Shoppers Won’t Stop Buying This Inflatable Pool for $50

If you're looking for a paddling pool for your garden in the hot weather, you've come to the right place, and there's never been a better time to invest in a paddling pool like this one is selling for $50 on Amazon.

And not only does the swimming pool have over 13,000 5-star reviews, but it's secured the number 1 bestseller spot in Swimming Pools.


The pool holds 639 gallons of water and it's easy to clean!

One person, writing a 5-star review said: "This ended up being perfect for us! Our community pool is pretty gross and overcrowded, and our 2-year-old daughter is still learning how to swim.

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"We had a little plastic kiddie pool but I wanted something that was big enough for me to get in and practice with her. It's short enough for her to stand in when fully filled, but very generously sized... I would guess you could easily fit at least 5 adults in it comfortably if you wanted."

While another person said: "I love this pool SO much. It is perfect for our backyard and my family of 4. We moved to Las Vegas and knew we were going to need something. I searched EVERYTHING and finally decided on this.

"I did originally want the bigger size (it was sold out) but I'm glad I got this one because it's bigger than I imagined and is a perfect size. Fits all of us with plenty of room for my 2 kids to play around."

The paddling pool has also been described by the brand as the "perfect starter pool," as it isn't the biggest, but is quick and easy to set up and has enough room to play around in, while not taking up too much space in your beautiful garden...

Who wouldn't want to splash around in Amazon's best-swimming pool?

I know we would.

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