Mom Tells Kids They Need to Stay Still to Charge Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas

If your parenting problems are that you have thirty kids... well, buckle-up, because you're in for a bumpy ride and I'm not sure any number of gadgets will save you. For the rest of us who struggle with common daily parenting challenges ranging from how to pick that tiny little nose, to how to get those whipper-snappers to sleep, Amazon has become our one-stop-shop for all gadgets child-related—and, as the mama bear to five littles, I've found these thirty-seven to be particularly helpful.

So, if you’ve run fresh out of ideas for how to get Junior to eat his delicious gruel, you’ll want to check out the dinner tray that makes eating a game. If sleep (for yourself or the mini-tyrant) is what you crave, we’ve got some portable black-out shades that just might save your sanity. Come along for the ride as we check out nifty gadgets that solve everyday parenting problems including the glow in the dark PJs that this mom uses as a handy tool to get her children to rest quietly... this might change every parents' life.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Problem: How To Get Those Boogies. Solution: This Groovy Little Nosepicker/Ear Cleaner.

I know some parents swear by nasal aspirators, but I just can't see myself using my own personal mouth to suck snot directly out of my kid's head. Plus, what about their grody little ears?!? Solving the age-old problem of how to clean the baby’s face holes, the Oogiebear has a “scoop end for dried boogers and loop end for sticky boogers," which is exactly as gross and handy as it sounds. 

Problem: The Dry Air Is Wreaking Havoc On My Baby. Solution: This Humidifier/Oil Diffuser/Aromatherapy Thingamajiggie.

Little one has a cold? Humidifier. You are at your wit’s end? Essential oil time. Tired of diaper stink? This Urpower device has you covered on all fronts. Many parents swear by the soothing and medicinal effects of different oils, while those without one of these just swear, period. Do yourself a favor, join the more than 32000 people who’ve reviewed this thing and get out in front of the “your house smells like baby poo" comments. Anyway, it's the closest most of us will be getting to a spa sesh anytime soon.

Problem: DON’T SPLASH WATER ON MY FACE!!! Solution: This Ingenious Rinse Splash Guard.

My little ones always shrieked like the Wicked Witch of the West every time I rinsed their hair; if you can relate, then this tool was made for you. (That means everyone who’s ever had a child ever, as far as we can tell.) No matter what trick you employ to keep the water and shampoo from those eye holes, there hasn’t been a foolproof way to adequately rinse hair and save your eardrums, UNTIL NOW. Thank you, Lil Rinser.

Problem: Bedtime Is Driving Us All Insane. Solution: Commiserate with Go The F*** To Sleep.

The bedtime tome for post-bedtime, Go the F*ck to Sleep is a sanity-saving book about the nightly trials and tribulations of parents everywhere. It’s no Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie, but as the publisher’s note says, “you probably should not read it to your children." But hey, as a sleep-deprived parent who used to sing curse-laced lullabies at 3am to wide-awake newborns, I won't judge.

Problem: Tablet Screen Looks Like A Petri Dish. Solution: This All Purpose Screen Cleaner/Disinfectant Is Also Non-Toxic.

Which is more than I can say for the screens it cleans at my house. Sure, letting little Susie play with your phone may have put off the inevitable trip to the therapist, but the mystery goo she left behind will send you to the emergency room. Not so with this cleaner in your baby bag. Comes with two regular cleaning cloths and a bonus (???) poop emoji cloth.

Problem: Keeping Tabs On Your Nursery From Anywhere In The House. Solution: This Portable Rechargeable Monitor.

So you’ve finally gotten some down time: little peanut is sleeping, and the last thing you want is to risk waking the beast by poking your nose into the room every five minutes “just to check" (hey, we all do it). No need with this monitor because it will keep you informed of your sleeping bundle of joy’s every move, snort, and toot. Rechargeable and portable for when you’re on the move (when are you not?), the belt clip makes it convenient and indispensable.

