29 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Less Annoying

From cheap plastic snakes that'll clear out your pipes, to the top-selling broom on the market, we've cobbled together 29 of the handiest gadgets out there that'll solve all of those annoying little problems around the house.

We hope you find these products as problem-solving as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


Clean Out Slow Pipes With These Ultra-Cheap Drain Snakes

Wow, that's disgusting. I can't wait to try it. Find them on Amazon

Save Valuable Outlet Space With This Cover That Has A USB Charger Built In


No more hunting for your USB charger, because now it's attached to your wall. Find it on Amazon

Or Maximize Your Charging Capabilities With These 6-Port Multi Chargers

via: Anker

Because you can never have too many USB ports. Find one on Amazon

Keep Your Countertops Clean With This Garbage Bag Holder

via: eBay

Yes, you really can put a trash bag anywhere. Find it on Amazon

Keep Sheets In Perfect Place With These BedBands

via: Bed Band

Why don't all sheets come with these built in? Find a set of Bed Bands on Amazon

Never Worry About Faulty Lightning Cables Again With This Heavy Duty Cable

via: Anker

The Anker Powerline+ will be the last lightning cable you ever need to buy. Find it on Amazon

Bid Farewell To Any Stubborn Stain With The Magic Eraser

These may be actual magic. Find the Magic Eraser on Amazon

Never Have To Search For Cords Again With These Multipurpose Cable Clips

via: ebay

One of these on the side of your nightstand will change your life. Find them on Amazon

Easily Clean All Nooks And Crannies With This Gak-like Cyber Clean

Make cleaning fun again. Find it on Amazon

Make Repairs Both Fun And Colorful With Sugru Moldable Glue


It's like Silly Putty's actually useful younger brother. Find Sugru on Amazon

Catch Every Hair You Can With This Ultra-Popular Tubshroom


This is going to save my hundreds on plumbing. Find it on Amazon

Kill All The Flies With This Ultra-Popular Fly Trap

via: Victor

Find it on Amazon

Clean Any Surface With These Immortal Lint Rollers

This is one As-Seen-On-TV product that actually DOES work. Find the Schticky on Amazon

Add A Convenient Footrest To Your Shower With The Safe-r Grip Foot Rest

via: MHI

All showers should include footrests (and cupholders). But until then, this popular option'll have to do. Find it on Amazon

Stop Wasting Toothpaste With This Highly-Rated Toothpaste Squeezer

via: eBay

Get every last bit of that Crest. Saved is earned! Find it on Amazon

Enjoy Your Favorite Show Shows Without Disturbing Your Bedmate With This Fantastic Roku 3

via: Roku

All hail, the greatest streaming device on earth. Find it on Amazon

Keep Fido From Ruining Your Floors With This Furremover Broom

via: Evriholder

One part fur-loving broom, one part water-loving squeegee, all parts awesome. Find it on Amazon

Keep Your Windows Rolling Smoothly With This Gap-Cleaning Brush

via: eBay

Finally attack those decades of dust piled in your windowsills. Find it on Amazon

Keep Your Socks Perfectly Paired With These Honeycomb Drawer Organizers

via: eBay

Your socks will never look better. Find it on Amazon

The Magic Tap Will Dispense Your Drinks Without Losing A Drop

via: Magic Tap

Never weep over spilled milk (or juice) again. Find the Magic Tap on Amazon

Save So Much Cabinet Space With This Hypnotically Beautiful Joseph Joseph Nesting Set

via: Joseph Joseph

It's just... so pretty. Find it on Amazon

Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Surprisingly Cheap Key Finder Set

via: eBay

Never lose those keys again. Find it on Amazon

Add A Nightlight To Any Outlet Cover With The Popular Snap Power Guide Light

via: SnapPower

Find it on Amazon

Stop Scrubbing Your Stovetop And Get These Unobtrusive Stovetop Mats

via: eBay

Find them on Amazon

Stop Wasting Outlet Space With This Perfectly Proportioned Surge Protector

via: Importitall

Charge anything, anywhere, anytime. Find it on Amazon

Fix Anything And Everything In Your Entire House With This Industry-Standard Set Of Stanley Tools

via: Stanley Tools

If you don't have one of these in your house, you need it Find it on Amazon