People Are Calling This Robot Vacuum a 'Game Changer' and It’s $121 off Right Now

No one likes vacuuming - but everyone likes a freshly vacuumed home. Well, this robot vacuum can offer the best of both worlds, and people can't get enough of it.

The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is being touted as a game changer.


It connects to your Amazon Alexa or your Google Home to give your home a cleaning from the future.

It works on all types of floors...


And is even intelligent enough to vary its suction from hard flooring to carpets to give you the ultimate clean.

It's shaped to fit in all of the most hard-to-reach places...


And it can vacuum and mop.

It has receieved a whopping 3,500 5-star reviews!


​"LOVE. No house mapping but does a great job getting in corners, sidewalls, and overall room coverage - It's not as sporadic with patterns as my previous bot which I like. I was scared to get a vacuum with a mop but it ran for 3 hours in my kitchen/dining room and did a great job mopping. It doesn't have scrubbing pressure but it did enough to clean. I put disinfecting cleaner/soap in with the water bowl to help wash the floors. It streaks sometimes when the washrag flips up on the washer, you just need to flip it back down when you see it. The vacuum is amazing. On the strongest setting it picks up a lot and if it seems like it's not, clean out the roller! It's nice and quiet on all settings and it's thinner than my previous bot which is so nice. It does get stuck in strange spots, like the corner of a chair, etc. But it's not bad. The size of the dustpan and wash pan could be bigger but if you run it everyday the less dirt there will be to pick up. I have been recommending this to all my friends," writes one super satisfied customer.

"Not only is it fast and has a better power for vacuuming but it had the additional mopping system! I have gotta say it is wonderful! The vacuum picks up everything and the mop gives my floor a fully clean look! I have a very small place but I have horses and a lot of dirt all around my place so this is a huge help to keep the place clean! Wonderful investment," another agrees.


If you're tempted, you can get yours right here.