The 17 Handiest Products You Need Right Now

From special rings that'll hold your nail polish, to outlets that morph into nightlights, we've tracked down seventeen of the handiest products on the market you'll want to own right now.

We hope you find these gadgets as brilliantly handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Super-Handy Dip Clips That Keep Your Most Important Condiments Close At Hand

Plates should just come with these things built in. Find them on Amazon

This Flash Drive That Works With Your Phone

USB port on one end + lightning port on the other = painless transfer from phone to computer (and vice versa). Find it on Amazon

This Stick Of Nerdwax That Keeps Your Glasses From Slipping

It's like sticky chapstick for your nose that keeps your glasses from falling down. Find it on Amazon

This Compact Battery Pack That Keeps All Your Devices Charged

A fully-charged battery pack is THE antidote to battery range anxiety. Find it on Amazon

This Gap Cleaning Brush That'll Clean Where Other Brushes Can't

Finally you can get at that (literally) decades of dust and gunk in your window sills. Find it on Amazon

These Impenetrable Gloves That Keep Your Hands Safe

Now you can finally start that amateur butchery hobby, without fear of self-harm. Find them on Amazon

This Lidded Ice Tray That'll Keep Your Floors Dry

I am 100% on board with this. Find them on Amazon

This Lightning Cable That Doubles As A Bracelet Or Keychain

Clip one of these one your keys and you'll never have that "where is my lightning cable!?" panic again. Unless, of course, you lose your keys. In which case, you have bigger problems. Find it on Amazon

The Magic Tap Dispenses All Your Drinks Deliciously

These little pumps screw right onto your beverage bottles and dispense drinks at a humane pace. Aren't your arms tired of pouring milk already? Find it on Amazon

This Silicone Brush Cleaner Makes Makeup Cleanup Easy

Make clean-up from your make-up almost effortless. Find it on Amazon

The Tweexy Ring Holds Your Nail Polish Nice And Close

Perfect for holding your favorite nail polish, or your favorite snacks. Find it on Amazon

This Footrest For Your Shower Makes Shaving Less Irritating

Why don't all showers come with footrests to begin with? Find it on Amazon

The Simple Elephant Planner Helps You Organize Your Life And Get Stuff Done

Be like the elephant: never forget your goals. And eat lots of peanuts. Find it on Amazon

The SnapPower Outlet Cover Becomes A Nightlight When It Gets Dark

It's time to start asking more of your outlet covers. Find it on Amazon

These Can Toppers Make Your Sodas Last Longer

For those who like to sip, Jokari salutes you. Find them on Amazon

These Sriracha Keychains That Spice Up Your Meal Anywhere

Because when you need Sriracha, you need Sriracha. Find them on Amazon

This Sugru Moldable Plastic That Can Fix Almost Anything

All the fun of Silly Putty, but with so much more utility. Find it on Amazon

This Tile Keychain Keeps You From Ever Losing Your Keys

Your keys are just a smartphone screen-tap away. Find it on Amazon