The 37 Best Pieces of Equipment for Working Out at Home

Home workouts have overtaken yoga studio sessions and gym classes ever since the global pandemic and lockdowns became part of our lives. So, having the best equipment to create a comfortable workout space at home has never been more important.

Whether you're a yoga fanatic, boxing maniac or cardio queen, everything you need is only a click away online. Like this eco-friendly yoga mat or this waist trainer belt, I've bought all my equipment from Amazon. Check out my full list of 37 best pieces of equipment for working out at home – all of which I've found on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Is Recyclable and Non-Toxic


When I'm buying yoga mats, I always try to find the brands with no PVC, Latex or other harmful products and for that reason, this one is my go-to.

On top of being eco-friendly, it's super comfortable to use for both Pilates and yoga at home because of its non-slip surface and just the right amount of cushioning. Now all you need is your at-home YouTube yoga videos set to play.

This Cork Massage Roller Is an Eco-Friendly Tension Reliever


Traditional foam rollers that are bad for the environment are so passé. Instead, this cork roller is actually recyclable as well as being extremely effective for relieving tension and knots in the muscle.

This one is only 12 inches long, so it doesn't take up much space at home and is great to massage out knots after your at-home workout.

This Waist Trainer Belt Is the Best Support System


If you've ever struggled with posture and tummy support while working out, then you'll love this waist trainer.

It protects your lower back and sides from injury while working out and also increases your own tummy control. So, if you're postpartum or needing to tone your abdominal muscles, this easy to wear trainer will do the trick.

These Core Sliders Make Any Surface Perfect for An Ab Workout


One of the hardest things about working out at home is finding the right floor surface. Which is why I love these Synergee Core Sliders – because they can be used on either hardwood floors or carpet.

All you have to do is use these sliders underneath your feet to create greater balance and stability, so you can work on your abdominals without slipping and sliding down the carpet.

This Is A Must-Have Squat Machine for Any Home Gym


If space is no issue for you at home and you're wanting a piece of larger equipment, this squat assist Row-N-Ride Trainer is a must-have.

It's a highly ranked Amazon's Choice piece of equipment for toning the lower body – including the glutes, quads and hamstrings. It also works the shoulders, back and chest as you push down to squat and lift yourself back up.

These Resistance Pull Up Bands Will Supersize Your Strength Workout


When you want to up your strength training at home and don't have heavy gym equipment, these resistance bands are the perfect alternative.

My boyfriend uses them too, so no matter what level of resistance you need, there are options from 15lbs up to 175lbs. I even add them into my yoga routine to add some extra strength training and they're an Amazon's Choice product online.

This Pilates Brick is Completely Organic and Natural


I like to mix up both yoga and Pilates and for the latter, this is my favorite brick because it's made of all-natural plant fiber materials.

It comes in a range of different colors on Amazon and it's perfect for adjusting your postures and enhancing your at-home Pilates session, without spending a fortune.

This Foldable Foam Exercise Mat for All Workouts


Whether you're working on your core or even doing CrossFit at home, this high-density foam mat is a must-have item.

It's so popular on Amazon that it's been ranked an Amazon's Choice piece and it has even been made of environmentally-friendly foam. I love this mat for home because it folds away easily and doesn't take up too much space, while also being super comfortable to protect my tailbone when doing ab workouts.

This Adjustable Pilates Bar Kit Tones and Stretches


Reformer Pilates machines can be extremely expensive and take up a lot of space, so I tried this adjustable Pilates Bar Kit instead and it's been great.

I feel like I can get the same workout in a much smaller area at home and assembling the bar is easy enough, so I pack it away after each session. Plus, the stretch brand is made of 100% natural latex, instead of a cheaper alternative.

I Love What These Resistance Loop Bands Have Done for My Thighs


Targeting my upper thighs in a workout has always been a struggle, until I found these loop bands.

I started using them during squats and leg lifts at home and have had great results. I bought a pack of three on Amazon and the great thing is they take up hardly any space, so I just keep them in my bedside drawer.

These Grippy Socks Will Make You Feel Like You're at The Yoga Studio


When you've traded your yoga studio for your lounge due to lockdown, or because you prefer the workout-from-home lifestyle, these socks are a must-have.