Problem: My Floors Haven’t Seen A Mop Since We Moved In. Solution: These Mop Slippers That Turn Cleaning The Floors Into Dance Mop Revolution.

Since having kids, not a day goes by when my floor hasn't been covered in crumbs and sticky stuff. And yet, since having kids, not a day goes by when I've had enough time or energy to mop. Also, I don't own a mop, which usually puts the brakes on any such cleaning plans—but these are LOADS better anyway. With these furry little mop-ettes you’ll soon be enjoying sparkly floors while having dance contests with the kiddos (oh yeah, def get each of them a pair, too). Just make sure you take them off before the MIL shows up.

Problem: Needing To Always Know Exactly Where Junior Is. Solution: This Inexpensive Kid Tracking Smartwatch Is Your Eyes And Ears On A Wrist.

I want my kids to become independent and stretch their wings, but at the same time the idea of letting them loose into the wide world strikes terror in my mothery heart. Rest easier with this little gadget; your child will be the envy of the schoolyard with this stylin’ watch that lets you know in real time whether they’re still in the schoolyard. Whether your concerns are stranger danger or just a child with penchant for wandering, you’ll always have tabs on them with this economical little wonder. It’s also got games pre-loaded to save your phone from little booger fingers, an SOS calling feature for emergencies, and a pedometer so you can feel bad about how many steps you’re NOT taking compared to mini-you.

Problem: Getting Separated In Public. Solution: This Child Harness Walking Leash.

I can already hear some of you judging me for recommending a human leash, but who says it's for harnessing the kid? Because once you’re outside with the kidlets, sometimes you’re tempted to just run and keep on running. With this nifty safety device you’ll never get too far from your progeny. Two different lengths of coiled leash will keep you honest and keep junior from hopping that train to St. Louis without you. After all, there will be plenty of time for riding the rails when you’re both a little older. Comes with two bonus whistles for reffing any pickup games that might break out at the playground (or for safety, whatever).

Problem: Cleaning Baby Buns With Cold Wipes = Startled Baby. Solution: The Wipe Warmer.

Okay, I know wipes warmers get a bad rap for being one of the less necessary baby items on the market, but that's only because the haters haven't seen a baby have a bad reaction to freezing cold wipes—there's nothing like a startled infant with a loaded pee gun and poo all over their buns. They’ve thought of everything here, setting you up for success in the changing room. From the soothing warmth of the wipes to the gentle light for those late night changings, the Hiccapop wipe warmer will be a staple in your house until the last of the buns have been wiped (and beyond—because if you've never removed your makeup with a warm wipe, I implore you to TREAT YO'SELF).

Problem: The Kid Won’t Eat. Solution: Make Meals Fun With The Dinner Winner Tray.

So your kid is tired of the choo choo spoon, worn out on the jet plane jelly sandwich, and you’re about to just wash your hands of the whole dang nourishment game. Well move over because feeding time just became a game, furreals. This ingenious tray makes progressing through meals a game of winners and losers, and if my kids are going to take 87 lieftimes to finish a meal (which they definitely are) then I'll count keeping them focused on their food as a huge win.

Problem: My Child Will Only Let Me Feed Them. Solution: This All-Purpose Nursing Pillow.

I loved nursing my little rugrats, but sometimes mama needs a freaking break already. With this pillow, you can pass your baby off to anyone with arms and the tyke will be none the wiser. The Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss keeps baby’s head (and your arms) from getting all sweaty, cuts down on fatigue and strain for your already worn-out upper body, and just generally gives baby a more comfortable feeding zone no matter who’s manning the milk bottle. Doubles as a burping pillow. Triples as an I-think-I’ll-just-rest-my-head-for-a-minute-or-an-hour pillow.

Problem: The Arctic Snow Bomb Cyclone El Nino Is Making Trips Outside With Baby Too Dicey. Solution: This Car Seat Cozy Keeps Them Cozy In Their Car Seats.

