This Silicone Feeder Pacifier Might Be the Greatest Parenting Invention Ever

Moms are going crazy for Amazon's Silicone Feeder pacifier that gives your little one relief from teething pain by filling the pacifier with frozen foods. It's essential for any parent with a baby going through the weaning phase...

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This silicone feeder pacifier helps soothe achy gums, while also introducing your baby to new foods.


Just fill with the frozen food of your choice, such as fruits, veggies, or even breastmilk, and let your little one find relief by chomping down on the pacifier.

The pacifiers also provide a safe way to introduce your baby to solid food while they go through the weaning and teething phase...


No to mention they're decorated with "candy-like colors, that stimulate baby's appetite for consumption."

Reviewer's say these silicone feeders are easier to clean than other mesh feeders on the market because all the pieces come apart, allowing them to be cleaned thoroughly.


They're also "BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead Free and Phthalates Free," so you know they're 100 percent safe for your baby.

And moms everywhere love the pacifiers...


One shopper wrote: "This is amazing!! I am such a germ freak, so the mesh ones were not going to fly with me. The fact that this entire thing comes apart to sterilize is wonderful. Then add the different size heads for it is great for those just starting foods. My little one has two teeth and absolutely loves this thing. We use frozen cut-up fruit and veggies and he goes nuts. Keeps him occupied for hours!! Definitely recommend."

The set contains 6 feeders, 2 large silicone teats, 2 medium, and 2 small silicone teats.


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