The extra grip on the bottom of these yoga socks means you won't be slipping on any at-home surfaces. The toeless traction also means you feel more tactile, just as though you were in a real yoga studio. No wonder they've been ranked as an Amazon's Choice product.

This Waist Trimmer Also Burns Fat with Its Thermal Fabric


Not only does this tummy trainer create support with its compression design, but it also makes you sweat like crazy because of its thermal neoprene fabric.

The effect of this means you're sweating and burning more calories than you would without it. The best-selling product on Amazon comes in a variety of sizes.

This Adjustable Stepper Can Be Used Inside or Out


Anyone who has done a step class in a gym knows how handy these adjustable steppers are for both cardio workouts and arm press ups.

So, having this one at home will diversify your workout and you can use it outside in the summer, or inside in the winter to mix up the scenery while getting your step on.

This yoga bolster will put you into a deep meditation


When you're setting up your yoga space at home, the right bolster is essential for Savasana and meditation.

This Amazon's Choice bolster is made with recycled foam and has the perfect density to either rest your upper body on, place under the lower back, or use under the knees for relaxation.

This Yoga Equipment Organizer Will Make Your Place Feel Like A Studio


Once you have your yoga mat, foam roller and strap ready to go, this wall organizer will keep your home tidy.

If offers an efficient way to store all your yoga equipment on the wall, so your floor space is kept clear and free. All you need to do is mount it on your wall.

If You Like A Challenge, You'll Love This Ab Roller


This ab roller is no easy ride, but if you like a challenging core workout, you'll love it.

It's small and easy to store in your cupboard at home and when you take it out it packs a big punch. The non-slip handles are great because you put a lot of your body weight into the roller and I recommend kneeling on a foam mat. If you're looking for a very affordable ab workout, this one ticks that box and it's available on Amazon.

This yoga strap belt to assist your flexibility


Once you have this cotton yoga strap, you'll be ready for anything in your at-home class.

I've always been a big fan of straps, in order to reach deeper into my dancer pose or assist my leg stretches. When you're following a YouTube yoga class, it also gives you the option to take a more advanced pose.

This Vibration Plate Is Small Enough to Store at Home


Vibration plates have been around for a long time, but this Amazon's Choice machine is small enough to easily keep at home as part of your workout.

This machine is definitely an investment into your home gym, as it improves muscle tone, burns fat and improves flexibility all at once. I love using this with a loop band during my squats for an extra intense burn. And it's low enough to store under your bed or sofa.

This Large Exercise Mat Is Great for High Impact Workouts


If you want to put your gym shoes on and get into a HIIT workout at home, this is the mat to do it on.

It's large and wide enough to sustain a full cardio workout and it's cushioned enough for a comfortable stretch and cool down period. And it's been ranked as an Amazon's Choice product under eco-friendly workout equipment.

These Cork Yoga Blocks Create an At-Home Studio Vibe


Since lockdown I've actually adjusted to the at-home workout relatively well and found that creating my home yoga studio has been super simple.

I made sure to buy these eco-friendly cork blocks because the set of two means I can make my own alterations, just as I would in the studio. The cork material means they're easy to grip and are the perfect weight to use for balance postures.

This Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands Works the Whole Body


This is the perfect at-home gym must-have because it works the whole body, while hardly taking up any space in my apartment.

I'm a big fan of low-impact aerobic exercise, which is the epitome of this stepper, while the resistance bands work my upper body and arms. No wonder it's been ranked an Amazon's Choice product online.

These Knee Pads Will Protect Your Joints


If you've ever had knee joint pain like I have, you'll be praising these knee pads. They're great for yoga and stretching when you want to target the quadriceps through lifting the foot to the buttock.

They come as a set of two pads on Amazon and they're made of non-toxic eco-friendly gel foam. Plus, there's a range of colors to choose from.

This Sit-Up Pull Rope Is A Fun Tummy Trimmer


If you're looking for a new way to work your core, this pedal resistance elastic sit-up pull rope is a fun place to start.

The pedals mean that your feet won't slip as you crunch through your workout. It actually also works your arms and legs while using your core and the device is made of environmentally friendly material. No wonder it's got great ratings on Amazon.

