The 10 Best Ring Adjusters and Sizers for Your Everyday Jewelry (2020)

There’s nothing worst than buying a piece of clothing or jewelry online, only to find that it's the wrong size. You begin questioning if the online sizes are wrong, or if you’ve been living in denial all these years about what your measurements actually are. It can be especially disheartening if you bought the item for a special event or if the said item has been gifted to you by a loved one. But how can you assure that your next ring delivery arrives without worry or care? Well, why not invest in a ring adjuster? These nifty little gadgets are the perfect tool for assuring your ring size and fit. But how can you find the best ring adjusters and sizers for you?

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Well, as it turns out, we have compiled a list of the best ring adjusters and sizers now available on These products are fun, easy to use, and perfect for the everyday jewelry wearer. So polish your favorite ring and get ready for a fancy night on the town, because these are the 10 best ring adjusters and sizers for your everyday jewelry.

We hope you find these products useful and informative. But FYI, we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster

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First up we have the GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster, made of high-quality PVC, and measuring 2-3mm wide. This size adjuster will assure that any loose or ill-fitting ring stays perfectly attached to your finger. Practically invisible, the adjuster will also not be commented on by friends or family,  sometimes subtlety is all you need.

NUPIKA Ring Sizer

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Before purchasing a ring online, why not invest in a sizer kit, to assure you know your correct measurements from the start. The NUPIKA Ring Sizer comes with a range of thirteen different sizes, so you can discern which one best suits your favorite ring finger. Each sizer is clearly marked with the size it is demonstrating, so there’s no need to worry about running into any issues during the measuring period. Cut out the middle man and use these sizers to help find the best ring for you.

Likimar Ring Size Adjuster

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Sometimes ring adjusters can be tiresome and uncomfortable, but when it comes to the Likimar Ring Size Adjuster, comfort is key. Perfect for loose rings, these adjusters can even help with mild knuckle problems, assuring that you finish your busy day without even a smidge of finger pain. Made from a soft and flexible material, the adjuster is practically invisible and will not distract from your day-to-day routine. Available in a range of sizes, these adjusters also come with an instruction manual and a polishing cloth.

Pupuka Mandrel Ring Sizer

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Sometimes purchasing a ring sizer means purchasing a mass of plastic and metal, cluttering up your home and draws. So why not invest in the Pupuka Mandrel Ring Sizer? A simple and singular tool that can perfectly measure your ideal ring size. Measuring from sizes 2-15, this tool is handy, easy to use, and will assure less mess in your home.

FX Ring Size Adjuster

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If you’re looking for a ring adjuster that’s a little more flexible and durable, then look no further than the FX Ring Size Adjuster. This adjuster comes in the form of long ‘noodles’, made from a transparent TPU material. Comfortable, spongy, and invisible, this ring adjuster can sit beautifully on your favorite ring band, making the fit tighter and more reliable. Measuring 10 cm in length, the noodles are also easy to clean and can also help ease any knuckle problems you may have.

Tanjin Black Ring Sizer Set

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Are you worried about purchasing a ring sizer that may prove inaccurate in its readings? Well, then maybe you need to take a look at the Tanjin Black Ring Sizer Set. Unlike other ring sizers, the Tanjin set can be placed on the finger and then tightened to your preferences. The more hands-on experience assures that you end up with measurements that are not only comfortable but fit your finger size to the tea.

Tantrum Tow Ropes 12PCS Ring Size Adjuster

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The Tantrum Tow Ropes Ring Size Adjuster is arguably the most unique ring size adjuster that we have on this list. Made from thermoplastic urethane, this unique design assures that the adjuster is invisible to the eye, so as to not reduce the attractiveness of your ring. Completely eco-friendly and non-toxic, this adjuster is perfect for the environmentally aware jewelry wearer.

Vancool Loose Ring Adjuster

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When it comes to quirky yet innovative designs, the Vancool Loose Ring Adjuster is king. With its spiral design, the ring adjuster can fit perfectly around the band of your ring, allowing comfort and less unwanted pressure. The item is currently available in three different sizes, allowing you to decide which one is the best for you.

Syraith Ring Measuring Tool Kit

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If you’re finding it difficult to decide between the above items, then why not invest in a Syraith Ring Measuring Tool Kit. This clever little set comes with a variety of measuring tools, from a mandrel ring sizer to your traditional finger measuring ring set. Packed full of other goodies that will help you discern which size is the best for you, this kit is a wonderful and informative purchase. Also, it comes with its own zip lock bag, what’s not to love?

Xinlan Ring Size Adjuster

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If you want a ring adjust that provides comfort but feels like air, then why not consider the Xinlan Ring Size Adjuster. These ring adjusters have been crafted from a special transparent material that is soft, spongy, and barely noticeable when worn. Available in a range of sizes, why not treat yourself to an adjuster that provides not only beauty but also comfort.