Some days here in the Midwest I can get back from a day at the beach (yes, we have beaches), knowing tomorrow is going to be -27 with a wind chill of Absolute Zero. Welcome to modern parenting. It’s tough, but being prepared for every crazy scenario is your job, and this Polar Fleece car seat cover is going to help you be a BOSS. Versatile design means you can use this on most any seat or stroller, with convenient flaps and straps for keeping little ones warm and toasty no matter how polar our vortexes get.

Problem: The Child Gets Up At O-Dark-Thirty Every Morning. Solution: This Cute But Effective Sleep Training Clock.

The reviews on this clock will have you wondering why they don’t just hand one of these to you on your way out of the birthing ward. Easily programmable for different wake times, the green light shows your child when it’s time to get up and the red light tells them to STAY TF IN BED FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. The clock works like a charm, has a battery back-up, it’s shaped like a puppy, and it'll fix your life so you can stop bribing your toddler with fruit snacks at 5am just to get seven more minutes of sleep.

Problem: My Arms Need A Dang Rest. Solution: This Bouncy Chair Is Your Arm’s New Best Friend, No Lie.

Our last child was a LITTLE finicky about where we allowed to set her down. Okay, she was like a diva on steroids about it. The one place other than her own parents’ weary arms that she would accept was her bouncy seat. There she would chill and play and sometimes even sleep. It was not a good day when she outgrew that thing, I don't mind telling you. Our only complaint with these simple but effective seats was that they don’t make them in larger sizes. Because then we would ALL have one.

Problem: Crayon Messes Food Messes Bath Messes. Solution: These Twelve Packs Of Magic Erasers.

If you’ve never been introduced to the witchcraft of the Magic Eraser, please step right up. These things handle messes *almost* as fast as kids can make them—they clean the crayon off your walls (or so I've heard...), the exploded food from inside your microwave, the mystery goop hand prints from your window frames, shower residue, floor tiles, and more. The only thing they won’t scrub is your internet search record. That’s on you. Comes with the Extra Durable, Kitchen, and Bath Magic Erasers.

Problem: There Are Broken Cheerios Everywhere But My Child’s Mouth. Solution: This Awesome Snack Catcher.

Confession time: My youngest is nearly 8 years old, and she still uses these in the car—because there's no part of parenting when it suddenly becomes awesome to have snacks ground into your auto upholstery. A go-everywhere buddy that carries treats of your choosing, the Snack Catcher is an indispensable addition to every parent’s gadget repertoire. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, sized to fit in most cupholders, and it’s top rack dishwasher safe. The lid allows little fingers access to the snacky goodness but keeps said snacks from spilling in the pretty much guaranteed event that they tip or get “dropped" again and again. And again.

Problem: My Neck Hurts My Back Hurts My Feet Hurt… Solution: This Shiatsu Massager Is Sore Muscle Heaven.

When parents are tense, things get dicey for EVERYONE. This versatile massager helps prevent that with multi-directional massage points that get in there and do it up, switching directions, really working out those over-used muscles and giving you the second, third, or fourth wind you really need to finish the day or start a new one. Heat function adds yet another dimension to this gadget and can be turned on or of, depending on how close you are to your breaking point.

Problem: Big Vacuums Are Wasted on Tiny Messes. Solution: Bust More Dust (And Cracker Bits) With This Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

It’s no good getting out the full size sweeper for little messes (and children make lots of those). Ain’t nobody got time for that. This easy, lightweight and powerful little rechargeable wonder will save you all of that time, and BONUS! it’s small and non-threatening enough for a toddler to use. Clean up your own mess, Junior. Includes HEPA washable filter to save you money and keep allergens from fouling up your good times, plus every attachment you can think of.

Problem: The Little Ones Are Too Little To Reach The Faucet. Solution: These Cute AF Faucet Extenders Will Extend Your Faucets While Being Cute AF.

