Nail Clamps That Take off Nail Polish Better Than Any Remover Cost Less Than $5

If you've ever struggled for hours trying to remove every little scrap of annoying nail polish, you'll know it can make you want to tear your nails clean off. But these incredible nail clamps could be set to change all that...

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This is a product designed to make your life a little easier - and who doesn't need that?


The HiMo 10PC Plastic Acrylic Nail Art Soak Off Cap Clip UV Gel Polish Remover Wrap Tool (quite the mouthful, I know) will make nail polish removal easy!

Rather than spending hours rubbing your nails, you simply apply the nail polish remover then use the clamp to hold it in place.


Your nails can soak while you go about your other daily chores!

After ten to fifteen minutes, you can remove the clamps ...


And marvel at your clean nails below. This is particularly useful for anyone who goes gel manicures at home, as they're typically even trickier to remove.

People are touting this product as a true game changer.


"I had dipping powder on my nails, and because of the stay-at-home mandate for the Virus, I was unable to go to a nail salon. I tried removing the polish by using tin foil wrapped around my nails, but it didn't do the job. I tried this product, thinking, "What do I have to lose"? It worked like a charm! After doing my left hand, my husband had to help me put the right one on. These clips stayed in place, and I was able to get all that hardened dipping powder off my nails. It's difficult to do both hands if you don't have someone to help with the other hand, so I suggest doing one hand at a time," writes one reviewer.

‚Äč"I love gel nail polish. But it is hard to remove. I have wrapped my nails in tin foil, but this is cumbersome and messy. These clips are essentially like clothespins. They clip on your nails and hold a polish remover cotton ball in place. I do one hand at a time. Put on the clips and 5 minutes later, the polish is gone. I recommended this product to both of my sisters," another agrees.


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