Pet Owners Are Talking Selfies with Their Dog Thanks to This Invention

Every once in a while you come across a new gizmo and think, "Damn, I should have invented this." Suddenly, you're facing a product that solves a problem you might not have realized you had. Did anyone ever realize that it was a problem that we couldn't stick little notes to the wall? Probably not. But the Post-It guy did, and he spent the rest of his life diving into piles of money. (Probably.)

Certainly, most gadgets don't meet this life-changing, money diving level, but when a little creative innovation is applied to an everyday product making it so much better, it definitely belongs in your life. We've collected 36 new inventions that we wish we invented and should have probably been invented a long time ago – including one that will help you take photos with your pet.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Take Better Pics of Your Pooch With the Dog Selfie Stick

Your dog looks up at you with those cute perky ears and bright eyes. Naturally, you want to take a picture of the cutest dog ever, but as soon as you get the phone out your dogs ears get less perky and one eye sort of squints and your photographs never capture how truly adorable your pooch is. Well, if it's perky ears and bright eyes you want, look no further than the Dog Selfie Stick. Don't take my word for it. Take a minute to look at the customer images in the Amazon reviews. This thing makes great dog pics a cinch!

Fit All Your Plugs at Once With This Flexible Surge Protector

Not only is this six outlet surge protector great looking, which is weird because it's a surge protector, but it's also freaking brilliant. It can bend and curve and the individual outlets rotate in their positions, so that this Flexible Surge Protector can accommodate all your plugs, even those with giant adapters that normally hog two spaces. We all have surge protectors and power strips that are only half full because of the large plugs that don't fit in next to one another. Those days are now behind us.

Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks

Any old bookmark can keep track of what page you were on when you put your book down. And for all these years we thought that was as good as it gets. But these Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks not only hold your page, they point to exactly where on that page you left off. Maybe there's a word you want to look up later, or a specific quote you want to remember? This set of 5 has you covered.

Be Fancy With a Set of Wooden Toaster Tongs

We all know never to stick a fork or knife into a toaster, but what are we to do when a bit of bagel is stuck down there? Enter these Wooden Toaster Tongs. Not only will you feel super fancy, or at least like you're enjoying a hotel's complimentary continental breakfast, but you will also avoid burning your fingers, touching someone else's food, and you'll be able to retrieve things from way down in the slot.

The Bath Overflow Drain Cover Effectively Raises the Level of Your Bathwater

No one ever says, "I'd really like a shallow bath." That's because deeper is better. When it comes to baths, you want as much of your body to be under the water as possible. But our tubs are built with a pesky safety measure, which might be great for staving off floods, but doesn't help in the deep bath department. And so some bather invented the Bath Overflow Drain Cover.

This Food Chopper Operates Like Scissors to do the Job of a Knife

It's like the love child from the affair between your knife and cutting board and your kitchen shears. This clever Food Chopper works like scissors, but cuts like a knife. How fun would it be to chop through veggies with this thing? Worried about handing your chef's knife over to your kids, or maybe even your clumsy SIL? This chopper keeps fingers well away from the blade, so even the clumsiest home chef can safely chop through fruits and veggies.

Make Any Shoes Slip On Shoes With Lock Laces

I'm sure at some point in time the advent of shoe laces was a big stride forward in foot wear technology. And so, for far too many years, people have spent countless hours (collectively) tying and untying our shoes. We go through the frustrating process of learning to tie our shoes only to one day go through the frustrating process of teaching our own kids to tie their shoes. It doesn't have to be that way. Lock Laces replace the laces in your shoes and still provide a customizable, adjustable fit.

Take the Guess Work Out of Turning on Your Lights With This Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

We've all been there: we look at the two chains hanging from our ceiling fan light, wonder which is the right one, and then inevitably pull the wrong one. While statistics would have us believe there's a 50% chance of picking the right chain on each occasion, it certainly feels like we pull the wrong one more often than not. Why didn't anyone invent this Ceiling Fan Pull Chain sooner? It's as handy as it is adorable.

These Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves Make it Easier to Stock Up at That Lovely Vineyard

Vacation you enjoys drinking local wine. Why not bring some vacation home with you in the form of that very wine? Probably because it's always been hard to transport wine, and very expensive to ship it. Enter these brilliant Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves. Seal your wine bottle in the protective baggie and pack it in your suitcase. The bottle shouldn't break, thanks to the protective bubbles, but if it did, the bag's double seal and thick vinyl exterior should keep it all locked safely inside.

These Beautiful Inverted Umbrellas Take Being an Umbrella to a New Level

Have you seen these brilliant Inverted Umbrellas? They close with the dry side out so you aren't left carrying a soaking wet nightmare around with you all day. Why didn't someone think of this ages ago? We put men on the moon before we realized that wet umbrellas were wet! That seems absurd. These umbrellas are not only ingenious, but they're so pretty that you'll almost hope for a rainy day. Almost.

No More Lumps and Bumps With this No Show Flat Buckle Stretch Belt

Problem: your pants are falling down. Typical Solution: wear a belt. New Problem: your belt buckle bulges out making you look lumpy. Don't fix one problem by replacing it with new problem! Perhaps you have accepted the bulging lumpiness of a belt buckle as a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be that way. The No Show Flat Buckle Adjustable Stretch Belt holds your pants up as well as any other belt, but without creating any new problems! Who wants added bulging bulk right on their belly? Live life lump free.

Create More Closet Space Out of Thin Air With the Wonder Hanger Max

Prepare to be amazed by how much space the Wonder Hanger Max can save you! The genius contraption works quite simply: hang up all your clothes in the designated slots, you can even double up, then take the second hook off the bar, and, voila! The hangar collapses all your clothes into a neat, tiny parcel! Now picture your closet full of these babies. It's a beautiful sight. Just don't let it fool you into thinking you need to go shopping to fill all that extra space.

These Baggy Racks are the Next Best Thing to Having Four Hands

In households all over the world people struggle to pour leftover foods into uncooperative ziplock bags that don't stand up on their own and don't stay open. Anyone can see how awesomely helpful it would be to be able to clip your bags securely into Baggy Racks for the task. These clever racks hold your bags upright and open so you can cook and freeze all the sauces, all the soups, and all the meatballs. Amazing.

This Over the Sink Colander is a True Kitchen Problem Solver

This Over the Sink Colander fits over any standard sink thanks to its adjustable, nonslip handles. Once in place you can easily wash all your fruits and veggies, drain your pasta, or do any other straining tasks that you currently do with a less handy colander. Why is your current colander less handy? Well, does it collapse down to a small, flat rectangle for storage? Didn't think so.

Take the Elbow Grease Out of Tough Cleaning Jobs With a Drill Brush

OK, I might be unreasonably excited about this one. The Drill Brush is actually a set of three different nylon brushes that attach to your power drill. That means you get to harness your drill's power to scrub away at your shower, grout, or sinks. All you have to do is hold on and enjoy the sight of gleaming surfaces. Keep in mind, the drill is not included.

These Silicone Cutting Board Feet Will Give Your Cutting Board a Non-Slip Grip on Your Counter

If you watch professional chefs on TV, one thing they always do is flip their chopping board over in order to have a clean cutting surface and avoid cross contamination. If it's good enough for the pros, it's good enough for me. But do I really want the dirty underside of my chopping board on my counter? These Silicone Cutting Board Feet elevate your board, and help you keep track of which side was used for meat and which for veggies.

Get Every Last Drop of Frosting With the Whisk Wiper

It's amazing that this is new, and not how all whisks were designed since forever. The Whisk Wiper is simple and ingenious. Slide it along your batter coated whisk and you'll get every last drop of the good stuff into the mixing bowl. The only downside is that you will miss out on the silliness of watching your kids try to lick the frosting off your whisk. There is no dignity in whisk licking.

This Stainless Steel Soft Edge Flexi Turner Finally Lets You Use Your Favorite Pan and Your Favorite Spatula Together

For far too long home cooks have had to use weak, bendy, lame spatulas in our non-stick pans in order to protect our non-stick coatings. But this Soft Edge Turner is a game changer. A stainless steel spatula sturdy enough to flip anything that needs flipping, with a protective edge so our pans remain scratch free. You no longer have to choose between strong and non-stick safe! Brilliant!

