The 37 Most Stylish Pet Accessories Used by Our Favorite Celebs

From handbag carriers for teacup-sized dogs, to tuxedos fit for puppies - celebrity pet accessories never cease to amaze and inspire us. If you're like me, you love to accessorize and dress your pets with style and I'm always looking for new inspiration to spoil my fur babies. It can be tricky to find just the right look for your pet, but I have managed to discover all my favorite celeb-inspired trends online.

I've compiled a list of the best pet accessories used by my favorite celebs – all of which I've found on Amazon for an affordable price. If you follow these trends, your pets will be living the A-list lifestyle, without the designer price tag. Here are my top picks…

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

Minka Kelly's Flexible Dog Lead

Photo of Minka Kelly

Getty Images / Amazon

Minka Kelly chooses an ergonomic design of dog lead

Minka Kelly is a jet-setting celebrity who needs a convenient retractable leash when she's traveling with her dog. This 16ft heavy duty pet walking leash is tangle free for a no-hassle outing and looks just like Minka Kelly's. It's an Amazon's Choice product online because of its one-handed brake and it's perfect for any size cat or dog.

Paris Hilton's Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Photo of Paris Hilton

Getty Images / Amazon

It doesn't have to be Halloween to dress your dog in a costume

It doesn't have to be Halloween to find a reason to dress your dog in cute costumes – at least that's the ethos Paris Hilton lives by.

The queen of teacup dogs loves to put her pets in fancy dress costumes and this Wonder Woman outfit on Amazon will give your pooch the same look.

Lisa Vanderpump's Purple Canine Dress

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump

Getty Images / Amazon

You can duplicate Vanderpump's dog's look in this petite dress

The Real Housewives star is no stranger to petite canines and loves to dress up her pets as much as the next celebrity. You can duplicate her pet's look with this gorgeous puppy party costume on Amazon. And it also fits cats, so it's a versatile look for either a cat or a dog.

Emily Ratajkowski's Red Dog Collar

Photo of Emily Ratajkowski

Getty Images / Amazon

Emily Ratajkowski is rarely seen without her dog Colombo

This model and actress is rarely seen without her dog Colombo and she makes sure he has the best accessories on the market. This padded dog collar will keep your pet super comfortable as you walk around town or go to the park. The buckles are eco-friendly and the price is super affordable on Amazon.

Zoe Saldana's Purple Chew Toy For Her Dog

Photo of Zoe Saldana

Getty Images / Amazon

This chew toy keeps dog's teeth healthy

You might be your dog's best friend, but this rubber chew toy is going to be its best plaything. Follow in Zoe Saldana's footsteps and treat your pooch to this indestructible rubber toy. Not only will it provide hours of fun for your pet, but it's also is great for their teeth.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama's Toy Bone For Dog Bo

Photo of Obama

Getty Images / Amazon

Treat your dog to a presidential toy

Barack Obama's dog Bo is spoilt by the former U.S. President and you can spoil your pet with the same presidential gifts. This new-hide toy bone is great for your dog's teeth and will provide hours of productive play time either inside or outside. And the best part is it's affordable price tag on Amazon.

Reese Witherspoon's Red Dog Sweater For Minnie

Photo of dog in red sweater


Be inspired by Reese Witherspoon's dog fashion

If you're inspired by Reese Witherspoon's movie star style, then you're probably also inspired by her dog's fashion prowess. You can duplicate Minnie's fashion sense with this super soft fleece hoodie on Amazon. If red is not your color, there are loads of other hues to choose from.

Salma Hayek's Adjustable Red Horse Halter

Photo of horse halter


This adjustable horse halter is an equestrian essential

Salma Hayek is a huge animal lover, from birds to dogs to horses. If you've also got a horse in your life, then this adjustable horse halter is an essential. And this leather halter is a great price on Amazon.

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Table for Choupette

Photo of cat table


Cats love this stack table to play in or take a nap

Karl Lagerfeld passed on fame to his cat Choupette and the pair were inseparable. Not many cats live as luxurious a life as this one, but you can treat your kitty to a stack table like hers at an affordable price on Amazon.

Kendall Jenner's Leather Dog Leash Fit For A Private Plane

Image of dog lead


This is a heavy duty leather leash

Most of us don't travel by private plane, but we can get Kendall Jenner's jet-setting pet's look on Amazon. This genuine leather dog leash is water resistant, heavy duty for durability and the best part is it's well priced.

Emily Ratajkowski's Tan Dog Leash With A Double Handle for Colombo

Photo of dog leash


This double-handled dog leash is great for any outdoor walk

Emily Ratajkowski opts for comfort and style when choosing dog leashes for her fur baby and this lead with a padded handle on Amazon fits the bill. It's made of leather for durability and style and despite its low-price tag, this lead will last you so long that you won't need to buy a replacement for years.

Bella Hadid's Brown Leather Horse Halter

Photo of horse halter


A horse halter is a must for an equestrian

When Bella Hadid isn't modelling around the world, she's spending time with her horses and having the right horse halter is a must for any equestrian. They don't have to cost a fortune though and this braided leather halter is good quality, stylish and affordable.

