Great Stocking Stuffers for the Holiday Season

One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting gifts from the people you love. I really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the presents I receive. And one of the best parts of the holidays is when you finally get to open your gifts after spending weeks eagerly waiting to see what you receive! In my house, it's a tradition that we get to stockings first. It's arguably one of the best parts of the morning.

If you're looking for some stellar stocking stuffers, look no further! We have a list of 37 stocking stuffers sure to grab the adoration of those you're giving a gift to. You're sure to find something that will catch the eye of your family and friends.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these stocking stuffers as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

Grocery Cute Cat Door Stopper

Something that always causes an inconvenience in my house would be the way doors often find their ways shut once a window is open. With several people that have varying temperature preferences in my home, more often than not, there’s a window ajar in my abode. To prevent the occasional slamming door on a windy day, gift this cat door stopper! Made of silicone material, this doorstop is not only cute but durable and long-lasting. Give this gift and your loved ones will never have to worry about sudden slamming again.

Game of Gnome Garden Gnome

If there’s one thing my mom loves, it’s garden gnomes. These little outside decorations have become a tried and true gift each Christmas that she adores. I love seeing her face when I give her another one to decorate the outside of the house. This year’s choice would have to be the Game of Gnomes variant that melds the popular Game of Thrones theme with garden gnomes. I’m sure he’ll make an excellent addition to her collection, and if you know any gardeners like my mother, I’m sure they’ll feel the same.

X Build-On Brick Mug Red 12 Oz Coffee Mug

Do you know any lovers of building blocks? Get them a build-on brick mug that can hold their drink and their blocks of choice. This cup is compatible with the most building block pieces, and the most notable of the bunch would be LEGOs. LEGOs are a worldwide phenomenon, enrapturing audiences of all ages. So give the gift of creativity and encourage the building passions of your loved ones. You’ll make their Monday mornings brighter when they go to grab a cup of coffee.

Skully Cap with Wireless Stereo Earphones

With cold weather fast approaching, everyone will need some warmer clothing. With so little hair, I often have to wear a hat to keep my head warm. The only problem with this is that it makes listening to music difficult, as I can’t hear quite as well with a hat covering my ears. If you’re looking to get a gift for someone trying to stay warm, try giving them a cap with headphones built-in. This Bluetooth cap has headphones sewn in that make listening to music easy while trying to stay warm. Available in a variety of styles and colors, you’re sure to find one your loved ones will like. 

Captain America Waffle Maker (Blue)

I love waffles, but sometimes I just wish when I made them they had more personality to them. With the Captain America waffle maker, you’ll be bringing the pop culture phenomenon that is the Avengers to the breakfast table. As a die-hard Avengers fan, this is something I hope to find under the tree this year for myself.

Langboss Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker Nut

Do you know anyone who loves to listen to music, but can’t seem to remember to bring a speaker along? Try giving them a keychain-sized speaker! With a speaker that stays connected to your keychain, you’ll be sure to keep them jamming to their favorite songs no matter what situation they’re in. For someone who is chronically forgetful, this would be an invaluable gift for me. 

Floppy Disk Retro Coasters That Revive the Old Software

Looking for some new coasters? Why not use something that is a great callback to technology that is absolutely obsolete in 2020. This will make those alive in the 80s and 90s chuckle as this relic was once used to save data on computers, back when home computers were in infancy compared to today. It’s a simple but lovable coaster set that will make for a great gift this year.

Funko Pop Star Wars Santa C3P0

With the holidays fast approaching, why not stuff a stocking with an aptly themed Funko Pop? These cute little collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, and are even holiday-themed! If you know a Star Wars fan, this is a perfect gift to give them to start the holiday! (I’m hoping to find this one in my stocking this year as well.)

My Arcade Retro Machine Playable Mini Arcade

Do you know anyone on your Christmas list that loves retro video games? Get them this cute mini arcade machine to bring back some nostalgia. This device is small enough to fit in the palm of their hand! Capable of playing 200 retro-style games, this little machine is sure to keep the recipient entertained for hours as they relive their love for video games.

Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers

Know anyone in desperate need of their own salt and pepper shakers like I am? Don’t settle for giving them the generic-looking set when you can get them something with much more pizzazz! These cute little robot salt and pepper shakers are a great gift to spice up the dinner table of someone as nerdy and tech-savvy as I am, and they’ll be just as useful as they are decorative!

Furry Monster Adventure Slippers

When I relax at home, I always love to have slippers on my feet. Nothing is more comfortable than striding around the house with cozy, warm feet. Personally, I prefer slippers that are a bit outlandish or outrageous. That’s why I plan on grabbing these furry monster slippers for my sister in law this holiday season. I think if she’s going to keep her feet warm, she might as well look silly doing. These slippers are great for a laugh and are sure to get a chuckle if you give them as a gift this holiday season. 

Acrylic Headphone Stand for Gaming

I love over-ear headphones, they’re far better for canceling out noise and often create a far better audio quality than earbuds can. What I don’t like about over-ear headphones is how hard it is to find a place to put them. It’s always awkward to put them away where they’re not taking up loads of space. If you know someone who often uses over-ear headphones. Grab them a headphone stand so they have a convenient and reliable place to put their ear wear once it’s time to put it away for the evening. This is a great space-saving gift I’m sure will be greatly appreciated this holiday season. 

