The 10 Best Wool Socks to Wear with Any Type of Shoe this Winter

Winter is coming. Yes, it's a cliche at this point, but it's still the truth. Things are about to get chilly, and you're going to want all the tools you've got to stay warm this year. As a native of Minnesota, I've spent my life finding all the ways to stay warm through some nasty winters. I've made some bad choices. You can learn from my mistakes. Many people underestimate the importance of warm feet. A good pair of socks can be the difference between a miserable day and a perfectly comfortable day.

That's why we've found the top ten wool socks that are wearable and warm for the winter. Wool is the best choice for winter socks. Whether you want the best winter socks for men, the best winter socks for women, or just the straight out warmest socks for the winter, we have all of them.

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Wool socks are what I always use if I'm about to go skiing, trek through some deep snow, or spend a bit too much time out in the cold. No matter what you're doing, you want to find the best winter socks or your toes are going to let you know it's a problem.

Start your winter off right by treating your toes to something soft and warm. You don't even have to worry about finding the socks that will make your feet happy. We've already found them for you on Amazon. Check out the best wool socks to find the ones that speak to you (and your feet).


Let's start off with a bang

Five feat wearing a variety of brightly colored socks

If you aren't the kind of person who likes your socks to say something, then it's possible this pack of brightly colored and toasty warm wool socks is not for you. With tons of pattern options, you're sure to find something that sparks your fancy (unless you're a plain black socks kind of a person). I love the color combos and the bright patterns. These are the best wool socks for someone who loves to stand out.

A bit more reserved

Three gray socks

If colors aren't for you, this three pack of gray socks might be the perfect choice for you. Even better, these socks were made for hiking, so you know that they're going to be comfy no matter what you get up to. They've got extra cushioning on the sole, and will never get itchy. Perfect if you want to stay warm without getting cramped or unhappy feet. These are some of the best wool socks for men you'll find.

Boot sock

A foot wearing a sock in gray, brown, and cream

This sock is not fooling around. It's tall enough to match your most heavy duty boots, it's got reinforcement on the hell and the toe, and a ribbed-knit on the cuff. It's also incredibly warm and will keep your toes toasty without leading to sweat thanks to sweat-wicking fabric. If you're going to be out in the cold for any amount of time, these socks are what you need. "These socks are SERIOUSLY warm. My dad had ankle surgery about 10+ years ago and has a giant metal plate and screws in his ankle that basically freeze over when he's duck hunting, and he could not for the life of him find a pair of socks that kept the plate itself from freezing and hurting his ankle. These socks are his new favorites, as he almost can't feel a cold pinch at all."

So soft and comfy

Three gray/blue socks

Some of these wool socks are really made for a day spent out hiking or doing serious work. What I love about this option from Meriwool is that it can stand up to all of that, but it's also so comfy that you could spend all day lounging around the house in them. These socks have arch support and compression to make sure your feet are as comfortable as possible, and are warm without being overly heavy. No matter what you're doing, these are the best winter socks around.

Sized for the perfect fit

Three socks in shades of gray

Most socks come in a one size fits all style. Not these Danish Endurance wool socks: They have five different sizes available to ensure that you get the exact perfect fit for your feet. They're also wonderfully cushioned so that you don't get blisters, and have ventilation to wick away moisture. No one likes sweaty feet. Oh, and they've been tested by Olympic athletes and mountain climbers who have scaled Mount Everest, so you know they're going to hold up to anything you do.

Stand up to any elements.

One sock in a dark blue wool

"I just bought these for my husband who builds ships in the northwest and is always working outside in the very cold, windy elements on the/next to the ocean. We have tried other long johns/under clothes to keep him warm and they all have helped to some degree but he still complained of freezing his A** OFF. We typically love Carhartt products Beanies, jackets, work pants and coveralls. They are sturdy and durable for hard work, plus its cute that my kiddos get to match dad. But I was worried when it came to these that for the price that i was just paying for name and not cold weather blockers. But my husband says they F'ing ROCK."

Now that's a review I'll believe. These are the some of the warmest socks for winter.

Across the board reviews say comfy

Four socks in a mixed wool of black and white with "time may tell" on the side of the foot

There are few things more important to me when choosing socks than comfort. I want my socks to be soft, reasonably cushy, warm, but not sweaty. These socks hit all those boxes. "Hands down the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. The best part is the material on the inside that you can't see in the pictures. It's like putting your foot in the warm furry bosom of a soft cuddly forest creature. These keep my feet warm, but they also let them breathe so they don't feel suffocated or sweat. Highly recommended, buying another set!"

Extra thick for extra cushion

Three pairs of socks folded into a package. One pair is white, one blue, and one gray.

If you want a pair of socks that is almost thick enough to be slippers, look no further. These socks are incredibly cushy, with a bit of a cuff at the top for added comfort. Here's what the reviews say:

"I absolutely love these socks. They are definitely super thick and soft. I've been wearing a pair every day for the past few days. I know they are for men, but they fit me and I'm a size 8 in women. My husband took the navy and grey pair and has been wearing those. He also loves them. He says they feel good on and they feel better than his other ones he has been wearing."

I'm sold that these are the best winter socks for men.

SO cute

Five socks in heathered blues and greens

Most wool socks aren't exactly designed for looks: they tend to be more functional socks. But this set of four is not only warm and snuggly, they also have a cute vintage style that will look good on anyone. Plus with endless color and pattern options, you'll find something that matches your style. They're some of the best wool socks I can find for women.

Fantastic outdoor socks

Four pairs of socks. Each one has a color on the heel with a gray or neutral color through the ankle and foot.

When checking the reviews on these socks, the first thing that stands out is how many people say they're great for being outside, whether it was skiing or hiking during the summer. Whether you want to keep your feet toasty in the snow or need a sock that will wick away moisture for ultimate comfort, these socks are it.

Stylish patterns

Four socks in a variety of patterns. The colors are generally creams, reds, and browns.

This fourpack of socks is made of merino wool, so you know they're going to be soft. I'm particularly in love with these because they're the best women's wool socks I can find: they keep you warm but they have lovely designs so you can still feel cute.

Cozy and Colorful? Yes please.

Four socks laid on a white background. They have brightly colored patterns.

These socks are perfect for hanging around the house on a cold day. They aren't rated for major outside activities, so you won't end up with sweaty feet, but they will keep your toes toasty. You can also choose from tons of patterns, so whether you're looking for winter socks for men or winter socks for women, you'll find a style that fits.

Bright and Bold

Four socks in ombre patterns.

If you want your socks to make a statement, these are the winter socks for you. The ombre pattern is gorgeous and stands out no matter what you're doing. But these socks aren't just for looks. They're also 86% Merino wool and will hold up whether you're skiing, hiking, cycling, or just trekking through snow.