This Folding Potato Masher Allows You to Mash Potatoes AND Open Your Kitchen Drawers

We all have that drawer that we can't easily open because it's where we keep our unwieldy potato masher. Why do we keep it in a drawer anyway? Surely, any other place would be better. But, a drawer is where it is, and so a we have a drawer we can't open. Some brilliant person decided life didn't have to be that way, and came up with the idea of a Folding Potato Masher. And, thus, all of your drawers can open!

Take the Struggle Out of Starting a Fire With Lighter Cubes

Whether you have a perfected system using crumpled newspaper and a carefully constructed kindling teepee, or you're a douse-it-all-in-fuel kind of person, there is an easier, less messy, and non-toxic way to start a fire. Lighter Cubes are slow burning, burn when wet, and are highly wind resistant, making them perfect for starting your fireplace, your campfire, or your barbecue.

Next Time You Feel a Pimple Coming on, Nip it in the Bud With an Acne Cover Patch

These little adhesive patches deliver a powerful hydrocolloid, Tea Tree, and Calendula Oil treatment to your oncoming pimple, drawing out whatever is clogging up the works and speeding up the healing process. Best of all, the Acne Cover Patches are nearly invisible once in place, allowing you to cover and protect your pimple while it heals. If you can't help but touch, squeeze, and pick at your spots, even though you know it only makes things worse, you're going to want to try these patches.

If You Live With a Dog and Other People, Then You Probably Ask This Question Often: Did You Feed the Dog?

Your dog is unreliable at best when it comes to letting you know whether he's had his supper yet. And he's not complaining on those lucky nights he gets fed twice! This clever Did You Feed the Dog? gadget eliminates the mystery. Mount it with the included adhesives or magnets, and simply slide the switches over. Because you can't rely on your dog to tell you the truth.

ThinOptics Reading Glasses are as Thick as Two Credit Cards and Weigh Less Than a Nickel

If you need reading glasses then you no doubt have your favorite pair, your back up pair, the pair you keep in your car, and a few other pairs stashed here and there. And yet, sometimes you find yourself out somewhere without any glasses with you. ThinOptics Reading Glasses are your new best friend in those situations. Wafer thin, they come with a handy flat case that can adhere to the back of your phone. You will never leave home without them.

Why Didn't Someone Invent This Clip On Silicone Colander Sooner?

Instead of inadvertently dumping all of your pasta all over the sink and counter in a face-searing plume of steam, simply pop the Snap 'N Strain Strainer onto your cooking pot and pour. Brilliant! The universal design fits nearly any round pot, pan, or bowl, and the clip on colander is a fraction of the size of a traditional colander so it saves you a ton of room in your cupboard.

Never Wait for Iced Coffee Again With the HyperChiller

Problem: you want iced coffee and all you have is hot coffee. Typical Solutions: put your coffee in the fridge and wait; add ice which totally dilutes your coffee; give up and drink hot coffee. None of those are good solutions. But the HyperChiller is! The HyperChiller uses magic (not really) to cool hot coffee down an alarming 130+° in as little as 60 seconds without diluting it! That's one minute from hot to iced! AMAZING!

Caffeinated Mints Might Just be the Innovation of Our Lifetime

Kill your post-lunch breath and your post-lunch fatigue in one fell swoop. With 40mg of caffeine in each little mint, these Caffeinated Mints are perfect in every single way. Two mints contain as much caffeine as your average cup of brewed coffee. With 5 flavors to choose from including chocolate mint, cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen and peppermint your afternoon slump doesn't stand a chance.

Keep Your Water Cold and Your Keys and Cash Safely Stowed With This Insulated Water Bottle With Storage Compartment

Here's a problem that comes up often: you're out somewhere where you want to be able to leave your belongings unattended for a while. Maybe at the beach, a park, wherever. You mostly don't have anything of value, but you have your car keys. Maybe some cash and credit cards too. This Insulated Water Bottle With Storage Compartment is the most brilliant solution to that problem. The bottom end is a clever little storage compartment where you can tuck away a few small belongings without leaving behind anything that looks valuable. How is it that this hasn't been around forever?

