The 10 Best Home Security Gifts to Give This Year

Are you concerned that your friends or loved ones aren’t safe in their own homes? Do you believe that your own home is too accessible from the outside world? Then why not consider purchasing some home security gifts this Christmas, that will make this festive season all the safer.

Have you ever been sat in your TV room, watching Home Alone, and realized that your own house may be easy to break into? Well, you’re not the only one. Keeping your home safe from intruders or other dangers is something that we should all be thinking about. What if your front door lock is easy to manipulate? How can you keep watch on the surrounding area? Well, there are answers to these questions. What you need are some basic home security measures to keep you and your household safe. Things like security cameras, portable door locks, and security bars, are enough to assure the protection of your home. And if you want to keep other people safe, you can now give these measures as home security gifts. The perfect way to keep your loved ones safe this winter season.

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Currently, there are hundreds of different home security gifts available on internet platforms such as All providing a range of protection measures to keep your home safe from strangers and criminals. With such a vast range of products readily available, you may have difficulty choosing the best ones for you. But don’t worry, because we have compiled together this helpful list of the best home security gifts money can buy. These products are easy to use, affordable and will keep those you cherish safe and secure. Just take a look at this list and find all the protection you are looking for.

We hope you find these home security alternatives as exciting as we do. Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Addalock Portable Door Lock

First up, we have the original portable door lock. Addalock is a portable door lock that can be used on most doors that are hinged and open inwards. Designed to offer extra security and safety to your home, these portable door lock would make a wonderful stocking filler this Christmas.

Ring Stick Up Security Camera

The security system for the technological generation, this stick-up security camera can be mounted above or on your front door. Allowing you to see and hear people from your smartphone, tablet or echo device. Always know who is knocking on your day and keep your loved ones safe with this inventive and easy-to-use system.

Hugolog Electronic Latchbolt

This electronic lock has been made using high-hardness aluminum alloy making it practically indestructible and difficult to damage. Completely waterproof, this lock is perfect for your front door and will only open when given the correct code. If the device is given an incorrect code it will seal itself for three minutes, keeping your home safe from intruders or wrong-doers.

Heimvision Wireless Security Camera System

Need a way to keep check of the areas surrounding your home? These wireless cameras are paired with an NVR system and will provide you with 24/7 surveillance of your home. Completely waterproof, the cameras can also be connected to your smart devices so you can receive notifications and emails regarding the status of your home’s security.

EverPlus Home Security Door Lock

This home security door lock has been designed to be child and intruder proof. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the lock is 12 times stronger than your average deadbolt and is assured to keep you and your home safe.

Conico Outdoor Security Camera

Looking for something that will do its job effectively and efficiently? These wireless outdoor security cameras come with a 10000mAh battery which can last for 2-3 months when fully charged. This home security system also uses an advanced PIR sensor that is capable of catching any suspicious movement or activity around your home.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Smart Lock

The smart lock for those who look their tech. This u-bolt smart lock uses an anti-peep keypad and fingerprint recognition technology. Meaning that you can enter any number of digits and still gain access as long as your passcode is embedded within the sequence. Keep your security information safe and buy this inventive lock today.

Ring Stick Up Solar Powered Camera

See, hear and speak to people from the comfort of your protected home, with this solar-powered security camera. Capable of being linked up to your smartphone, tablet and echo device: you will also know when someone is on your doorstep. Be they a cherished loved one or unwanted intruder.

AmazonBasics Exterior Deadbolt Knob

Crafted from high-quality steel and then covered in a brass finish, this exterior deadbolt doorknob has been designed to add further security to your home. The knob can be locked and unlocked from either side of the door, but from the inside, it operates without a key. Make your front door a challenge for criminals with this deadbolt door knob today.

Master Door Security Bar

How about something a little more straight forward? This heavy-duty, dual function door security bar prevents forced entry on hinged and sliding doors. Portable and compact, it can be used to turn any room or lodging into a well-protected fortress. Crafted from heavy-duty 20-gauge steel for strength and durability, this bar will protect your home without damaging your door or floor.