The 60 Best Skincare and Beauty Items I Found on Amazon

When shopping for the best skincare and beauty items, there are three factors important to me. The first one is value. I don't mind paying a lot for a truly excellent lipstick or moisturizer, but I've found that I'm often satisfied with a more affordable alternative (this is why shopping around is so important!). The second? Quality. This can be tricky when trying a new product, especially a serum where you can't tell right away if it's working. I've found reviews and recommendations to be crucial for determining quality. And the third one would definitely be convenience. If I hear about an intriguing skincare gadget or see a new nail polish color in the wild, I don't want to wait--I want to try it NOW. I can satisfy all three of my requirements by shopping for skincare and beauty items on Amazon. Not only is it easy to compare prices and read reviews, but I can get those products delivered fast! Here, I'm listing dozens of my favorite finds, all with great ratings and fair prices. I hope you'll try a few!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Color That's Cruelty-Free and Vibrant

Whenever I feel like spicing up my hair, Arctic Fox is my go-to brand. The formula is vegan as well as cruelty-free, and the colors are incredibly vibrant — plus, it just smells good. I like to use purple on my dark brown hair, but the pinks and greens also look great on blondes.

This Lash Princess Mascara Is An Amazon Best Seller

I love the false lash look but don't have time to maintain infills at the salon every few weeks. This Lash Princess Mascara adds some glamor to my five-minute makeup routine and for an absolute steal. Over 92,000 five-star reviews on Amazon can't be wrong!

This Colossal Pedicure Foot Rasp Will Transform Even the Worst-Looking Feet

Is this Colossal Pedicure Foot Rasp essentially a giant cheese grater that you take to your callouses? Yes, it totally is. But don't let that deter you. Also, don't be deterred by the pile of skin shavings you'll have after a few minutes of using this rasp on your winter heels. Instead, be grossly transfixed and then save tons of money on pedicures.

This Fanola No Yellow Shampoo Keeps Blonde and Gray Tones Pure

My friend Anna embraces her gray hair and raves about the difference it makes to use this Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. I was intrigued! It seems that light-colored hair, including blonde, gray, and streaks, can be prone to yellowing. The way to counteract that is with a violet-hued shampoo like this one. It only needs to be used once a week to keep the yellow away!

This Hair Tool That Gives You A Sleek Ponytail

I had one of these Conair Topsy Tail Kits as a kid and get super nostalgic every time I use it as an adult. It makes my hair look polished and "done" with minimal effort on my part, which is basically a miracle considering the minimal amount of time I get to spend on myself every morning.

This Eyeshadow Is the Bomb

Let's relive the early 2000s in makeup form! Seriously, though, the Maybelline New York Eyestudio ColorTattoo Crayon in Crystal Grey is a staple in my makeup stash. I use it as a sort of eyeshadow primer; put this sucker on your eyelids and then frost away with your favorite shimmery eyeshadow for all-day (or all-night!) wear.

This Vitamin C Serum That Customers Are Raving About

I just turned 34, and my skin is not what it used to be. This Vitamin C serum is my newest beauty obsession, and more than 30,000 customers feel the same way. It glides on smoothly without any greasy residue and leaves my skin brighter, smoother, and instantly refreshed.

This Universally Flattering Lipstick Was Tested on 50 Skin Tones

Maybelline's "Made for All" line of lipstick was painstakingly tested on 50 diverse skin tones to develop shades that are universally flattering. At this price--less than $5 each--it's worth trying!

This Biotin Hair Serum Improves Hair From Day One

My hair isn't as thick and shiny as it used to be. Aging, pregnancy, too many at-home hair dye jobs--they take a toll on the tresses! Enter the miracle product that is rejuvenating my hair: Boldify Biotin Hair-Growth Serum. This 3-in-1 leave-in product makes hair look and feel better from day one by sealing the follicle, providing thermal protection, and delivering nourishing nutrients that encourage new growth.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

These Volume Lash Extensions Will Make You Eye-Battingly Beautiful

You know the lashes are good when even professional lash artists are raving about them! That's the case with these volume lash extensions, which come in at under $10. Amazon buyers say they're easy to work with, curl beautifully and hold up for weeks.

This Miracle Leave-In Product Is the All-Purpose Hair Product Perfect for You No Matter What Kind of Hair You Have

Sometimes a product is just plain great, and there's not much else to say about it. That seems to be the case with the very vaguely named It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. The name might be vague, but the reviewers are clear -- they love this stuff. The spray bottle design makes it easy to distribute throughout your hair evenly, and the lightweight design won't weigh it down.

