The 10 Best Cable Knit Headphones and Charging Cords That Won't Break

Are you tired of watching your headphones and chargers slowly deteriorate? Would you rather have cables that won’t break or wear with age? Then maybe you need to consider purchasing some cable knit headphones and charging cords.

We all love your gadgets. And these days things like smartphones and tablets are pretty instrumental to everyday life. So it is beyond annoying when a charging cable or headphone wire rips or tears, exposing the materials within. It can be dangerous, tiresome, and extremely costly; especially when having to replace all of the wires you’ve lost. That’s why investing in cable knit devices could be the answer to your prayers.

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Cable knit headphones and charging cords are extremely durable and can last for years on end without any issue or breaking. And right now there are hundreds of cable knit products currently available on platforms such as But if you’re spoiled for choice, we have compiled this list of the best cable knit devices the internet has to offer.

We hope you find these devices as cool as we do. Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Tuscom Universal Stereo Wired Earbuds

Looking for headphones or earbuds that will never break or tear? These cable knit stereo wired earbuds are strong and durable. The earbuds are also completely compatible with Samsung phones, Xiaomi phones, and iPhones and come in a range of trendy metallic colors.

Cable Matters Premium Braided Adapter

Do you want crystal clear sound and a device that will stand the test of time? This braided adapter is the ideal solution for adding or replacing audio and mic jacks on USB-based computers and laptops. Universally compatible, this adapter promises perfect sound quality and a cable that will not wear away as the years go by.

YNR Store A12 Wired Earphones

These wired earphones not only look cool but are comfortable and easy to wear. Designed with built-in microphones and various multi-function buttons and volume adjusters, these earphones are ergonomic and promise a solid sound quality. Suitable for a range of smart devices, these cable knit earphones can be used throughout the day and for any occasion.

Ugreen Headphones Adapter

An adapter that has been designed primarily for Apple products, this device promises high performance and noise reduction technology. With a cable made from high-quality knitted nylon and built-in enamelled copper; you’ll never have to worry about tearing a cable again. This adapter is not only versatile but durable as well.

Rock Braided iPhone Charger

Tired of wearing away your phone charging cables? Then maybe you should consider purchasing this rock braided charger. Made from tightly woven denim thread, this charger is compatible with a range of Apple smartphones. Never worry about tangling wires again, the durable and flexible design of this charger will assure it last for many years to come.

Wraps Wearable Braided Earphones

How about a pair of earphones that sound great and can be worn as a piece of jewellery? These braided earphones also double as a stylish bracelet, so that you’ll never be caught without your headphones again. Delivering exceptional sound quality, the earphones also come complete with a universal one-button mic, making answering phone calls all the easier.

Ailihen C8 Wired Headphones

Never worry about tangled or damaged cords again with these C8 wired earphones. Perfect for travelling, these headphones can be folded up and put into any bag. Flexible and adjustable, these headphones can be altered to perfectly match the size and shape of your head. Listening to music on a busy subway never looked better.

Seqi Nylon Braided iPhone/Watch Charger

Why not get yourself a charge that does both? This nylon braided iPhone/watch charger can be used to charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch as exactly the same time. The nylon braid is not only stylish by incredibly durable, so don’t worry about damaging this charger any time soon.

Tweedz Nylon Braided Pink Earphones

With a machine braided cord, these earphones by Tweedz assure a strong and flexible cable that will stand the test of time. The earbuds themselves are created using silicone, so that they beautifully match the shape of your ear, making them comfortable and versatile.

MillSO 3.5mm Audio Cable

Designed with braided nylon, this audio cable promises a strong and durable wire that will not wear or rip with age and use. Connect to a range of devices and let the sound of your favourite song wash over you. Change your life and purchase this useful gadget now.