So the little one can’t quite reach the water. What’s the big deal? So they’ll go around with dirty hands, or dirty AND soapy hands. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh. Right. Disease, pestilence, the plague (or, in my case, a bunch of ruined hand towels because your kid couldn't reach to rinse the gooey, sticky, soapy dirt mixture off). Okay, well then get these babies to help out your babies. Just slip the soft rubber leaf over the faucet and watch your child squeal with delight as the water rolls out all Ferngully style into their waiting hands.

Problem: Bathing Babies Is A Bear. Solution: The Bath Lotus Is The Perfect Tool For Bathing Your Little Flower In The Sink.

The biggest problem with sink bathing your infant is the sink. Sinks are hard, cold, and sinky. The Bath Lotus is soft, warm, and non-sinky. It’s hands-down the best way to bath that tiny new baby without some dopey inflatable tublet thing, and WAY better than the stacks of washcloths I always used. It’s soft, cuddly, and it conforms to your sink even if you have a dumb sink. But don’t take our word for it - no baby has ever said a bad thing about the Bath Lotus.

Problem: Children Running Rampant. Solution This Loaded Baby Gate.

No, it’s not for loaded babies. That’s against the law, I’m pretty sure. This gate is loaded with features that you are going to find quite useful and convenient, unlike the record player in the trunk of your 1960 Chrysler DeSoto. With the safety lock, the extension for wider doors and the pressure mount design, you’ll be corralling your kiddos in their playroom in no time. 30 inch height makes it perfect for pets, too. Kids not included (you're welcome).

Problem: Sore And Leaky Milk Producing Glands. Solution: Bamboobies Breast Pads.

Breastfeeding is important, according to science. It also wreaks havoc on your nipples, and any product that helps soothe those teets is okay in my book. These washable breast pads don't feel cold and clammy when wet and don't leak through like many reusable pads. Environmentally friendly and also mentally friendly, because WHY IS MY SHIRT WET... AGAIN??? should not be in your list of daily phrases. And that name...

Problem: Blowouts. You Know What I Mean. Solution: These Diaper Extenders That Should Win Some Kind Of Nobel Prize.

Or rather they should win a No-Poop Prize. Because they make sure no nasty baby poop comes shooting up your progeny’s back, thereby fouling their clothes, the car seat, their bouncer, their crib, your lap, your nose holes, etc. Honestly, one of my kids had a blowout as a preemie in his incubator and ruined a million-dollar piece of hospital equipment. Blowouts are no joke. The No-Poop prize doesn’t come with a million dollars, but it does come with a million reasons to use these BabyBackups, and they’re all about keeping that junk in the diaper and not ANYWHERE else.

Problem: The Blowout Diaper Is Now Stinking Up The Whole House. Solution: The Diaper Genie Keeps Your Baby’s Room Smelling Like... Not Dirty Diapers.

Sure, the diaper extender kept the nasties in the diaper, but whose job is it to keep the smell contained? The Diaper Genie’s of course. It really is like magic, though I doubt I’d use my actual genie just to get rid of some smell. One-hand use, seven layer protection, and a double secure odor lock design makes for one fine smelling nursery. Get another for the kitchen and stop wondering what TF that smell is.

Problem: The Sun. Traffic Noise. Daylight Saving Time. Solution: These Travel Blackout Blinds.

Buy two, because even though they’re portable WHAT IF YOU FORGET YOURS? These things are that important for anyone who wants their child to sleep before the sun goes down, after the sun comes up, or at nap time. The beautiful thing is that YOU can use them too. Up late with Mr. or Mrs. Cranky Pants? Working third shift? Slap these blinds on the window using the provided suction cups and you’ll be in the dark, saving energy and blocking some noise too. That’s Boss Level, so sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Problem: The Little One Has Trouble With Sleepy Time. Solution: This White Noise Bunny.

This rabbit may just become your new bff. It’s cute, it helps your child sleep, and it doesn’t judge you for eating all of the things. What more can you ask for? Adjustable volume? Check. Four different sound modes? Check. Two sleep timer options? Check. Velcro tab for easy crib mounting? Check. Now if it will just swear not to Instagram the 12,000 pics you took of your sleeping baby.

