The 10 Best Lipsticks for Everyday Wear

Finding the perfect lipstick for day to day wear is one of the biggest challenges in life. You want something that doesn't smudge and fade throughout the day, something that really enhances your face, but something that isn't too bold. A nice neutral that will get you through a night out with the girls or a long day at the office. The hardest part is that every person's everyday lipstick is going to be a little bit different: it needs to complement your coloring and your face.

That's why we've pulled our top ten everyday lipsticks on Amazon. No matter whether you prefer a nude, a pink, or a brown, you'll find the perfect lipstick for any occasion.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

NYX it

NYX is one of my favorite brands for reasonably priced makeup that's high quality. Their suede matte lipstick is my go-to when it comes to everyday wear. There are over 30 different shades in this line, so no matter what your preference you're sure to find one that matches. The reviews say that the texture is wonderful and stays on all day: you're going to love it.

A nude option

If your go-to shade is in the nude family, L'oreal's Colour Riche lipstick is a great choice. They have dozens of nude options so you can pick the exact shade you like, whether it tends towards the pink shades or is more on the beige side. It stays all day long, and feels like a lip balm more than a lipstick, which is absolutely what I want if I'm going to be wearing it day in and day out.

Creamy texture, beautiful colors

Maybelline is a tried and true brand, so you know what you're getting when you order it. This nude shade has a good creamy texture and no matter which shade you choose, it's got lovely pigmentation. The reviews are in: "Love the color and as good as more expensive brands".

A matte lipstick you'll love

"I love this line of lipsticks. I have quite a few now because I can’t get over how nice their formula is. They have the best drugstore matte." Every reviewer on this product said that they bought multiple colors because the formula was so perfect. While Milani may not have quite as many color options as some of the larger brands if you can find the shade you want, get it now!

Two sided

If you're a liquid lipstick fan, this one's for you! You get a liquid lipstick on one end, plus a finishing coat on the other that will keep your lips looking fresh for a whole day. Plus it's super moisturizing and feels great on the lips. "When they say this stays on all day, they mean it! I apply once per directions, and then throughout the day I just use whatever lip balm I have on me to moisturize; it refreshes the look and keeps my lips happy."

You don't have to pick one

If you have a hard time picking a single color for your everyday wear, you don't have to! This set from QiBest has seven colors and lip plumper. All the shades are liquid mattes that go down beautifully with high pigmentation. "These are the most long-lasting, inexpensive everyday wear lipsticks that I have purchased! I am so grateful for this purchase! One of the best investments I’ve made to my makeup collection! These come out looking Matte, but not uncomfortable or too dry. They are amazing! Price range is awesome too!"

More options

Seven colors isn't enough? This set of ten includes some darker, more vampy colors that can spice up your looks throughout the week, but also has classic pinks and nudes. "Long-lasting, mixable, and looks great. It’s matte, so if you have dry lips like me I used lip chap on top. Wore for a wedding and it lasted through pictures and ceremony really well."

For darker skin

We weren't about to forget our friends who need a darker shade for their everyday looks! This matte lip cream from NYX comes in some truly beautiful brown shades that will look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones. Seriously, check out this review: "I have been endlessly searching for a nude-ish brown color that when I applied it, looked like the sun was discretely following me and shining one muted sun beam directly upon my lips, indefinitely.👀 I know that is a ridiculously dramatic description of what I have been looking for, but if I’m being honest, that’s pretty much what I wanted and I might as well be upfront about my unrealistic expectations from the get go.🤷🏽‍♀️ That said,I think I have found my impossible dream! Not only is it juuuuust a hint of color, it’s not so brown that it blends into my skin tone and my lips disappear into my chin, which has been an issue with other browns I’ve tried. It’s matte but not too matte, it’s got a hint of glow but no sparkle, its highly pigmented enough that I can put on one coat and not see my natural lip color, it’s moisturizing but not shiny AND it doesn’t rub off easily. Plus, it fulfills my crazy diva sunbeam fever dream, which is pretty freakin amazing if I do say so myself. I mean, what more could you want?! I included lip pics, the first pic is me with the lippy on and the second is without so you can see the difference. I LOVE this lip cream and the color and I hope they never stop making it!😍"

Pretty in pinks

If you like a more girly look, then this gorgeous pale pink shade will be right up your alley. Maybelline comes in again with a gorgeous glossy lipstick that you can wear any day. You'll get shine and beautiful pigment.

Maybelline liquid

Of course Maybelline also has some great liquid lipsticks, and their SuperStay Matte Ink is a perfect example. It comes in dozens of colors, lasts up to 16 hours, and goes on smoothly. Give your lips the shine they deserve.