Amazing Smart Light Switch on Amazon Has a Built-in Alexa Speaker

This light switch promises to make your life a whole lot easier, and is packed with cool features.

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The Ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch is a total revelation.


​It lets you control all of the lights in a room without having to purchase multiple smart bulbs.

It's economical and easy to install, too.​


But there's one reason above all the others that this particular light switch is such a game changer...

It can connect to your Amazon Alexa!


This means you no longer have to take up counter space with your device - you can simply speak directly to your light switch.

"he Switch+ now controls my backyard light, which is at the opposite end of the house from my bedroom, yet my bedroom window overlooks the backyard. Now I can turn on/off the light quickly and safely from the safety and privacy of my bedroom, using the Echo Dot there," writes one 5-star reviewer.


"The ecobee Switch+ is another great device in the ecobee line of home IoT. I currently own an ecobee3 thermostat and I love it. I wanted a way to add a thermostat sensor in another room, and this will do it plus much much more. Now while we are cozy on the couch watching TV and we decide to watch a movie we can simply ask Alexa to turn off the lights and the lights go off. Of course, we could get up and turn them off but this is easy. We always turn off all the lights when we leave the house or go to bed. The Swtich+ has a nightlight mode that provides the right amount of light to illuminate our entryway. As the price of these devices comes down, and more Alexa integration happens I can see adding them to many more rooms in my house. The drop-in feature would be a great intercom, the ability for my kids to add reminders or timers while in their rooms, and playing music would be useful and fun," adds another.

In fact, this innovative product has over 300 5-star reviews from satisfied customers!


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