Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Is Available in Grocery Stores Right Now

Every time the festive season rolls around panic buying sets in. Luckily, Amazon has gifts that won't break the bank this Christmas.

From a super affordable coffee maker with tons of positive reviews to tea that blooms into a gorgeous flower as it steeps (yeah, you've got to see it), Amazon has you covered.

Check out all our unique finds on Amazon for under $25, including the latest Starbucks beverage that might be our favorite yet...

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

This Banana Case So I Never Suffer Through Disposing of a Squashed Banana Again

via: Amazon

I was sick of arriving at my office with a smashed banana at the bottom of my lunch bag, so I was excited to find this fun banana carrying case to make sure my favorite fruit arrives at my desk un-squished. No bananas to take to your picnic? No problem. It doubles as a stylish lil carrying case and can be used to keep anything you'd like (nuts, smarties, dried fruit) fresh and ready for snack-time.

A Bath Bomb With a Ring Inside Because You Deserve It

via: Amazon

This bath bomb dissolves into the most gorgeous blue, smells absolutely delicious, and comes with a special surprise--a super sparkly and cute ring--so I can commit to myself and self-love, of course. Bonus: you could actually win big. The rings are valued at $10 to $5,000 (yes, really). It's like a lottery ticket, but you get a bubble bath, too. What are you waiting for?!

Beer Chiller Sticks To Keep My Bevvy Cool on Even The Steamiest Days

via: Amazon

Backyard BBQs are my jam, but lukewarm beer straight-up sucks. Summer's right around the corner, and I've just got to have these beer chiller sticks for the next outdoor event. The high-quality stainless steel will make sure my beverage stays icy even when temps soar. Just pop the beer chiller straws into your fridge for a few hours, and take them out when you're ready. They come in a bunch of different sizes so I can easily find the right one for my beverage.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Gets My Breakfast Sandwich Fix In Minutes

via: Amazon

There's nothing better than a breakfast sandwich (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight feasting), and this breakfast sandwich maker gets me a perfect gooey/ crunchy snack in minutes. Whenever friends or family come over to visit, I just slot all my ingredients into the maker, and I'm ready to go. If I'm stuck for ideas, I just crack open the recipe book to try something new.

This Adorable Cactus Humidifier Helps Me Sleep At Night

via: Amazon

I don't think I appreciated just how amazing humidifiers are until a few months ago. Seriously. They keep my skin, throat, and hair from getting crispy during the dry season, and I fall asleep much easier when the air doesn't sting my lungs. This adorable cactus humidifier makes for the handiest and cutest accessory for my bedside table. It lights up, too!

Chop-Sabers to Turn My Meal Into An Intergalactic Adventure

via: Amazon

These "chop sabers" are a great way to add some fun to my dinner routine. And some extra neon, because why not. My coworkers are super impressed, and these chop sabers are absolutely perfect for the younger crowd, too. My nieces can pretend to be Rey fighting against evil forces while they chow down on their favorite noodle dish.

A Citrus Section Tool For Easy Grapefruit Eating

via: Amazon

My boyfriend loves grapefruit for breakfast and introduced me to this handy and affordable tool that makes getting the perfect citrus-slice so much easier and cleaner. I just insert the device into my citrus, squeeze, and enjoy a fresh slice without those fibrous pieces that get caught in my teeth. You'll be surprised by just how much airtime this tool gets--I love using it for salads and smoothies.

A Dirty/ Clean Dishwasher Magnet to Keep Me Actually Organized

via: Amazon

I'm busy, and sometimes I forget if I set the dishwasher before I head out to work or if I've left it for another time. These dishwasher magnets take out all that nail-biting guesswork. I just stick one on my dishwasher and rotate the magnet to let future-me know if I've just put in some dirty dishes, or I'm ready to take out sparkly-clean kitchenware. Plus, they don't scratch my dishwasher, so my landlord will be grateful.

