Products In My Cart That I Need To Buy Right Now

Sure, Amazon products have variety - there's about a thousand different versions of everything! But how do you know which items are the absolute best in their category, let alone among the best items for sale on the site? After all, it's Amazon; there's way too much for one person to go through alone. Thankfully, you don't have to: you have us. That's why we've spent so much time curating lists of the best (and most useful!) products for sale on Amazon! We have included everything from this gorgeous four piece outdoor set to this pretty is this solar-powered hummingbird wind chime and a stunning ruched sarong dress which will take you into every seasons. This list is, quite simply, a compilation of 37 items from just about every category that we've found to be more than worth your time and consideration. So keep scrolling and see what hidden gems we've uncovered! You're sure to find something that you have need of in this super convenient product compilation.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Affordable Mini Projector is So Great for Watching Films Anywhere

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There's just something about watching a show or movie outside that makes it more fun than doing it indoors. Just think: Wouldn't the kids love to watch their favorite characters while hanging out in the swimming pool? This mini-projector will do the trick. Once priced at several hundred dollars, mini-projectors like this one have dropped to being supremely affordable, making you the coolest parent on the block.

This Solar-Powered Windchime Changes Colors

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How pretty is this solar-powered hummingbird wind chime that changes colors once the sun goes down? It gets great reviews for being bright, colorful, and very durable because it's plastic instead of glass. Just hang it in a sunny spot during the day and watch the show come nightfall!

This Cooling Hat Keeps Your Head Happy

I get awful headaches in the heat, and it makes working or doing anything enjoyable absolutely miserable. Someone recommended that I try a hat that has cooling tech built into it, and I'm really glad I gave it a shot. This one also has SPF50, which is awesome because we like to keep our skin as cancer-free as possible, wouldn't you say?

These Cold Therapy Packs Give a Dose of Cute Comfort

When my kids were little, I always kept a stack of these cute ice therapy packs in the freezer for everything from fevers, to toothaches to bumps and bruises. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief.

This Four Piece Outdoor Set Will Last You Years

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If you're looking for a true furniture bargain, then look no further than this four piece set. For $150, you get four pieces (you heard me right) that are high quality and cute. The breathable fabric of the chairs and loveseat help you stay cool, while the glass coffee table is the perfect place to hold your afternoon snacks and drinks.

These Overnight Diaper Booster Pads Help Everyone Sleep Better

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Even the most robust nighttime diaper can't stand up to most kids for overnights. Until now - these overnight diaper booster pads keep babies and toddlers drier, longer, so they won't wake you up in the middle of the night when they inevitably soak through. Over 7,000 very happy and well-rested parents say these are a total game-changer.

These Novelty Slimline Ice Packs Keep Your Food Cold All Day

I've never quite understood why ice packs needed to be so bulky. I know you want them to be thick enough to keep items cold for long periods of time, but with all of the technology out there, there surely had to be thinner options. So it was a pleasant surprise to come across these ice packs while making this list. They freeze quickly and help food and drinks stay cold for up to 4 hours.

Take to Those Pesky Bugs With This Electric Zap Racket

Why use a boring fly swatter if you could use an electric fly swatter racket like this bad boy? Flies and other flying insects will have met their match with this gadget, which delivers a powerful high-voltage zap to drop those pests instantaneously. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use and features a green light to let you know when you're ready to swing — and when you're not.

This Baby Toothbrush is Safe and Effective

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Within the first six months, the baby's going to be sporting some new pearly whites so it's a good idea to start brushing early so they get used to the process. This baby toothbrush is super safe to use, and easy for them to grip. And it has bristles on the top and bottom to make brushing even faster!

These Shorts Have Become A Staple in My Wardrobe

Confession time: I've worn these shorts three times this week. Oh and I may or may not have just ordered more colors off Amazon - whoops. These biker shorts are so cute styled with an oversized sweatshirt for your next grocery run or with a sports bra for your next yoga sesh. The countless 5-star reviews don't lie - everyone agrees these are incredible.

This Growing Supplement Works Wonders on Your Plants

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Not all supplements work for all plants — except for this versatile one. Throw it into herbs, flowers, or even bushes if they need a boost. And believe it or not? It's so potent that it'll even work on dead pee spots in your yard. It's that powerful!

This Ruched Sarong Dress Takes You Through Every Season

This ruched sarong tie waist dress is just the thing to throw over your bikini before you hit a restaurant. Heck, with the right accessories, you could even wear this body con number for dinner and drinks! The colors range from mild to wild and some even have long sleeves so you can wear it year-round comfortably.

