Vibrating Posture Corrector Will Remind You To Pick Yourself Back Up When You Begin to Slouch

We're all guilty of slouching from time to time. The problem is, it can be a really difficult habit to break. But now, one Amazon gadget is here to change all that.

Meet the Upright GO Original Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back.


You simply place it on your back and it'll remind you to straighten up with a gentle vibration whenever you begin to slouch.

The product description claims that 8 out of 10 Upright users report a posture improvement of 92% in less than 2 weeks.


It connects to an app on your phone which helps track your progress and create your own personalized goals, too.

It tracks your daily training sessions and shows you how your back is positioned throughout the day.


It's not waterproof, though, so make sure you take it off before you shower!

The product is an Amazon bestseller, with tons of rave reviews.


‚Äč"It's very easy to use, and importantly - very low profile. Even with tight-fitting ladies' clothes, when you place it between your shoulder blades there will be no visible outline. You use the smartphone app to calibrate the device. You can set the sensitivity of the device, which changes how much you need to slouch for it to vibrate. This is great because if you need to, for example, hand-write, then you will have to bend your neck down a little, and reducing sensitivity this won't cause the device to go crazy. Also, you can set the delay for how long you need to slouch for it to vibrate - this is also great because, in real life, you sometimes need to bend down to a desk drawer and then don't want the device to start buzzing. In terms of effectiveness: it really does know when you're slouching, and my posture is improving even when I'm not wearing it! (I get a creepy 'phantom buzz' when I slouch and am not wearing it, like when you think your phone vibrates but it doesn't...). Note though that initially, you may only be able to wear it and sit up straight for 10-15 minutes, it's hard on the back muscles at first," says one customer who rated the product 5-stars.

"After all these years of terrible posture, I now have hope. After 3 days of use, back muscles are a little sore. I can't wait to see how it will be in 2 or so weeks of daily use," another added.


If you want to fix your own dodgy posture, you can purchase right here.