A Defrosting Tray Because I Always Forget to Thaw The Chicken

via: Amazon

Apparently, defrosting meat in the microwave can spoil the flavor, and I'm always on the hunt for all-natural, chemical-free kitchen hacks to cut down on the time I spend cooking. This defrosting tray is made of conductive aluminum and is super easy to clean and keep bacteria-free. It decreases the defrosting time by eight (!) times and gets my dinner on the table with far less planning.

This Door Draft Stopper to Keep My Room Toasty in The Summer

via: Amazon

Boston winters can be brutal, and I'm always on the hunt for something to help me conserve heat and save some $$ on my utility bill. I bought these draft stoppers because of their 6,000 positive reviews, and they definitely live up to the hype. They slide easily onto my door and block out light from the hallway, noise, and even odors.

Double Layer Shot Glass Gets The Mixer-Alcohol Ratio Right Every Single Time

via: Amazon

This brilliant invention is perfect for parties and after-dinner nightcaps. It's super easy. I pour in my favorite mixer (Coke, usually) and follow it up with my favorite liquor (rum pairs perfectly), and voila! I have the perfect mixer to alcohol ratio, and I'm ready to enjoy. Because of ~physics~, the mixer and chaser will stay separate, so feel free to get funky with the colors.

This Facial Cleansing Brush Re-Defines Clean-Faced

via: Amazon

I won't stop talking about how much I adore this gentle exfoliation brush. It really gets into all my pores to leave me with a brighter face and a much deeper clean. I have super sensitive skin, so I set my brush to its lowest setting, and it's gentle enough to exfoliate without making me break out. I convinced my boyfriend to get one, too. He uses the high-speed setting and loves the results just as much.

These Color-Change Gel Chapsticks Add Some Pretty to My Day

via: Amazon

These color-changing chapsticks are just incredible. They're absolutely gorgeous, change color to adjust to moisture and temperature (all super pretty shades of pink), and come in lovely packaging. I struggle to find cute chapstick that's not drying, but this one is made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils for an ultra-moisturizing feel.

Flowering Tea For a Beyond Beautiful Beverage

via: Amazon

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to sip some of this fancy flowering tea in a cafe, and it's literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. While I wait for my drink, a gorgeous flower blooms right before my eyes. This fantastic set has 12 different varieties, including Jasmine Lover, Golden Oasis, and Floral Passion (yum!). I'm getting through all of them, and the smell is ah-mazing. I love the refreshing taste, too. Also, now my phone is full of shots of flowers in a teapot. So there's that.

A Gel Eye Mask For Ultimate Relaxation

via: Amazon

These squishy and colorful gel eye-masks have helped me out so so so much with my hypertension headaches and with my post-Netflix-binge dark eye circles. I pop one into the freezer for a cold compact, or microwave one for a few seconds to create a heat-compress to reduce swelling. It's an easy way to indulge in self-care and melt away stress after a day staring at a screen.

This Un-Boo-lievably Cute Portable Charger

via: Amazon

It doesn't have to be Halloween to buy yourself this cute portable ghost charger--although it might get you into the spooky spirit early. I've gotten so many compliments while my phone gets juiced-up fast. It's sturdy enough to survive a few bumps in the road (coughcough Boston public transport coughcough). The glow-in-the-dark feature adds another element of adorableness, but also means I don't have to dig around to find my portable charger in a movie theatre.

Two (Green) Thumbs Up For This Desktop Planter

via: Amazon

I feel like a mad scientist (in the best way) with these glass planters sitting on my office desk. I put some flower cuttings from my other house plants in and love coming to work every day to watch the roots go wild, and my plants grow big. I love the retro bulb design and high-quality wooden stand. I can't wait to get these for my favorite green thumb next Christmas.

My Makeup Lasts Much Longer With A Last Scoop Spatula

via: Amazon

Is there anything more frustrating than throwing out a pricy foundation because you just can't maneuver a Q-Tip into the little corners? Nope. My friend told me about this affordable little spatula that helps you get every last drop from your makeup jars, food containers, and shampoo bottles. They're made with flexible, high-quality silicone, and built to last longer than my foundation.