Hilarious Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Last holiday season, my grandparents gave me a hot dog and bun toaster for Christmas. While I was skeptical at the time, I kept it out of curiosity and eventually gave it a shot. I’ve never eaten hot dogs the same way again. Now I always toast both my buns and dogs for a hot and crispy meal. It may look silly, but this is a sure-fire way to make your hot dogs taste even better. 

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

Everyone with an oven needs oven mitts. They’re integral to removing hot containers from the stove safely. With so many people spending long periods at home this year, it’s an even greater opportunity to help supply those you love with the tools to prep food for themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them a unique gift, though. Slide a special claw mitt into their stocking this year and let them clamp on any dish they desire. As someone who loves gag gifts, I’d be delighted to add this to my home kitchen set.

Coca-Cola Napkin Dispenser

As a lover of retro-styled gifts and items, this Coca-Cola napkin dispenser caught my eye immediately. It’s got a design reminiscent of the brand’s earlier renditions, and serves as a great tool to have at the table and keep hands clean! If you’re giving a gift to your 20 something relatives just starting out on their own, or someone who just loves stylized gifts, stuff their stocking with something they can use and you’re sure to hit a home run this holiday season.

Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Vinyl Edition

As I mentioned before, I love anything retro, and that love for all things retro started when I first saw Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014. That movie ignited my passion for 80s music, games, and television. I was even gifted this fantastic vinyl record for Christmas last year by my amazing little brother. It hangs on my wall today in honor of one of my favorite movies and would serve as a fantastic gift to anyone who loves 80s music, Guardians of the Galaxy, or great soundtracks in general.

This R2D2 64 GB Flash Drive Saves Data in Style

Know any Star Wars fans? Chances are with such a massive fan base, Star Wars has influenced someone that you know. It’s a franchise that has influenced generations of pop culture and serves as a passion for so many today. That’s precisely why if you know a Star Wars fan, getting them an R2D2 inspired flash drive will prove to be a gift that is both heartwarming and useful for their storage needs. Sneak this in the stocking of a Star Wars fan and get your camera ready, you’ll be seeing a smile when they unwrap it.

My Cinema Lightbox Greets Visitors in Style

Have you ever wanted to display your own customized message on a personalized screen? I’m a huge fan of the old school movie theater’s interchangeable letters and messages. That’s why I’ve put this lightbox at the top of my list. A friend of mine raves about how much she loved displaying it at her door with her own messages to guests that visited, and I plan to use it in some independent projects of my own in the near future. If you know anyone who loves theaters, they’ll definitely get a kick out of this one.

Large Plush Shredded Foam Pillow

As someone who suffers from serious back pain, this pillow has been a lifesaver. It keeps me comfortable while I’m relaxing, but makes sure that my posture isn’t abysmal in the process. The soft finish of the pillow is soothing and the size has proven great as well. I’d recommend giving this as a gift to anyone who has back problems as I do.

A Reliable Bag for the Busy Student

When I was in college, I took my laptop with me everywhere. It was something I used to take notes during class, look up information, and browse the internet during my off time. Every college student needs a reliable bag, so if you know someone currently enrolled, consider grabbing a backpack that can handle their workload, and charge their phone! This is one bag that is sure to get through the college workload in one piece.

Keep Your Fur Baby Comfy with This Blanket

Holiday gifts don’t have to be just for humans! Grab your dog a gift this holiday season to make them feel special. This fleece blanket with a handle is made for easy transport for you and your furry companion. Your pet is sure to love having a blanket of their own to line their bed or adorn their favorite spot.

Your Very on Oil Despenser

My mother is a huge fan of essential oils and diffusers which is why this Christmas I plan to give her her very own diffuser that handles essential oils specifically once she has this she’ll be able to use whatever oils she desires and put them in whenever she likes to create her own hodgepodge of whatever since she desires I know she’ll love this gift and anyone you know who is a fan of essential oils will as well.

IQ Test Toy Brain Teaser Puzzles Test Your Mind's Might

Is there anyone in your family that often fidgets and needs something to keep their hands occupied? My brother is exactly like that, which is why I’m getting him this brain teaser puzzles for Christmas. He loves puzzles, and with an intellect like his, I’m sure he’ll find them to be an enjoyable challenge. This is a great gift for those looking to keep their loved ones from putting their hands where they don’t need to be. (In my case it’ll help stop my brother from fiddling with things on my desk.)

Lab Beaker Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Know any science lovers getting ready to celebrate the holidays? Grab them a set of lab beaker shot glasses and you’re sure to be a hit gift giver! Whether they’re just for display or personal use, anyone keen on science will get the reference and appreciate the thought that went into something so small but so heartfelt. Unfortunately, this set is temporarily unavailable but we found an alternative set which we know you will love.