The Smart Funnel Takes the Balancing Act Out of Bottle Transfers

If you're the kind of person who regularly drains the remains of one bottle into the new bottle, then you're going to want to pay attention to this one. Whether it's ketchup, soap, or lotion, right now you carefully balance the old bottle on top of the skinny neck of the new, and then you slowly back away and hope no rogue air currents knock down your thrifty configuration. The Smart Funnel lets you laugh at air currents. It clips the top bottle onto the bottom one, so the two remain securely attached until the draining is complete.

The Silicone Sit Up Scraping Spoon is the Kitchen Tool You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Clearly I don't have the mind of an inventor. It never occurred to me that a flat spoon is stupid until I saw this non-stupid Silicone Sit Up Scraping Spoon. Of course it's better not to have the dirty spoon end rest on the counter! Not only does this safely sit up away from the counter top, but it has teaspoon and tablespoon demarcations right in the spoon head so you can mix, measure, and scrape with one handy tool.

This Onion Holder Can do More Than Just Hold Your Onions

Be the boss of whatever it is you're trying to slice and dice in your kitchen with the Onion Holder. With ten stainless steel prongs, this thing will firmly hold even the roundest, rolliest produce. Cut between the prongs for perfectly uniform onion, tomato, mushroom, or cucumber slices. If you want to keep your hands clean, or you don't have the greatest knife skills, this is a kitchen must have.

Skip the Middle Man and Hook Your Soap Pump Directly to Your Giant Costco Soap Container With the Never-MT Soap Dispenser Kit

We all do it: buy a large container of dishwashing soap and pour it into the little container attached to that handy pump by the sink. We pour carefully, ready to stop the moment it's full, but invariably it overflows, and then overflows again when we put the pump part back in. It's a mess and we need to refill it fairly often. Instead, some genius invented this Never-MT Soap Dispenser Kit. (Get it? Never MT, M-T, like empty?) Now you can hook up your sink-side pump directly to the large container of soap you bought!

Unlike Charms That Need a Wine Glass Stem, These Wine Glass Markers Can Be Used to Label ANY Glassware

How many water glasses do you wash when you have a house full of people simply because they all look alike? Problem solved completely and easily with these Wine Glass Markers which can write on any glassware, and wash off with soap and water. They can be used on plastics as well for those times when you might have a house full of kids and you'd like to skip loading the dishwasher with a million cups that were probably barely touched anyway. Instead, let Ava, Sam, and Jack use the same cups all day long.

The Spatty & Spatty Daddy Help You Get Every Last Drop

It's hard to use up every last drop of some jars and bottles. So, we spend money to buy replacements, even when we have some product left. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy solve that problem. These clever little spatulas reach into cosmetic, lotion, and condiment containers, allowing you to scoop up what you otherwise would throw out. You spent good money on that foundation, or ketchup, or sunscreen; make sure you get to use it all!

Keep Your Earrings From Sagging With These Earring Lifters

Here's yet another product you'll kick yourself for not inventing, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. These Earring Lifters do exactly what they say. Simply replace your heavy earrings' backs with these and you'll never have droopy earrings again. They fit standard earring posts, and are perfectly comfortable to wear, but their unique design ensures that your earring stays upright, rather than drooping downwards. Even the heaviest studs are no match for these magic earring lifters.

Dip Clips are the Crowd Pleasing Serving Dish You've Never Seen But Now You Need

If you're serious about snacking, especially snacking that involves dipping, you're going to want to check out these Dip Clips. Gone are the days of a puddle of ranch or salsa on your plate. These handy little side bowls clip onto any plate - even paper! - and keep your hummus, guacamole, or ketchup on the side, where they belong. I wonder if whoever invented these has a kid whose foods cannot touch each other?

Always Have a Place to Set Your Drink Down With These Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holders

A day at the beach is great, if you don't mind sand in your everything. If you do mind sand in your drink, your phone, all over your sunglasses, then you're going to want to get some of these handy Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holders The low profile design makes them easy to pack, and handy to use in sand, grass, and anywhere else where you need to put your drink down on the ground.