These Puzzles for Parents Were Trapped In Space... Until Now.

Attention Parents!

If your kids are climbing on you right now...

...while you’re trying to read this article on your phone...

Or your kids are a bit older, and they’re spending the entire day playing video games (or glued to Instagram) ...

And that bothers you...

Then read carefully.

Because this article is for you.

Struggling to Get Your Kids Off Screens?

Have you given up on getting your kids to focus on their “lockdown" assignments and projects? Are you trying to stop them from staring at their tablets and smartphones? If you’re struggling to get them to focus, maybe you’re starting to feel a little guilty. That maybe you’re not a good enough parent... Know this: It’s not your fault. If you have older kids, you know that you can’t just take their smartphones away. And if you have little ones... You can only color so many animals and princesses.

There Is a Solution

You must find something better. Now. Something that will make them (and you) want to put the smartphone down. Good news... The folks at Blue Kazoo Games have collaborated with top space-photographers to create “educational entertainment" for your kids. Whether they’re under 10... Or bored teenagers... These puzzles will crack the code to keeping them entertained AND educated... ...and you sane!


Introducing The EARTH Series

This is a brand new set of puzzles. Designed to bring the family together. And bring learning and fun — and rest — back into your life. These are not just ordinary puzzles.


Take a look at this Planet Earth puzzle.

An elite team of astronomers, artists, and graphic designers worked with some of America’s best photographers to develop this one-of-a-kind puzzle image. You cannot buy these anywhere else. In order to solve these puzzles, you will need to take a deep dive in understanding how the colors of Earth really work. But that’s not all...

Look at This Incredible Image of the Moon

They crafted this moon puzzle. Now, you’ve probably looked at the moon many times... But it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen this level of detail in the moon’s craters and reflections. You and your kids will never look at the moon the same way again.

Last but Not Least… The Sun

And on top of that, the team of scientists went “all-in" on this image of the sun. Just like with the Earth puzzle, you will have to go on a journey to solve this sun puzzle. Click here if you want The EARTH Series puzzle set.


Even Better Framed on Your Wall

Besides solving these puzzles... You can also look forward to framing them. They are designed to look beautiful in a row, hanging on your wall. If you love outer space, you won’t find any better images to display your passion... This is the true essence of The EARTH Series. And it’s only available here.

Best of All? Your Family... Together.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of the puzzles on your wall... Imagine getting a week of focus and education with your family... together. Without smartphones to distract you. And these puzzles will certainly give you a lot more than one week!

The “Puzzle Promise" Guarantee

Odds are, you’ll find these puzzles completely transcendent and captivating over the course of at least a month. You’ll look forward to solving them every day... In fact, if you order these puzzles and then find that you are not anxiously awaiting the chance to put them together with your kids, simply return them and you will get a full refund. That is Blue Kazoo Games’ Puzzle Promise.



What are the puzzles made of?

Many jigsaw puzzles are only 1 millimeter thick. Blue Kazoo Games went the extra mile and produced their puzzles on premium 1.5-mm puzzle board. It may not seem like much, but that’s 33% thicker, sturdier, and more durable. Also the pieces will feel amazing in your hands.

What’s the final product like?

As you finish the puzzle... It becomes a premium photograph you will want on your wall. Many people pay hundreds for fine art and photography. Meaning... This is basically a steal.


How long will it take to get my puzzle?

This is a “special run" of puzzles. They’re only producing a set number specifically for those of you who act on this limited-time offer. They start producing The Earth Series on June 25th... And they start shipping in mid-July... There’s only a limited number of sets that can be produced... That means you have to take advantage right now if you want a chance to get one.


Can I buy just one puzzle, or do I have to get all 3?

Absolutely, you can buy them individually. We offer each puzzle, Earth, Sun, and Moon separately. But you will receive a steep discount for trying all 3.


Do they offer other puzzles, too?

Yes, they sure do. Their Color Puzzle Series caters to the more modern appeal. Check it out here. We hope you enjoy these puzzles as much as we will… P.S. Once their pre-orders hit capacity... they’re done. So if you want The EARTH Series puzzle set, you know what to do...