This Moisturizer Specifically Made For Dry Skin

Thirsty skin is no match for this bio-complex moisturizer! The blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin gives it a silky feeling as it glides onto your skin, locking in moisture for hours — and a little even goes a long way. Plus, it's made without any parabens, fragrances, or sulfates.

This Dior Lip Glow Is Gorgeous--And Worth the Splurge

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I like a little color on my lips. I usually gravitate towards tinted lip balm, but a while back, I tried this Dior Lip Glow and instantly fell in love. It's supposed to react chemically with your lips to create a custom color - I don't know if that really happens, but the rosy "your lips but better" hue is beyond gorgeous.

Paint On a Whiter Smile

This is the "Year of the Teeth" for me, as I'm circling back on some long-overdue dental work. One of the things I like doing at home is applying a whitener. It doesn't get much easier than a whitener that's already in pen form, so you can literally brush it on. You can also throw one of these in your purse for a whitening pick-me-up after brunch out with the girls.

This Three-Pack of Serums Is the 1-2-3 for Glowing, Gorgeous Skin

This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants nicer skin but feels mystified by all the products on the market. Just buy this 3 Pack Serums Kit for Face, and you'll be set! It includes Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol. In combination, these products result in less acne, smoothing of fine lines, faster cell turnover, and a brighter appearance.

This Tinted Lip Balm Gets Written Up in All the Magazines

In addition to a shoe-buying problem, I've got a mean lip balm habit. They're just, so fun to buy and come in so many delicious flavors and pretty colors! I hadn't come across Hurraw's Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm yet, but I'm glad I found it since I've been missing out on this two-pack of organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural luxury lip balms that leave a healthy, rosy glow.

This 3-in-1 Makeup Streamlines Your Routine

If you're like me, simpler is better when it comes to makeup products. I just want a natural-looking but put-together look that doesn't involve contouring, shading, or anything that involves a YouTube tutorial to achieve. Enter this 3-in-1 lip and cheek cream that contains a sheer, medium, and intensely opaque version of the same color so you can adjust it to your mood or look! It comes in three juicy colors that work on lots of skin tones.

These Toe Spreaders Are Like Yoga for Your Toes

Do your feet hurt from standing all day or wearing heels? These cool toe spreaders provide relief from foot pain as well as issues like overlapping toes or bunions. This set comes in a little bamboo box with a large and small pair of spreaders to naturally stretch your feet to a more comfortable position.

This Argan Oil & Aloe Hair Mask Is the Cure for Damaged Hair

Treat your tresses to the deep conditioning of this Argan Oil & Aloe Hair Mask. Luxuriously thick and smooth, it delivers intense moisture to help repair and protect damaged hair. It's earning fantastic reviews on Amazon, with one five-star review reading, "You know when you read a review and wonder if the product works as the reviews say? I can 100% say that this product, Argan Hair Mask worked for me immediately."

This Spatty Helps You Get Every Last Drop of Precious Beauty Products

It's hard to use up every last drop of those tiny jars and bottles that skincare and make-up come in. The Spatty solves this problem! This clever little spatula reaches into cosmetic, lotion, and serum containers, allowing you to scoop up what you otherwise would throw out. You spent good money on that beauty product; make sure you get to use it all!

This Six-Pack Of Hand Creams Is Filled With Luxurious Natural Ingredients

For under $9, you get six travel-size tubes of ultra-nourishing hand cream in a variety of beautiful scents -- cherry blossom, rose, lavender, shea almond, green tea, and ocean. Their small size makes them perfect to pop in your purse or tuck away in your office drawer, so you always have a tube close at hand. The non-greasy formula is enriched with shea butter, natural aloe, and vitamin E to make it extra moisturizing.

Your Frappuccino Costs More Than This Pore-Erasing Makeup Primer

One reviewer called this Baby Skin face primer "Photoshop in a bottle," and they're not wrong! It's a lightweight silicone formula that dramatically reduces the appearance of pores, makes your face look baby smooth, and gives makeup incredible staying power on even the oiliest skin. People are enthusiastically dumping their expensive primers for this unbelievably affordable face-saver.

This Eye Gel Is A Customer Favorite

How about an eye gel that actually makes dark circles disappear? It might sound too good to be true, but the reviews of Baebody Eye Gel (and there are more than 21,000 of them!) speak for themselves. One review reads, "After using the product twice a day for a couple of weeks, I was delighted with the results. Upon immediate application, the gel soothes my puffy eyes as effectively and gently as cucumber slices but without all the mess. It minimizes the dark circles under my eyes, and its results get better over time."

