37 Best Finds Under $20 in Amazon’s Secret Section

No matter how hard I try to make it last, $20 doesn't go far these days.  Going out to dinner? That'll be at least $30. Ok, how about we go to the movies? Great idea! That'll be $19.99 for a ticket and another $1,900 for popcorn (they have a layaway program if you ask politely.) So when I say that all these awesome best finds on Amazon are under $20, I really mean it — in fact some of it is even less than . $10!

I know what you're thinking — "I bet a lot of this is cheap junk." And to that I'd say that you're only half right, because everything I've picked is definitely cheap. Would I recommend buying an engagement ring off this list? Of course not (and there isn't one included to begin with, so don't get any bright ideas.) But stylish face masks, holographic fanny packs, and a branded Hanes sweatshirt? When these best finds on Amazon are all less than $20, you absolutely can't go wrong .

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so any prices mentioned below are subject to change.

This Gaiter That's Breathable And Soft

My ears get sore after an hour or so of wearing a mask, which is why I wear gaiters like this one instead. It's made from breathable fabric — so breathable that I go jogging in it — plus it also keeps my face and neck protected from the sun. Choose from more than a dozen colors, including purple, orange, red, yellow, and more.

This Tabletop Bowling Game For Rainy Afternoons

Rainy afternoons indoors don't have to be boring, as this tabletop bowling game is only $13. And if I'm being honest? It's genuinely way more addicting than it looks; I've spent hours playing this with my younger cousins. The bowling ball is made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and the board itself is made from real, high-quality wood — not plastic.

This Soap Dish That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Bars

My bars of soap always turned into sudsy messes on my countertop — until I got this soap dish, that is. The ventilated slats allow your bars to dry so that they don't soak in their own puddle, and the outside is treated with a waterproof coating for added durability. And since it's only $3, I bought five so I could put one next to every shower and sink in my apartment.

This Paper Plane Kit For Cheap Easy Fun

Sometimes the cheapest toys are the best toys — like this paper airplane kit. Is it literally a box of patterned paper? Yes. But is there something satisfying about seeing a fancy paper plane flying through the air? Again, yes. Each box comes with 20 sheets, stickers, as well as instructions on how to fold different types of paper planes.

These Stress Balls With Motivational Quotes

When I'm feeling down or annoyed at the world, I just pull out one of these motivational stress balls. They're tough enough that I can spike them into the ground when I'm feeling particularly ornery, plus they're available in four different colors: purple, pink, green, and blue. Each order comes with three.

A Holographic Fanny Pack You Can Use All The Time

Heading to the grocery store? Don't forget to put on this holographic fanny pack. I like to wear mine during boring trips to the store just to see what kind of looks I'll get, plus it's big enough to fit my chunky wallet — no need to leave my valuables in my cart, because they're all attached to my hip. Choose from four colors: gold, purple, rose gold, or blue.

This Healing Gel For Burns And Cuts

It's not often that I cut myself, but when I do, I always make sure to slather this healing gel on it. The gel is thick so that it helps stop any mild bleeding, plus it feels great on burns. It's formulated with soothing honey, and many reviewers wrote about how one bottle goes pretty far — "A little bit goes a long way, it doesn’t burn or sting, and it’s easy to wash off with water and mild soap.

A Hanes Sweatshirt For Just $8

Sure, it may be 1,000 degrees outside, but so what? Fall is still coming. And when it's here, you'll be happy you grabbed this Hanes sweatshirt while it was only $8. I bought a small as my lazy Sunday sweater since it's sized for men, and there are more than two dozen colors to choose from — yellow, blue, orange, green, and more.

A Glasses Stand Made From Real Wood

Need a convenient spot to stash your glasses when you aren't wearing them? Just put them on this stand. Not only is it made from real wood, but it also holds your glasses up and off of your table so that you're less likely to accidentally knock them over. And when my glasses aren't on it, it looks like a regular piece of decor on your bookshelves.

A Cute Flower Pot For Succulents

Plants, loose change, hair ties — you name it, this cute little flower pot makes a great spot for stashing it. Even though it's advertised as for succulents, I keep mine in my bathroom to hold loose bobby pins and clips. There's a drainage hole at the bottom if you do decide to use it as a flower pot, and you also get the bamboo tray pictured with every order.

