Adorable Mounted Flower Pot Is the Definition of Good Vibes

Indoor plants have truly taken over the world in recent years. There's something so cheering about growing life even inside the smallest of apartments. But these mounted flower pots might just make the whole process even sweeter...

Introducing, the Jsanh Wall Mount Flower Pot.


They're small, but perfectly formed.

Not only do they look totally adorable ...


But the cloud above the flowers actually serves a very useful function, too.

You simply fill the cloud with water ...


And allow it to "rain" down on your happy plants below!

These cute pots have an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating.


With many people praising the pots' look and efficacy. They're also a great way to help teach your kids about taking care of plants!

They're suitable for inside and outside, too!


So, if you're feeling tempted, you can purchase your very own right here.