You Can Now Buy a Tiny Bottle of Keychain Tabasco Sauce So You Never Have To Go Without

Fans of hot sauces are some of the most dedicated out there. In fact, for many, being caught short without access to the hot stuff is a scenario from a nightmare.

But luckily, one innovative new product means they never have to go without!

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Meet the Tabasco sauce keychain.


It's a secure bottle holder attached to a carabena - and it comes with a mini bottle of Tabasco!

You can then attach it to your keys to ensure you never leave the house without your hot sauce fix...


And once you finish your mini bottle? You can refill it from the big boy that lives in your fridge!

Or, if Tabasco isn't your hot sauce of choice, you can refill the bottle with any sauce from your stash!


You'll never have to suffer through a tasteless meal again!

​"So nice to have on the road; I put Tabasco on everything, including cheesecake. So nice to have everywhere and all the time. Also, the baby-sized refill bottles are great," one reviewer says.


Another points out how perfect a gift this makes for hot sauce heads.

"My husband puts Tabasco on everything! Seriously, everything! We have been out to eat at places that do not have Tabasco, so when I saw this item, I knew it was perfect for him for a Christmas gift. He loves it and because it's attached to his keys now, he is never without his favorite condiment. The little bottles to refill are a bit pricey considering you don't get that much sauce in each bottle, but it seems that the hole in the bottle is big enough that it can be refilled using a tiny funnel or an medicine eye dropper. This is definitely a worthwhile product for the person who can't leave home without Tabasco."

Oh - and need we add - it's just incredibly cute.


Get yours - or the most perfect gift for the hot sauce lover in your life - right here!