This Rope with A Metal Inner Is A Hard-Core Workout


This 20ft cardio strength rope is for people who want a tough workout that will give well-deserved results.

Even though it looks like it mainly works the arms and shoulders, this actually works the whole body and you only need 6ft of space to use it. It's a great work out to do in your backyard in summer and it's also quiet enough to use inside in winter.

These Boxing Pads Are A Great Partner Workout


If you have a workout buddy that you live with, then these boxing pads are perfect for a joint workout.

You can take turns at punching the pads, whether you're practicing hooks, jabs or kickboxing. Now all you need is your gloves.

These Mixed Martial Arts Gloves Will Have You on Guard


Once you have your boxing pads, you'll need these mixed martial arts gloves for a great cardio workout at home.

When you don't have a partner to spa with, you can also use the gloves to hit the boxing bag to burn just as many calories. These Everlast gloves have great reviews and are an Amazon's Choice product.

This Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Has A Phone Holder


When you're doing your own yoga class at home, your Spotify playlist is an essential – and this eco-friendly yoga mat has a phone holder for just that reason.

You can keep your music pumping while you practice your downward dog or you can film your postures because your smartphone will be held in the mat. Plus, this highly rated mat on Amazon is also non-slip and it has a timer function so you can keep track of your workout.

These Wrist and Ankle Weights Will Add Substance to Your Workout


When you're working out at home, sometimes you feel as though you need a bit of extra intensity – and these weights will do just that.

You can strap the weights, which are 2.5lbs each, to your arms or legs to get that added resistance for leg lifts or arm lifts. And they're so small that they can be tidied away in a drawer when you're finished.

This Exercise Ball Is Great for Toning and Stretching


I use this exercise ball for stretching my back, working my core and even sitting on it at my home desk for a bit of extra fitness while I'm on my laptop.

It's a must-have piece of equipment that is so versatile it's been ranked as an Amazon's Choice product under 'yoga ball'.

These Wrist Weights Will Work Your Biceps and Triceps


I bought this wrist roller arm blaster piece of equipment for my boyfriend, but I ended up using it all the time too because it's such a great arm workout.

Plus, it has anti-slip textured handles so even when you're sweating, you can keep your grip.

This Workout Tower Is Great for A Home Gym in Your Garage


If you've transformed your garage into a home gym during lockdown, then this workout tower will be a great addition.

The sturdy steel construction means it takes weight up to 330lbs, so you can use if for knee raises, push ups, pull ups and dips. The height range is adjustable too and it's had fantastic reviews on Amazon.

This Retraction Trainer Is Like A Compact Rowing Machine


Instead of buying a rowing machine which takes up a lot of space, this compact trainer offers the same motion and has adjustable gears.

It's the perfect way to get a resistance workout at home and can be attached to any smooth surface that's safe for load-bearing equipment.

This Boxing Bag Will Absorb All Your Frustrations


If you're a fan of boxing workouts for letting off steam, this double-end boxing bag is a must-have.

It's a number one best seller on Amazon and comes in three different sizes to choose from. All you need to do is attach it to your garage or the room you use to workout in at home.

This Strike Shield for People Who Are Serious About Martial Arts


This Amazon's Choice strike shield is a high-quality pad for martial arts, boxing and kickboxing.

All you need is for a partner to hold it as you kick and punch your way to a great workout. Now all you need is the boxing gloves to match.

This Adjustable Weight Bench to Replicate Your Favorite Gym


This adjustable and foldable weight bench is easy to store away in a corner when you're not using it.

And when you do use it, it's a great base for your weight workout at home. It's suitable for a range of full-body workouts in your home gym.

This Puzzle Exercise Mat Offers an Adjustable Workout Space


This durable workout mat is put together with foam interlocking tiles, which means you can choose how large you want it to be.

It's great for home workouts because you can decide how much space you need and it's lightweight and easy to assemble.

This Freestanding Heavy Bag for At Home Boxing Sessions


This freestanding heavy bag is a number one best seller on Amazon because of its high-grade shock absorbing technology.

If you have this bag at home, you don't need to worry about having a partner to help you with your boxing workout – you just kick and punch into this equipment.