DeWALT 2 Piece Multi-Tool Gift Set Can Fix Anything and Everything

If you know someone who loves fixing things as much as my dad does, you’ll know how often they find themselves using tools. My dad is always looking for something around the house to improve and fixes anything that needs attention when there’s an issue. That’s why I’m getting him a tool that is as reliable as he is this holiday season as a gift, to show him how appreciative we are of him.

Decorative Cactus Tea Light Candles 6 Pcs

An excellent hybrid gift would be candles that double as decorations! These candles look like adorable little cacti and knowing my brother’s girlfriend who is a massive fan of cactus themed gifts (I have no idea where she got this fascination) she’ll be ecstatic to receive these on Christmas morning and decorate her dorm with them. If you know anyone who is a fan of candles, cacti, or both, look no further than this charming little candle set.

Modern Indoor Opening Wall Hanging Glass Geometric Terrarium

One thing my mother takes pride in her ability to grow plants. Half of the basement of our house is dedicated to her plant projects. She puts so much time and energy into growing the healthiest plants possible and takes pride in the final products. That’s why I plan to get her her own wall hanging glass geometric terrarium this Christmas. These lovely little set pieces allow you to display plants while keeping them safe. With this, she’ll be able to hang her pride and joy on the wall for all the guests to see.

Animal Desk Phone Stand

I love working from home, but one thing that drives me nuts about my desk is not having a place to put my phone where I can clearly see the screen. I like to check when notifications roll in and make sure I’m not missing anything important. With the animal desk phone stand, that wouldn’t be a problem! Simply slide your phone in and you’ll have a clear view of the screen on your desk. It’s a gift I would really like for my at-home workspace this year.

Pineapple LED Light for a Tropical Glow

Know anyone looking for a stylish and snazzy light during the evening hours? Why not give a pineapple LED light to someone you know in need of one. Whether you’re looking for a tropic feel, or just want to grab a unique light for someone who doesn’t want to have the whole room illuminated, this is a solid stocking stuffer choice for those looking to gift something pragmatic this holiday season.

The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Ceramic Coffee Mug

Celebrating the holidays with any Nintendo fans? One of Nintendo’s biggest franchises is The Legend of Zelda, and most fans of the popular video game maker will know the Hylian Shield at a glance. This gift is sure to strike a chord with many gaming gurus and super fans like me. It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while, and hope to add to my collection of mugs very soon.

Stealing Coin Cat Box Piggy Bank

Everyone in my family has their own unique piggy bank. It’s a fun trinket to collect change that doubles as a decoration. With the stealing coin cat bank, you’ll have a gift bank that takes the coins from you! Slide this in a stocking and watch the surprise as the cat inside the box snatches away any coins put in front of him. It’s a unique bank that will be sure to turn heads.

Tic Tac Toe Wooden Board Game

Do you love tic tac toe but just find it inconvenient to grab a pen and paper to play it? That’s the same thought I had, and why I decided to get my family the wooden board game set. If you and your family love board games as much as mine does, I’d highly recommend snagging this gift to enjoy some time together.

Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime Adds Flare to Your Outdoor Space

I think a good wind chime can be both pleasurable to look at and listen to. I remember my grandmother having so many different types when I was growing up and looking forward to hearing them whistling in the wind. For Christmas, I wanted to grab her one that is soothing and unique. That’s why I’m giving her a bamboo wind chime to add to her collection. This is a great choice for anyone interested in grabbing something to liven up the outdoors any time the breeze rolls by.

Anti Soggy Cereal Bowl

One of my favorite cereals, Fruity Pebbles, is notorious for getting soggy far too quickly. I find myself racing against time to shovel it all down before it gets moist and gross. An excellent gift for those who love cereal as much as I do, but hate feeling rushed when enjoying such a great breakfast treat. This is something I hope to get this holiday season, and honestly, I plan to buy in bulk if I don’t.

NINJA Samurai Sword Bottle Opener

A good bottle opener is important, it can be what stands between you and a silly injury when trying to crack open your favorite drink. That’s why I chose to go with the NINJA Samurai Sword Bottle Opener. Not only does it look cool, but it’s got a built-in handle because of the sword design that makes cracking open a bottle a sinch! This gift is a great one for anyone you know who loves a fresh bottled drink.

A Handy and Stylish Pen Holder

While things are quickly shifting to the digital space, there are sometimes still instances when writing things down is still necessary. When I’m on a call and I’m being given information, I like to write down what I’m being told so that I can put it on my phone later. Maybe you know someone who prefers to jot things down when given the option, or just likes to leave themselves physical reminder cards or sticky notes like my dad does. Whatever the case may be in your family, I’d definitely consider giving a pen pot to anyone who finds themselves looking for a pen as they’ve got no place to put them. This could save them the headache of searching around the house on an important call. It’s a practical gift that can decorate their desk as well!

Novelty Crew Socks-Grilled Cheese

Socks have become a great way to express personality and individuality. My brother and his friends always boast to each other when they find some with interesting and unique designs. That’s why I’ve set my eyes on special socks for him and his girlfriend this holiday season. These grilled cheese socks are silly and stylish and will be the envy of my brother and his friends as these are his girlfriend’s selection. Consider gifting some snazzy socks to someone you know if they’re interested in a fashion collecting craze.