Transform That Beard From Frazzled to Sleek With This Heated Beard Straightener

Thankfully, we're living in a time when personal grooming is not dismissed as unmanly. The beard trend has been running strong for years now, and this simple little tool can be a bearded man's best friend. Just plug in the brush (with a convenient 360-degree rotating cord) and choose between two temperature modes: one for a thick or coarse beard and another for a long or curly beard. The brush will detangle and smooth those locks, leaving you looking sharp.

These Anti-Aging Collagen Eye Masks Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

These shiny gold collagen eye masks only look expensive. Simply pop them on for 15-30 minutes, and they'll give you firmer, lifted under-eye skin while banishing dark circles and puffiness. Less than $10 gets you this set of 30 pairs!

You Won't Believe What This Callus Remover Can Do

My feet get super dry despite using moisturizers. I decided to give this gel a try because I couldn't believe the number of reviews it had. This Callus Remover Gel is like magic in a bottle! It removes years' worth of built-up dead skin in under 10 minutes. This stuff really lives up to the hype, and 68% of the reviewers have given it five stars.

This Color Changing Lip Gloss Has a Real Flower Inside

Pretty and sweet, this six-pack of color-changing lip gloss is a fun and inexpensive way to treat yourself (and maybe share with friends!). With a smooth, jelly-like texture, the lip gloss is formulated with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils to moisturize and provide a subtle shine and a hint of color. And yes--the tiny flower inside each lip gloss is real!

DHC Velvet Skin Coat Is Like a Photo Filter You Can Use in Real Life

Designed for the face, neck, and hands, DHC Velvet Skin Coat is a makeup primer that transforms skin's appearance. Use alone or under makeup to smooth wrinkles, balance uneven skin tone, and blur imperfections. It's especially useful on the neck or the backs of hands, where regular make-up would look weird. Hundreds of Amazon customers have given it top ratings; one happy user writes, "Not heavy or greasy-feeling--I can't even tell I have it on, except that my skin looks much smoother and stays matte in the Southern humidity. I wear only a light pressed powder over it, no foundation."

Bedazzle Your 'Do With Colorful Sparkle Using These Delicate Crystal Hair Pins

For less than $8, get 20 of these beautiful crystal hairpins in your choice of blue, green, red, purple, silver, or gold. They're pretty enough for a formal occasion like a wedding but could also be styled more casually for an everyday event. Check out the Amazon review photos for some really beautiful applications!

This Essie Treat & Love Color Nail Polish Healed My Nails

When the pandemic descended, I stopped getting professional gel manicures and let my nails go natural. But once the gel came off, my nails were thin, brittle, peeling, and splitting. It turns out gel manicures aren't exactly healthy for nails. I did a little research and started using Essie Treat & Love Nail Polish. It's easy--just swipe on for strengthening treatment (the formula includes collagen) and color. My nails looked better instantly, and after a few weeks, they were much stronger and healthier.

This Eye Gel Will Give You The Brightest Eyes

I was so delightfully surprised when I found this Eve Hansen Anti-Aging Eye Gel. I used to be one of those people who thought eye gel was too expensive, but now I'm a believer. This gel is like a miracle worker. It reduces dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, you name it, just like an expensive formula would, but it's way more wallet-friendly. Now that I'm no longer in my 20s, I've turned to this gel to keep my eyes looking bright.

The Finishing Touch Hair Remover Takes Care of Peach Fuzz and Stray Hairs

After a certain age, we start to notice stray hairs sprouting up in areas they are very not welcome, such as the chin or neck. This discreet Flawless Hair Remover is your new weapon in the fight against unwanted follicles. This lipstick-sized gadget uses "Butterfly Technology" to painlessly erase hair by "microscopically paring it down through a spinning head."

This Foot Peel Mask Is So Gross and So Satisfying

One way to get your winter feet into summer shape is to simply lose all your winter skin. Seriously. These extremely popular Foot Peel Masks help you do just that. Spend a little time with the mask booties on, and then wait a few days. Soon you'll be shedding your feet as if you were part snake. Gross? Absolutely. Does it work? You bet it does.

This Retinol Moisturizer Cream Is The Easiest Way to Improve Your Skin

It's easy to get overwhelmed by skincare products. I prefer a simpler solution, like this Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream. Even if all you do is wash your face once a day and slap on a layer of this cream, your skin will definitely improve! This product is loaded with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, argan oil, activated charcoal, and tea tree oil.

This Japanese Long and Curl Mascara For The Wide-Eyed Look

If you're jealous of Anime characters' perfect lashes, this Japanese Long and Curl Mascara is worth a try! It contains 5-millimeter long fibers for the longest, lushes lashes you can get without wearing falsies. Check out this enthusiastic review: "What is this sorcery? Who made this? Who invented this mascara that curls, lifts, separates, volumizes, lengthens, *and* stays on, even in muggy Miami weather?"