Hooked On This Car Accessory

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Sure, backseats are useful and trunk space is great, but sometimes you need just a few more (organized) spots in which to stash stuff. These car seat headrest hooks take up very little room but give you added space for your purse, a coat, or additional bags from the store. No tools are required for these hooks, which slide easily on your car's existing headrest rails once the headrest is popped off.

Keep Your Intake on Track With This Positive Affirmations Water Bottle

When you're in a rut and need a little energy boost, look no further. These water bottles will give you all the motivation you need while keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Soon, you'll be crossing off all your fitness and health goals and everyone will be asking you how you did it. We know you've got this.

Bringing the Laundromat to You

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Have you ever been on vacation, and you needed to wash a top (or a pair of pants, or underwear, or whatever), and had no idea where the nearest laundromat was? Same. I got this little wash bag for my last vacation, and it was so worth it. I can wash whatever I bring with me, so I can even back lighter … but I probably still won't.

This Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws and Nails

I bought this gadget for my boyfriend and he loves it for getting stuck into a DIY project. It's a magnetic wristband that holds screws, nails, and much more for hands-on work. It's the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves mechanical or house projects and it's kind of like a tool belt but for your wrist!

The Best Healing Ointment on the Market

If you don't have a jar of Aquaphor in your medicine cabinet or linen closet right now, are you even doing life right? Aquaphor Healing Ointment is everything for dry, chapped, or irritated skin and is even gentle enough to use on baby. No kidding, I have a large tub and have used it on everything from chapped lips to minor burns to diaper rash with flawless results.

This Set of Terracotta Spikes Keep Plants Hydrated

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Going away on vacation? Don't let your house plants die while you're away — use these spikes to keep them damp and hydrated. Simply insert as large or small as a bottle as you like, and the water will gradually absorb into the soil over time. You can also use them outdoors, and they're so sturdy that they can even support a full-sized wine bottle.

The Minimalist's Wallet is RFID Secure

I gifted a wallet similar to this one a few years ago, but it was the more expensive name-brand version. Now there are RFID carbon fiber wallets out there for a quarter of the cost, like this one. The outer case is scratch-resistant and includes a money clip and, even though they all come in the same black design, you can choose a colored emblem that fits your own personal style.

This Freezable Mask Relieves Your Eyes After a Long, Bright Day

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I work in front of the computer daily, and when I'm not typing away at my screen, I'm taking the doggos on walks. All of these activities strain my eyes heavily, so I'm glad I got this freezable eye mask to remedy that. You just pop it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes and then rest it on your eyes while you sink onto the couch after a long day.

These Pet Nail Trimmers Save You a Bill from the Vet

We got these pet nail clippers for our puppy since we didn't want to spend money on a groomer every time she needed her nails cut, and we've been so pleased with the results. They work for cats or dogs and have a built-in guard so you don't cut the nail too short, which can be painful. Compared to the cost of the groomer, these are well worth the eleven bucks!

These Stacking Rings are a Huge Hit

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Just like the stacking cups, these stacking rings are an instant classic that babies and toddlers can't get enough of! The colorful rings have all different textures to keep it interesting, and they're safe in case babies want to mouth them (along with everything else they can grab!) These rings have nearly 23,000 stellar reviews for being great helpers for developing motor skills.

Refresh On The Go With These Lemon Scented Body Wipes

Freshen up after your morning outdoor sesh with these wipes and you'll be ready to tackle the day in no time. Best of all? They smell like lemon and sage so they're perfect for when you need a little refresh on the go. Three words: love, love, love.

These Liquid Ant Baits are So Incredibly Effective

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Last summer, I had a major ant problem and tried a bunch of products before finding these Liquid Ant Baits. They were easy, clean, and worked the best by far! I'm not the only satisfied customer; they've earned over 40,000 positive ratings on Amazon. Your garden should be bursting with life, but not the life of a bunch of ants. Stop these guys in their tracks before they reach the screen door!

These Handy Pads Catch Eyeshadow Fallout

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Nothing kills my vibe like painting a sleek eyeshadow look, only to have fallout dust across my cheeks — that's why I use these pads. Any eyeshadow fallout lands directly on top of them, keeping my cheeks clean. Or, you can use them as stencils for winged eyeliner if you're still honing your skills.