Magnetic Eyelashes For Glue-Free Bliss

via: Amazon

I love the look of false eyelashes, but an unfortunate incident with eyelash glue has made me too nervous to commit to falsies. Here's how these excellent alternatives work: I apply some flawless magnetic eyeliner and attach the magnetic lashes. Seriously, it's that easy. They're so comfortable and sturdy enough to last for a full day and night.

This Magnetic Pen Sculpture to Cure Midday Boredom

via: Amazon

I love puzzles, and I've just got to get my fidgety hands on this pen-slash-magnetic sculpture contraption built to beat midday boredom and fight stress. It's perfect for increasing my creativity when I get sleepy--I can rearrange these magnetic pieces to create a dog, a motorcycle, a perfect compass (for when I need that), and anything else I can dream up. When I just need a pen, it's functional, and I love the sleek gold design.

A Melon Scooper to Make Me Fancy AF

via: Amazon

You know those hotel buffets where they have scooped-out melons arranged like fancy ice-cream, and it's just the coolest thing? I love them, and I was so excited to see this affordable and handy melon scoop on Amazon. This melon scoop is super easy to use, and there are no blades, so my nieces can go wild making watermelon balls and cantaloupe cubes. Fruit tastes better when it looks fancy, right?

This Mini-Bag Sealer Can Turn Back Time

via: Amazon

Ever wish you could just reseal a bag? I just hate scrunching up and stuffing half-finished snack bags into my cabinets. I run the risk of spillage, and, somehow, the chips always lose their crunch. This mini bag sealer lets me reseal my unfinished bags easily and enjoy that fresh-chip-crunch even during my fourth or fifth snacking session.

A Car Trash Can to Save My Car's Floor

via: Amazon

Let's get real about road trips. Singing along to tunes = fun. Seeing new parts of the country = very fulfilling. All the trash in the car = actually disgusting. My mom told me about this trash-can on the go, and it's an absolute lifesaver. It attaches to a headrest or console and is leakproof to keep everything contained and my car smelling fresh. It's surprisingly spacious and sturdy enough to survive even the bumpiest roads.

This Knife Gets Me Crinkle-Cut Potato Chips On Demand

via: Amazon

How does the wavy shape of a crinkle-fries make them so much tastier than regular fries? Unclear. What is clear, though, is that I can now satisfy my craving for crinkle-cut fries whenever I want, from the comfort of my kitchen. This crinkle-cut knife is easy to use, super high quality, and my sister uses it all the time to get her kids to gulp down fancy veggies.

These Fridge Gadgets to Extend The Life of My Produce

via: Amazon

Every year, my boyfriend and I spend so much money replacing rotten produce with fresh fruits and veggies. Finding this fridge gadget on one of my Amazon-prowling sessions was honestly life-changing. I just stick this little blue apple into my veggie drawer, and it makes sure that things ripen slow and steady, and stay dinner-ready for three times as long.

These Bread Slippers to Affirm My Undying Love of Carbs

via: Amazon

Know what beats munching on a super crunchy baguette for breakfast? Well, nothing. BUT, staying cozy by wearing a loaf of my beloved bread on my feet is undoubtedly up there. These funny and furry bread slippers just demand a place in your favorite carb-lover's birthday present. Check out all the different types of bread to find the best fit.

ANessie Bookmark So It's Never A Mystery Where You Left Off

via: Amazon/ CooCooForCoconuts

I've had my eye on this bookmark for a while. I mean, it makes it look like the legendary Nessie is peeking out of my favorite novel! I recently got one for my boyfriend, and he loves it. It's so fun and unique and adds a little pop of adorable to his bedside table and bookshelf. At less than ten bucks, it's an easy addition to birthday and Christmas presents for my bookworm pals.

A Digital Luggage Scale To Make Sure I Never Scramble At the Airport Again

via: Amazon/ Lois Tang

There's nothing I hate more than scrambling at the airport to meet the (rapidly decreasing) weight limits. This luggage scale slots onto your suitcase, and you just hoist it up to check if your luggage is light enough. I love that it's super accurate and small enough to put into my backpack and take it with me on-the-go. Especially vital because I add at least another 5-10 pounds when I come back from vacay (I just like souvenirs, okay?!)