This Vanity Jar For Cotton Swabs And Balls

Not only can you store small vanity items inside of this jars, but the lid is also rimmed so that you can also place hair ties, eyeshadows, and more on top. They're made from durable shatter-resistant plastic, and there are tons of colors to choose from — my personal favorite is soft brass.

A Smartphone Tripod That Also Works With Webcams

It doesn't matter whether I'm taking pictures or chatting with friends on Zoom — this tripod is a must-have. The legs are adjustable so you can choose whether your friends are making eye contact with you or looking up your nose, and the clamp rotates 360 degrees. At only $13, you really can't go wrong.

This Crossbody Bag Made From Faux Leather

On days where I'm in a rush to get out the door, I just throw all my essentials into this crossbody bag and go. Wallet, phone, keys — they all fit inside with ease, plus there's still room to spare for whatever else you might have. It's made from faux leather, and you have the choice of three colors: dark brown, black, or light brown.

A Laptop Bag That's Water-Repellent

I needed a protective travel pouch for my Macbook, and this soft case more than gets the job done — all for just $11. It's available in two sizes: 13 or 14 inches, and the water-repellent exterior keeps my laptop safe if my backpack gets wet in the rain. My favorite part? The inside is made with a blend of soft foam and fleece fabric to help absorb shock from any bumps.

A Storage Bag That Slides Under Your Bed

Moisture-proof and large enough for blankets, this storage bag is way cheaper than practically any other brand you'll find on Amazon, yet it still has more than 1,000 positive reviews. It's made from Oxford fabric that's also dust-resistant, and you've got the choice of two sizes: large or extra-large.

A Watch That Does The Styling For You

Ever see people wearing perfectly-matched bangle bracelets and think to yourself, "Man, I wish I could accessorize that well?" Then grab this cute watch. It wraps around your wrist so that it looks like you're wearing two bracelets, and all you need to do is add one extra golden bracelet to complete the look.

These USB To Type-C Adapters For Your Macbook

Few things are as annoying as wanting to be able to plug my Android into my Macbook, which is why I always keep a few of these micro-USB to type-C adapters around. They're reversible and compact so that they hardly take up any space, and while they're not included with Prime, the shipping is still free.

An Airpods Case Shaped Like A Cute Cow

You don't have to like cows just to use this case — all you have to do is own a pair of Airpods. It's shockproof as well as compatible with the first and second generation of Airpods, plus it'll keep your headphones protected from dust. And because it comes with one carabiner included, it was super-easy to clip onto my bag.

This Pop Socket Stand For Smartphones And Tablets

My phone is too wide to comfortably use with one hand, which is why I stuck this pop socket stand to the back. It gives me added leverage so I can type and take photos without using both hands, plus it even works great as a stand so I can watch videos while on the go. And since it costs less than the price of lunch, you really don't have any excuse not to grab one — do you?

A Beard Comb Made From Real Wood

Most combs are made from cheap plastic, but not this one. Not only is it made from real wood, but it also comes with a protective sleeve so that it stays clean from dust and dirt. Even though it's advertised as a beard comb, I like to use mine to detangle tiny little knots in my hair since I know the wooden teeth won't snap or bend.

This LED Clock With A Faux Wood Grain

When you just want to know what time it is and don't care about the weather, date, etc., this minimalist LED clock more than gets the job done. The faux wood grain looks great sitting on the shelf above my television, and if you do need to know the weather, date, or temperature, just press the display button to change what's showing.

These Change Purses With Cute Prints

These change purses are only $2. Let me repeat that — these change purses are only $2. Shipping is free so yes, they're really $2, and they're made from lightweight canvas with a durable zipper. Mine's large enough for coins, plus my ID, cards, and cash.

A Duster That's Only $2

I was putting a sock on my arm and using that to dust around my house before I grabbed this $2 duster. And for $2, it does a really good job — the handle extends so that you can reach taller shelves, plus the duster head even bends to clean those awkward nooks and crannies. Choose from six colors, including purple, yellow, pink, orange, and more.

This Storage Bin You Can Use Anywhere

I put a bunch of these wire storage bins in my kitchen cabinets to organize spices, cars, and whatever else is kicking around — but you can use them all over your house. Pop 'em into your bathroom for bottles of soap and shampoo, or even in a closet for loose items. Choose from three sizes, as well as five finishes: graphite, copper, chrome, bronze, and black.

