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $30 Are Anker's SoundBuds Slim

All-aluminum construction, soft silicone ear pieces, and 7+ hours of battery combine to create an impressive pair of bluetooth headphones for only $25. Find them on Amazon

The Best Throw Blanket Under $30 Is The Sherpa Pro Luxury

This heavyweight throw will keep you warm per your choice, whether you're in the mood for its flannel face, or deep, soft, sherpa fleece. Find it on Amazon

The Best Scissors Under $30 Are The Japanese-Made Kai 5210 Dressmaking Shears

With a comfortably soft and flexible handle, the Kai's are equally at home cutting through fabric as they are paper and plastic. They're The Wirecutter's top pick for all-around scissors, and a bargain at only $16. Find them on Amazon

America's Test Kitchen Names The Victorinox Fibrox Chef's Knife It's Top Choice Over All Others

The Fibrox is a secret weapon among home and pro chefs alike, with a price that's as much as 10X lower than its competition. Find it on Amazon

The Beloved Aeropress Coffee System Has A Seriously Dedicated Fan Base

The Aeropress system makes traditional coffee and espresso with ease, in about 1-3 minutes. It's a better brew than your Keurig, and at a fraction of the price. Find it on Amazon

The Best Sponge You'll Use Every Day is The Scrub Daddy

It's firm under cold water for scrubbing caked-on messed, and soft and pliable under warm water for reaching nooks and crannies. It never smells, lasts for months, and costs only a few bucks. Plus, it smiles at you. And it looks sincere. Find it on Amazon

The Best Air Sanitizer Is The GermGuardian GG1000

The GermGuardian lives on your outlet while it steadily deodorizes the air in your house, killing germs, mold, and other microscopic nasties with the power of UV-C light. Find it on Amazon

The Best Charging Cables Are Anker's Nylon Braided Lightning Cables And Anker's Nylon Braided Micro-USB Cables

There is possibly no worse feeling than finding that long-lost lightning cable, plugging it in, and getting no satisfying "yep I'm charging" vibrate from your phone in reply. Why? Because your lightning cable is a piece of junk, and it's broken, and your phone is now dead. Invest in quality charging cables, people, and avoid this tragic fate. Anker's offerings pair thick-gauge wiring with tough nylon sheathing to produce an indestructible charging cable at a very friendly price. Find the Anker Lightning Cable on AmazonFind the Anker Micro-USB Cables on Amazon