Amanda Seyfried's Orange Dog Bandana For Finn

Photo of Amanda Seyfried

Getty Images / Amazon

Amanda's dog Finn is a canine style icon

She's an actress, a style icon and a dog lover, which is why I'm a huge fan of Amanda Seyfried.

Her Australian shepherd Finn is also stylish and you can replicate his fashion prowess with this cute bandana on Amazon. There's an array of colors to choose from, depending on what suits your dog.

Paris Hilton's Duck Costume Worn By Her Chihuahua

Photo of Paris Hilton

Getty Images / Amazon

Take inspiration from Paris Hilton's duck dog costume

Dressing your dog up like a duck might seem counter-intuitive, but when Paris Hilton did it, it seemed to make sense at the time. So, why not dress your chihuahua up like a bird? Here's a look-a-like costume on Amazon that will give your petite pooch the same look.

Paris Hilton's Pink Pet Carrier

Photo of Paris Hilton

Getty Images / Amazon

Every small pet needs a carrier

When traveling with your pet, a durable yet stylish carrier bag is essential, as Paris Hilton shows. Whether you have a small dog or cat, either pet can fit comfortably in this pet carrier on Amazon. Not only is it comfortable for your little one, but it's also a great price.

Pamela Anderson's Colorful Adjustable Dog Collars

Photo of Pamela Anderson

Getty Images / Amazon

Dog collars are perfect for any occasion

The good thing about taking your pets out is that they don't need to follow a dress code – so these colorful and cute dog collars are perfect for any occasion. Pamela Anderson loves to add a bit of color to her pets and these waterproof, adjustable, nylon collars will give your dog the same look.

Gigi Hadid's Horse Blanket

Photo of a horse


Copy Gigi's look with this dynamic waterproof midweight blanket

The Hadid family love horses and Gigi knows how to keep her equine warm with this horse blanket. You can get her equestrian style on Amazon with this dynamic waterproof midweight blanket, that is secured around the neck.

Christine Quinn's Spiked Dog Collar

Photo of spiked dog collar


Spiked dog collars can be intimidatingly fashionable

This Selling Sunset star from the Netflix hit show likes to be controversial with her style and her dog has followed her lead. A spiked dog collar can be intimidating on some dogs, but this genuine leather studded collar seems to pull off the look well. And the price point is just as fabulous on Amazon.

Christine Quinn's plush Cream Dog Blanket

Photo of dog blanket


Every pooch needs a soft cozy blanket

When she's not selling luxury real estate, the Selling Sunset star is jet-setting around the world in a private jet… with her dogs. Whether you're in a jet or just at home, this waterproof fury pet blanket will keep your cat or dog snuggly and warm all-year round.

Vanessa Hudgens' Festive Dog Sweaters

Photo of dog sweaters


It doesn't have to be the holidays to get festive

Whether it's the holidays or just that time of year where you need to wrap up warm, these festive dog sweaters will do the trick. Vanessa Hudgens chose one for her pet and you can replicate her look on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

Lisa Vanderpump's Tuxedo Dog Costume

Photo of Lisa Vanderpump


This costume is great for weddings and black-tie events

Your dog might not have a black-tie event to go to like Lisa Vanderpump's pooch, but this dog tuxedo can still be a great costume. Whether you're taking your pet to a wedding, costume party or are just feeling festive, this stylish outfit on Amazon will fit the bill.

Miley Cyrus' Portable Dog Carrier

Photo of Miley Cyrus

Getty Images / Amazon

Every small pet needs a carrier like this one

When you have a pet small enough to carry around like Miley Cyrus does, this pet carrier is a must-have item. Whether you have a petite puppy or even a cat, this stylish pet purse on Amazon will keep them snug while you're traveling or doing errands.

Oprah's Classic Black T-shirts For Pets

Photo of Oprah

Getty Images / Amazon

You can copy Oprah's classic T-shirt look for dogs

Oprah doesn't just care for her talk show guests, but she's also a keen animal lover and has multiple dogs in her family. You can get her pooch's look in this classic black T-shirt for a bargain of a price on Amazon. And it's been ranked as Amazon's Choice under dog shirts.

The Dog Brush To Keep Your Puppy As Shiny As Kylie Jenner's Fur Baby

Photo of Kylie Jenner

Getty Images / Amazon

This is the secret grooming tool for shiny dog hair

You might wondering how Kylie Jenner's dog Norman stays so shiny… well it comes down to hair care. This combo brush not only removes loose undercoats on canines, but your puppy will also love being groomed with its bristles. It's the perfect grooming tool at an amazing price online.