This Screen Magnifier Is Perfect For Planes

via: Amazon

I watch tons of movies on my phone, and I've *had it up to here* with squinting at tiny screens. This genius screen magnifier is an absolute must-have for planes, train journeys, and nights when I just don't feel like dragging my laptop into bed. The quality is perfect, and, at only $15, it's so much cheaper than buying an iPad or iPad Mini.

A Shower Curtain With Pockets To Store Everything

via: Amazon

My bathroom storage is super limited, and I can't possibly fit all my shampoos, lotions, razors, body butter (ect, ect, ect.) on my teeny shelves and shower ledge. Finding these shower curtains on Amazon solved my storage issues, and I couldn't be happier. I just slot me and my boyfriend's shower necessities into this curtain, and everything's there when I need it.

This Single-Cup Coffee Maker Gets Me My Joe On The Go

via: Amazon

I've been searching far and wide for a portable and cheap coffee maker that can get me my favorite cup of joe without the high price. This single-cup coffee maker with over a thousand positive reviews (!) is the solution I've been eagerly awaiting. I just add hot water and my favorite ground coffee or K cup, and I'm ready for coffee at work, at home, or even on my next hike!

These Soda-Lid Protectors Keep The Bubbles Coming

via: Amazon

I prefer to sip my soda like fine wine and hate that the last gulp is always flat sugar-water. Next time you're done with your can of Coke, don't chug it to get that last bit of carbonation. Instead, just put a soda-lid protector on your beverage, and enjoy whenever you want. Soda protector lids keep my drinks fizzy and protect my furniture from random spills—double win.

Whiskey Stones That Won't Dilute My Whiskey

via: Amazon

My sister's a big whiskey drinker, and I'm so excited to share these fantastic stainless steel alternatives for ice-cubes. They won't dilute her high-price whiskey (or my Bud Lite, for that matter), and can keep both our drinks icy for much longer. They won't get stuck in an ice cube tray, and their super futuristic look will have all your friends thinking you paid so much more than 20 bucks.

This Dreamy Star Projector

via: Amazon

This star projector turns my niece's ceiling into the dreamy night-scape she's always wanted and is the perfect kid's room decor at an unbeatable price. I've heard from many friends that it works terrific as a nightlight to get the kids comfy with sleeping alone at night. The projections come in 17 different color variations, so I'll just be over here trying all of them.

These Crystal Skull Glasses Are Perfectly Spooky

via: Amazon

I'm so into the spooky vibe, and love these unique glasses that make it look like I'm sipping from the skulls of my enemy. They're perfect for my next Halloween party or just to set the mood for scary movie night. Made with heat-resistant material, I can pour myself a glass of steaming hot coffee or tea (or witches brew) in the morning. Bonus points: they're eco-friendly!

A Baggy Stand To Minimize Kitchen Spills

via: Amazon

I always store extra salsa and leftovers in plastic baggies for my next snacking session and am super worried about spillage. These baggy stands make sure my kitchen always stays spic and span. They save me tons of money, too. When I'm done with the plastic bags, I wash them out and leave them to dry in these baggie stands, and they're ready for another use!

A Cat Bed That Makes Sure My Kitty's Always In The Sun

via: Amazon

My cat's always prowling around my apartment looking for the best sunspot, and this cat bed cuts down on her time looking for the warmest stretch of ground. I love that this cat bed is made with breathable material, so even the strongest sun won't cause the fabric to overheat! The industrial strength suction cups can comfortably hold up to 30 pounds, so I can rest assured my kitty won't take a tumble.

And, to top it all off, we might have just found the best beverage for the holiday season...

Starbucks just announced that it's selling their Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino in grocery stores across the country!

This means you can now ditch the drive-thru line and just buy a handful of your favorite flavor...

For those of you that didn't know, the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino is a combination of peppermint and chocolate, which is the perfect combination for Christmas.

Starting from today, you’ll be able to pick up the beverage in stores across the country.

Each bottle costs just $3.09, which is cheaper than you'd be paying in-store, so you might want to stock up while you can!