The 10 Best Kitchen Timers for Perfectly Cooked Meals (2020)

Trying to be a mature adult is busy work. You have to find a well-paying job, get a car, and pay rent on an apartment that’s two sizes too small for you and all your worldly possessions. And, on top of all that, you also have to start cooking your own meals. Honestly, how do Mom and Dad do it? Now, cooking can be fun, but when you’re starting out it's sometimes hard to follow recipes to their exact instructions. Sometimes a pot boils over or your eggs come out rubbery, but that’s fine, you just need the proper tools to help you along. One of the best tools for any kitchen is a timer, something that literally tells you when your food is ready to come out of the oven. But how can you find out which is the best kitchen timer for you?

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Well, luckily enough, we have compiled this list of the best kitchen timers now available for purchase on These kitchen timers are fun, compact, and sometimes adorably quirky, so get your egg whisk and your mixing bowl because these are the 10 best kitchen timers for perfectly cooked meals!

We hope you find these timers as fun and helpful as we do. But FYI, we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer

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Have you ever wanted to cook a perfect hard-boiled egg? Well, now you can with the Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer. This adorable, egg-shaped timer takes all the guesswork out of boiling eggs. Simply pop the timer in the same pot as your eggs and add some room temperature water. As the water boils, the timer’s red face will begin to fade, alerting you to the condition of your breakfast. The perfect tool for any novice chef looking to perfect their new craft.

Albayrak Kitchen Timer

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If you’re looking for something a little more industrial and modern, then look no further than the Albayrak Kitchen Timer. This stainless steel timer comes with a completely magnetic back, allowing it to stick to any free metal surface in the kitchen. The timer is also completely mechanical and does not need batteries to work. The alarm is also loud and punchy and can be heard within a 10m radius, assuring the safety of your future meals.

Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer

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Sometimes the best kitchen timer is a digital one. So if you’re looking for a kitchen gadget that’s a bit easier to read, why not take a look at the Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer. As the name suggests, this timer is completely digital, providing a quick and easy reading. Complete with a magnetic back and an alarm that does not pierce the silence with its ring, this timer is fun, simple, and delightfully modern.

Lux Minute Minder Kitchen Timer

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For fans of a more traditional and durable timer, there is the Lux Minute Minder. This timer may look like something your Grandmother would use for her baking, but sometimes that’s the kind of timer you want. Made from simple plastic, this timer can measure up to an hour in time and can be used in the making of a variety of meals. Simple, easy, and reliable!

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

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What’s better than a single timer? How about three timers in one? The OXO Good Grips Triple Timer may look like a single timer but it actually provides three different timers, each with their own unique alarm and sound. The timer also comes with an angled face for clear reading visibility and non-slip feet for security and protection. Easily the most advanced timer on the list.

OVEKI Magnetic Kitchen Timer

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If you’re ever worried that you won’t be able to see or read your timer from afar, then don’t worry, because the OVEKI Magnetic Kitchen Timer is large, bold, and clear. Easy to operate, the timer is completely magnetic and can be placed onto any metal surface. The large screen and clear digital readings also make it the most accessible and pronounced timer we’ve discussed so far.

No Battery Mechanical Kitchen Timer

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Sometimes a huge concern when it comes to any kitchenware gadget is the number of batteries they will need. Some kitchen appliances drain batteries quicker than we drain our morning cups of coffee. So why not invest in a timer that doesn’t need batteries to do its job? This timer from N2 is completely mechanical, using clockwork mechanisms to assure a long service life and accurate readings. The cute vintage design will also make it a fashionable addition to any kitchen nook.

JTX Kitchen Timer

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Are you looking for a timer that doesn’t clash horribly with your vibrant and quirky kitchen? Well, you’re in luck! Because the JTX Kitchen Timer is unlike any timer you will ever see. Designed to look like a small mixing bowl. This timer is cute and easy to use, making it the perfect timer for anyone who prefers their appliances to work good and look good at the same time.

Jayron JR-WG015 Egg Kitchen Timer

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Made from perfectly crafted stainless steel, the Jayron JR-WG015 Egg Kitchen Timer is a simpler approach to the art of cooking the perfect boiled egg. The quaint and simple design means that it will seamlessly blend into any kitchen environment, and with no need for batteries, the timer is assured to last a long and fruitful time.

Golandstar Cute Ladybug Kitchen Timer

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This timer is for the bug fans out there. The Golandstar Cute Ladybug Kitchen Timer is an adorable and vibrant timer that will look gorgeous in any kitchen setting. Measuring up to 60 minutes of time, the timer comes in an array of vibrant colors from lime green to classic red. The perfect timer for anyone who prefers the simpler things in life, like baking on a Sunday or enjoying pancakes for breakfast.