These Hair Chalk Combs For People Who Play With Their Hair

Add temporary color to hair with this set of six hair chalk combs. Hands stay clean while the chalk glides over hair, leaving behind bright, fun color that washes out in one shampoo. Awesome for crazy hair days, parties, boredom, and other occasions when you want to add a little more color to your look.

Wear This Year's Trendiest Color on Your Hands With This Rose Gold Nail Polish

Rose gold accessories are trending all over, and this nail polish is a fun new way to flash the stylish color around. This polish gets high marks from customers for being beautiful, durable, and oh-so-sparkly. In fact, it's earned an impressive 4.8 out of 5 average ratings from Amazon customers!

This Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette Is Made With Natural Ingredients and Is Recyclable

With color names like Starchild, Magic Wand, Milky Way, and Cosmic, this Pacifica Cosmic Reflect Eye Shadow Palette is truly out of this world! From smoky plum to shimmery coral to glistening Aegean blue, you get 14 stunning shades in matte, reflective, and shimmer tones. They're 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and formulated without parabens, phthalates, talc, or mineral oil. Each one is infused with hemp oil to make it soft and blendable with strong pigmentation.

This Electric Callus Remover Transforms Your Feet

Skip a trip to the nail salon by using the Electric Callus Remover. This cordless callus remover allows you to pamper your feet with a spa-like pedicure and watch your callused, dry feet become soft and smooth in minutes. Yes, minutes. Just call it magic.

Deep Condition and Nourish Your Hair With This Hydrating Argan Oil Mask

The before-and-after photos uploaded by Amazon reviewers tell the story. This argan oil hair treatment deep-conditions hair for shiny, silky, smooth results. Reviewers note it's particularly great for curly hair. "I have 4c curls, and this stuff really leaves it feeling soft and conditioned for days," writes buyer Adriana Wallace

This Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum Is Pure Luxury And Delivers Results

This Korean beauty serum contains the same ingredients as luxury brand Skinceuticals' iconic $160 serum... for only $16.99. It brightens the complexion, fades sunspots, clears acne, and reduces fine lines and crow's feet. Faking a good night's sleep for a tenth of the price as the high-end brands? No brainer.

This Holographic Nail Powder Is Dazzling And Easy to Use

I've been experimenting with a bunch of at-home nail products, and this easy-apply nail art has me wanting to do my nails all the time. The holographic nail powder has simple steps to follow and lasts longer than normal nail polish. It's earning stellar reviews, with one happy customer writing, "I'm completely obsessed with this holo powder. I have managed to use it without gel, just regular nail polish, and the results are BEAUTIFUL."

This Pretty Little Make-Up Bag Fits Easily In Your Bag Or Desk

You don't want to lug your whole makeup collection with you on outings or when you need a quick fix at the office. This compact make-up bag is a much better option. It fits easily in your bag or desk drawer and fits everything you need - even brushes - to do touchups or a full face. It comes in five colors, from basic black to glam gold.

Give Your Hair a Temporary Makeover With This Hair Makeup

This Hair Makeup has no ammonia or peroxide, and it's safe to apply with your bare hands. It's not hair dye; it's hair makeup. Just paint it on as desired and enjoy your new look for the night. When you shower, your hair will be back to its normal brown color.

This Set of Metallic Temporary Tattoos Is Better Than Jewelry

Tattoos are a big commitment, but this set of metallic temporary tattoos isn't. Wear these instead of jewelry on a night out, to the beach, on your next Zoom meeting, or anytime you're in the mood for extra sparkle. These are a fun, affordable, instant mood booster!

This Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick Offers Bold Color and a Matte Finish

For less than $5, this gorgeous berry color will make your lips stand out. It glides on like butter, dries to a matte finish, and lasts all day. Choose from several bold, beautiful colors.

This Milani Baked Blush Is an Amazing Drugstore Bargain

This Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso, a peachy-pink shade that looks universally good on everyone, is an incredible drugstore dupe for Nars Orgasm. I like it even better because it's five times cheaper than the fancy brand but performs admirably well! It has over 17,000 ratings, with users citing long-lasting wear and blend-ability as top selling points.

These Nail Polish Wraps Give Instant Gratification

There are two reasons why nail polish wraps are having a moment right now. One, because they come in all colors and designs so you can have a salon-perfect manicure any time for less money. And two, because they don't take any time to dry. They're also perfect for people who aren't great at putting on nail polish, so they're user-friendly too.