Kelly Osbourne's Soft Dog Harness

Photo of the Osbournes

Getty Images / Amazon

These harnesses are adjustable and comfortable

Kelly Osbourne comes from a family of dog lovers and she's no different. She and mom Sharon choose soft dog harnesses when they're out and about with their pets. This almost identical harness on Amazon is adjustable around the chest and has a quick release buckle to easily remove… and it comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Katherine Heigl's Outdoor Canine Coat

Phot of Katherine Heigl

Amazon / Getty Images

Outdoor dog coats offer comfort and warmth

Katherine Heigl keeps her dog warm with this classic outdoor coat in winter and you can find an almost identical one on Amazon to get the look. This 'Amazon Choice' waterproof and windproof jacket is the perfect accessory for cold weather.

Zach Galifianakis' Dog Cone Collar For Your Pooch

Photo of Robert Downey Jr

Getty Images / Amazon

All pets need a cone collar after surgery

At some point in every pet's life, they'll be prone to an injury or surgery and this cone collar will be an essential at that time. Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis were looking after an injured pooch at a European movie premiere in London when they had to use this one. This adjustable pet cone recovery collar will protect your pet after surgery and it's super affordable on Amazon.

Tori Spelling's Denim Jacket For Pets

Photo of Tori Spelling

Getty Images / Amazon

Go retro with these denim pet vests

She's the queen of '90s TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 and there's nothing more '90s than denim vests and jackets. So, why not go retro with your pet's fashion with this super cute denim vest that will fit either a cat or a dog. Because let's face it, denim never goes out of style.

Miranda Lambert's Dog Food Formula

Photo of Miranda Lambert

Getty Images / Amazon

The food you feed your pet determines their health

The food you feed your pet determines their health and well-being and Miranda Lambert chooses only the best for her pooch. But you don't need to travel to a specialist pet store to shop for your fur baby because Amazon has all the best pet food online. This dog food formula is online at a great price so you can get it delivered to your home.

Kelly Clarkson's Tie Dye Fleece Hoodie For Dogs

Photo of Kelly Clarkson

Getty Images / Amazon

Tie dye fashion sweaters have made a comeback

Did you notice that tie dye fashion seemed to have made a comeback during the COVID pandemic? Kelly Clarkson's dog was inspired by the trend too… and you can get the look for your pet with this fleece sweater that has a range of different sizes online.

Ian Somerhalder's Bone Dog Collar

Photo of Ian Somerhalder

Getty Images / Amazon

Copy Ian Somerhalder's dog's collar with these accessories

When Ian Somerhalder isn't attacking victims in his hit show Vampire Diaries, he's hanging out with his pet dog. And he makes sure his pooch has the coolest dog collar in Hollywood with this dog bone accessory. You can copy the look with this leather riveted collar on Amazon.

Martha Stewart's Pet Hemp Oil For Anxiety And Nutrition

Photo of Hemp Oil


Hemp oil can relieve anxiety in pets

She's the queen of home living and Martha Stewart has stood alongside Snoop Dog to promote Well Drops CBD oil for pets. This similar hemp oil product on Amazon is used for pet nutrition and helps with anxiety, arthritis, joint relief and much more, so you can relieve your pet's stress during times such as travel. And the best part is its affordable price tag.

Hilary Duff's Native Spirit Embroidered Dog Collar

Photo of dog collar


This collar has rivets at the stress points for extra durability

Finding the right dog collar for your pet can be a challenge, but celebrities like Hilary Duff always seem to have an endless collection of cool collars – such as this embroidered accessory. But I managed to find a near identical version on Amazon that is made of leather, with rivets at the stress points for extra durability.

Ariana Grande's Gray Dog Coat To Relieve Anxiety

Photo of a dog


Dog coats can relieve stress and anxiety

Pets can feel stressed for many reasons and Ariana Grande makes sure her loved ones feel protected in a warm dog coat. This similar version on Amazon is an anti-anxiety vest wrap to keep dogs calm as well as being made of a breathable fabric for extra comfort.

Ana de Armas' Pet Purse Dispenser For Dog Waste

Photo of Ana de Armas

Getty Images / Amazon

Even celebrities have to pick up after their pets with dispenser bags

Even celebrities have to pick up after their pets and Ana de Armas makes sure she's ready for dog waste by carrying a pet dispenser bag attached to the dog lead. You can get this handy pet dispenser on Amazon, so you're always ready for any little surprises on your daily dog walk.

Ben Affleck's Reflective Dog Lead With Padded Handle

Photo of Ben Affleck

Getty Images / Amazon

Ben Affleck walks his dog with a padded handle on the lead for extra comfort

Ben Affleck walks his dog with a padded handle on the lead for extra comfort – which is very handy when you have a large pet who likes to take off running. This strong lead with a padded handle and reflective colors for extra safety is an awesome choice for anyone with a large dog.

Hugh Jackman's Pet Safe Dog Harness

Photo of dog harness


This Amazon's Choice dog harness is just like Hugh Jackman's

He's famous for playing Wolverine, so it's not surprise Hugh Jackman is a big dog lover in his personal life, as shown on Instagram. And this Amazon's Choice dog harness is just like the ones he uses for his pets – which are great for harness training without the risk of choking the dog on walks. This harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist and is a trusted device.