Simple Dishwasher Gadget Goes Viral for Being So Damn Useful

You know those little things in life that are a constant source of pain and torment?


Such as, well you know. Going to the dishwasher to find the dishes are clean and you're the one flatmate cursed with the burden of having to put them all away...

Well fear no more, because those days are over my friend.


Say hello to the one technological device you never knew you needed but actually do! This is the dishwashing magnet that is changing lives across the globe, forever. It's probably the greatest invention since the wheel back in the bronze age.

The dishwasher magnet simply says 'Clean/Dirty'.


And it has a slide option so you can move it over to the correct side. It's simple, yet so necessary. It's the perfect reminder for when the dishes are clean or dirty.

And the reviews are incredible.

TikTok / Jessicalynn727

One happy customer wrote:

I got this because my mother has dementia and she kept putting away dirty dishes 🤦🏽♀️. And believe it or not she has actually been using it and it definitely has been working! So I highly suggest buying this for parents or someone you know who has a similar problem!

You can find the product on Amazon for just $6.95.


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There's an abundance of other pleased purchasers. One buyer even shared a video to TikTok to demonstrate her ecstasy with the product...