A Whistle Made From Stainless Steel

Even though I primarily bought this whistle to train my dog, I now have it attached to my backpack — just in case I need to be located in an emergency. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and it produces up to 150 decibels of sound with a strong blast of air. Keep one in a first aid kit, or stick it on your keyring and forget about it until you need it.

A Zen Garden For Your Desk

Whenever I'm procrastinating at my desk, I like to rake around in this zen garden. I always justify it by saying that I'm brainstorming ideas, and that's partially true — just the act of playing around in the sand is an easy way to let my mind thoughtfully wander. The included figurines are made from ceramic, and everything that's pictured comes included.

This Strainer That Layers Your Beer Perfectly

Just place this strainer overtop of your glass, then pour your beer through it — it'll come out perfectly layered just like how you see pictured in the photo above. It's made from stainless steel so you don't have to worry about it rusting, and I like to bust mine out whenever I have friends over since it makes me look like I know what I'm doing behind the bar (secret: I totally don't.)

This Hub Splitter For When There's Only 1 USB Port

If your computer only has one USB port, you can still plug in up to four devices using this hub splitter. It's compatible with all types of computers since there are no drivers required to use it, plus the LED indicators make it easy to see when it's properly connected. And since it's also small, it hardly takes up any space on my desk.

This Shaving Brush Made With Pure Badger Hair

Not only is it made with soft, silky badger hair, but this shaving brush is also great for spreading around foams, gels, creams, as well as shaving soap. My boyfriend got one as a gift, and while other brushes have shed bristles over time, this one hasn't lost a single one in more than three months — at just $13, what more could you ask for?

This Wireless Mouse That's Only $10

With more than 45,000 positive reviews, this wireless mouse is an absolute steal at just $10. I like to use it while gaming on my Macbook since right clicking on the mousepad can be a little finicky, plus the frame is contoured to fit comfortably in my hand. There's no drivers necessary for it to work — all it needs is one AA battery.

This Adorable Swimming Penguin For Kids And Adults

Do I expect you to play with this bathtub penguin? No. Did that stop me from buying it anyway since it's only $5? Again, no. The arms wind up so that it really does swim around in your bathtub, and it worked great as a gag gift for my boyfriend who likes to soak on a daily basis. Little dude comes in two colors: pink or blue.

A Wall Outlet With 2 Built-In USB Ports

I got tired of looking around for a power brick every time I needed to charge my phone, so I plugged this outlet into the wall. Not only does it feature two built-in USB ports, but there's also a cradle on the top where you can rest your phone as it charges.

This Air Deflector To Keep Your Home Cool

You'd be surprised how effective these air deflectors are when it comes to keeping your air conditioner flowing throughout your home, and since they're magnetic you don't have to worry about mounting them to your vent plates. Adjustable from 1o all the way up to 14 inches in length, each one is only $5 — and you'll probably save more than that on your next electricity bill by using them anyway.

These Stainless Steel Balls That Clean Odd Glassware

Rather than mince words, I'll just be upfront: I use these stainless steel balls to clean my water pipe (ahem.) But you can also use them to clean any oddly-shaped glassware where brushes can't reach — just fill your decanter, hookah, carafe, or whatever else with soapy water, then add the balls. As you swish them around they'll chip away at any stuck-on dirt, and they're completely reusable to help save you money.

These Chest Rub When You're Feeling Sick And Achy

You can't go wrong with a $5 box of Vicks VapoRub — and if you aren't sick, it doesn't hurt to pick up a box for later down the road. Just rub it on anywhere on your body you're feeling sore when sick, and the medicated formula will help soothe the pain away. It also helps reduce coughing, and the lavender scent is a nice relaxing touch.

This Tool For Adjusting Watch Bands

When my watch is fitting too loose or tight, I just use this handy lil' tool to adjust how many links are in the band. Each order comes with five steel needles so that you can go ahead and lose one or two without rendering the whole thing useless (aka me), plus one reviewer even raved that "This tool cost less than the jewelers' fee, and I could rework the fit afterward as needed. Worth the money!"

This Multi-Tool That Any Cyclist Should Have On Hand

No matter whether I'm biking down the street or up a mountain, I always make sure I have this little multi-tool with me. For one, it features all the nuts I need to repair my bike in the event of an accident, plus each one is sturdy so I don't have to worry about any warping. For two, it's only $15 — a professional repair costs way more.