These Natural Silk Face Cleanser Balls Are 100% Natural

Made from the natural cocoon of a silkworm, these cleanser balls are quick and easy to use. Simply soak in a bowl of warm water and then attach to the end of your finger for a facial cleanse as you've never experienced before. The balls are perfectly designed so that the cleaning process is quick, even, and meticulous. Perfect for anyone trying to improve their daily facial wash.

Try Your Hand at Nail Art With This Set of Four Nail Art Brushes

When I was a kid, I would try to paint patterns on my nails using a regular nail polish brush. Needless to say, the results were not impressive. It's hard to get any precision with a regular nail brush, but that's not the case with these sleek nail art brushes. These bad boys let you create patterns and pops of color in pink, gold, cyan, dark blue, and black. They're rated 4.7 stars and come in at just $9.29.

This Miraculous Dandruff Shampoo Has Nearly 40,000 Ratings

If you have flakes, you're going to want this superpowered Nizoral dandruff shampoo. The before and afters are nothing short of amazing in the user reviews. It's earned tens of thousands of positive ratings, with one happy customer writing, "I went on Amazon determined to finally get rid of this annoyance, and I found this shampoo with really high reviews, so I decided why not. After about 2-3 uses, my dandruff was literally gone!! I definitely wish I would've bought this sooner."

This Confetti Nail Polish Is So Festive

Hey, you made it another day in this challenging world - good for you! It's time to celebrate the little victories, and this confetti nail polish is a perfectly festive way to do so. The rainbow sprinkles on a creamy white base go with everything and reviewers love how easy it glides on. Sometimes polish with glitter or other adornments can be a pain to take off, but not this one!

This Deodorant Removing Sponge So You'll Always Look Your Best

It's important to look your best, especially for important work meetings, so never start your morning without a once over with these Hollywood Deodorant Removing Sponges. They work like a charm to remove those annoying white streaks from clothing in a snap, leaving you looking impeccable and ready to slay the day.

Deep-Clean Skin With the Foaming Majesty of This Charcoal Bubble Mask

You know you want to try this purifying black bubble mask. Not only does it look hilariously weird, but it also deep-cleans your skin with charcoal and soothes with collagen and plant extracts. This pack includes 10 masks (less than a dollar each!), so you can set yourself up for days of bubbly skin or force your friends to try it with you. Need more incentive? Check out the user photos for a laugh!

A Skin Tag Remover You Can Use at Home

Hi, it's me again, back with another installment in "Gross Things Other People Won't Talk To You About." Today's topic: Skin tags. You can take care of these things at home with a tool like the TagBand tag remover device. This scary-looking contraption works by eliminating the blood supply feeding skin tags on the face, neck, or wherever.

This Sasquatch Soap Is Scented with Essential Oils

It makes a great little gift for the big-footed guys in your life! The Sasquatch Soap is a round bar of soap scented with natural oils and packaged in a reusable tin. Smells like the great outdoors, in the very best way.

Have Fun With Shimmer, Glitter and Matte Using This 15-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Take your pick of colors -- blue, green, purple, orange, nude, or naked. There's a 15-color palette for each, for only $9.99. There are six matte shadows, four shimmers, and three glitters. The highly pigmented shades are buttery smooth and so much fun to play with. Go to town with glamour and have a selfie-party!

This Maybelline Falsies Mascara Speaks For Itself

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then I'll just let this before-and-after pic speak for itself! Maybelline's Falsies Mascara makes it look like you got eyelash extensions with just one coat - the results are dramatic judging by happy reviewers' selfies. It creates so much believable volume instantly. The best part is it costs less than a trip to Starbucks!

This Body Cream Has Been All Over My Instagram

Life is funny sometimes. Right before I began putting this list together, I came across Weleda's body cream on Instagram. I completely forgot about it until I started making this list again, and I saw that it was a best-seller on Amazon. With an ethical and sustainable production process and natural ingredients, it's a perfect way to moisturize and be mindful of the environment.

These Essential Oils Make Your Home Smell Amazing

I came across these essential oils after my sister-in-law recommended them to me. I am an avid lover of all things that smell good, so I figured what did I have to lose? After putting a couple of scents in my diffuser, I am obsessed. They make your home seem oh-so-cozy. The nutmeg reminds me of fresh baked goods while the fir needle smells like a freshly cut tree. I'm going to be diffusing these all year long.

This Anti-Aging Cream Has Customers Raving

Support cell renewal, boosting elasticity, and improve skin radiance with this collagen anti-aging cream. It has a non-greasy formula and pure ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, citric acid, and vitamin C. Together with collagen, they have a powerful anti-wrinkle effect. Customers can't get enough!