This Tool Yanks Out Weeds From The Root-Up

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Pulling out weeds from the stem isn't enough — you've gotta yank the roots out too if you don't want them to grow back. Not only does this tool make it easy to dig down into the dirt, but the patented blade is designed to pierce deep into any type of ground, including clay. Plus, it's made from die-cast aluminum that's rustproof, and stronger than steel.

Tame the Junk in Your Trunk

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I finally broke down and got a storage unit here at my complex, which means I got all the beach gear that was normally in my trunk out and, can I just tell you, there's so much room for activities! The first thing I invested in after I got the junk out of my trunk was a cargo organizer like this one. Now I have plenty of space and the stuff I do need is sorted and organized.

This No-Contact Infrared Thermometer is Genius

If you've ever tried to take a baby's or small child's temperature, you know what a daunting task that can be. This no-contact infrared forehead thermometer makes it so easy to get an accurate, fast reading. Simply point at the baby's head and in one second you get your reading - and it can store up to 50 temperatures so you can continuously track in case of fever so you can report to the pediatrician.

This Potty Training Toilet is Sized Right

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Usually, the biggest hurdle with getting kids to use the potty is getting them comfortable being up so high on the toilet, which is daunting if you're only two feet tall. Enter this perfectly pint-sized potty trainer that looks just like the real thing to get them used to going like a big kid! It's got nearly 13,000 stellar reviews because kids take to it so quickly!

These Teether Pops Work So Well

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Teething is the worst, but you can make it a whole lot better with these teether pops. Simply fill with water, breastmilk, regular milk, or what have you and freeze - the icy cold treat helps baby feel better immediately! They also won't melt everywhere since they're enclosed in a silicone covering with holes at the top for the liquid to flow once it melts.

This Waffle Knit Tank Top Can Pair With Anything

Here's a cute tank top with a different texture: this waffle-knit top is made from soft, comfortable crocheted fabric, with a moderate length tailored for any body type. And because it's a lightweight tank, it'll pair effortlessly with any variety of bottoms for hot summer weather.

For Perfect Pedicures At Home, Get this Electric Foot Scrubber

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Safely remove dead skin from your feet with the push of a button! The perfect home pedicure device that will have you feeling confident about your feet in no time. Features three speeds and multiple functions to detail hard, cracked, and dry skin.

These Dr. Brown's Bottle Brushes Do the Job So Well

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When my kids were babies and we occasionally used bottles, these Dr. Brown's Bottle Brushes were the absolute best way to keep them clean. The dual sponge and bristle design helps get every last bit of milk or formula off to leave bottles sparkling clean. Plus, there's a handy suction cup stand so it'll always be in reach of the sink!

This Jumbo Jenga Game is Too Much Fun

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​I'm not sure if it's because I spent most of last year in the house, but I am madly in love with bars that have yard games right now. My go-to game is jumbo Jenga, so you can bet I picked it up for the house too. It's such a fun, easy way to entertain guests, and it can be taken on camping trips as well.

This Straw Trainer Cup Works at Any Angle

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When toddlers are learning to use a straw, they can get pretty frustrated quickly since they usually tip the cup up to drink. That won't be a problem with this straw training cup, since the straw is weighted it works at any angle. And the cups are no-spill, which is a huge bonus.

These Battery-Operated String Lights are So Convenient

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No outlet? No problem, with these indoor/outdoor battery-operated string lights.

"Worked out better than expected. They have multiple options in the way they can illuminate. You also have the option to dim and brighten which was most helpful. I was very pleased they still worked after multiple rainstorms." - Amazon Customer

This Bacon Grease Container Is Something You Didn't Know you Needed

Feeling Keto-curious? This cooking oil container comes with a curved comfortable handle, well suited to your hand and less prone to getting hot. Perfect for bacon grease and oil storage for regular, keto, or paleo diets. Stores up to 5 cups of yummy fats! Say goodbye to cooking sprays or other chemically processed oils and keep what nature gave you.

These Water 'Balloons' That Come In Three Colors

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If you're looking for a water balloon alternative that won't leave your yard littered with rubber, try out these balls. They're highly absorbent, giving people the same SPLASH whenever they get hit with one. The best part? With three colors in each order, you can easily split into three teams to take on your friends.

These Soft Maracas Make Music Fun

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What's cuter than a baby rocking out with a set of soft maraca rattles? Not much, I say! Music is so important for developing babies and toddlers, and these rattles are a fun way to get them started early. They also happen to have over 45,000 stellar reviews right now on Amazon!