Problem: Getting A Baby To Take Liquid Medicine Or Vitamins. Solution: This Ingenious Medicine Dispenser.

Precise measurements, spill-proof design, and bottle-like dispensing nipple makes the Munchkin the go-to medicator for infants and toddlers. Pediatrician designed, it delivers medicine in a steady and gag-free flow right to where it needs to be, and not on your shirt, baby’s shirt, or the ceiling. Yes, that's a thing.

Problem: The Kid’s Thirsty. Solution: These Water Bottle Sippy Caps.

You’re on the road and you’re out of kid-friendly drinks. Enter the sippy spout. You’re at the theater, your kid wants a water, you want dry clothes. Enter the sippy spout. These Parent Unit Sipping Spouts screw right on to most disposable plastic bottles and allow your child to enjoy a fresh drink wherever they are - no muss, no fuss. So much more convenient than trying to bring enough drink from home (which I always forget anyway), you’ll never go out without them.

Problem: You’re Supposed To Swaddle That Baby But You Stink At It Because That Baby Isn’t A Burrito And It Seems Unnatural To Wrap A Human Up That Tightly, And Also What If They Want To Use Their Arms. Solution: This Woombie Swaddle Blanket.

I remember being uncomfortable with how tightly I was folding the swaddle blanket, second-guessing to the point where I just about gave up. Couple that with a squirming baby and it’s easy to see why so many parents don’t do it. Enter the Woombie, a one step “no origami required" ready to rock swaddle blanket. Just put the swaddlee in and zip.

Problem: Bath Toys. Solution: This All In One Toy Scoop, Drainer And Storage Bin.

Few things these days live up to their promises, but this scoop really delivers. There used to be toys on the floor, left in the tub or the sink to drain, lying in towels in the corners of the room - you name it. Once I found a ducky in the loo. Then this thing came along. In one swoop (two if you’re an amateur) you’ll have those toys out of the tub and dripping dry in their home on the wall. Done.

Problem: Where Do I Keep All This Stuff? Solution: This Over The Door Pantry Organizer Is The Storage Hack You’ve Dreamed Of.

No Lie. You can use these organizers everywhere. In the car you drape it over the back of your seat and the kidlets have ready access to their drinks, toys, tissues, hand sanitizer or whatever you’re letting them have back there. In the home, toss one over a door and you’ve got crayons, markers, glue, headphones, scissors, etc. all hanging in easy to see clear pockets. Roll up a bitty outfit in each pocket so your kiddo can dress themselves. Keep not-so-kid-friendly items in higher pockets. It just works, folks.

Problem: They’ve Dropped Their Pacifier In The Dark And They Are So Close To Sleep And It’s Now Defcon Five Panic Time. Solution: This Glow In The Dark Pacifier.

It’s like a waking nightmare: your precious little monster is on the edge of sleep, the muscles holding that pacifier start to relax, then… it’s gone. Into the grey of the dark floor, or into the folds of the blanket. You feel around, carefully, trying not to change position or make any unnecessary movement or noise. You can’t find it. It’s been too long. Baby’s wide awake again. This one’s easy, peeps. Get this pacifier, and buy extras. It’s the one that’s shaped like a real nipple, too. Bonus.

Problem: Dressing Or Changing Your Squirming Baby. Solution: This Smart Magnetic Closure Onesie.

No muss, no fuss. Just pull the magnetic links apart and insert or remove baby. No extra mystery snap (where the heck does it even come from?!?), no crooked buttons, no fumbling for buttons in the dark during those late night changings. Always keep an extra one of these super comfy, super convenient onesies in the bag for emergencies.

Problem: Teething. Solution: This Teething Necklace For Mom… Or Dad.

Our teething toys always got lost, and even when they didn’t they were still being picked up from whatever nasty floor they’d been dropped on. No thank you. So this handmade designer teething necklace is the best for convenience, and it's free of any chemicals or metals you might not want your children to be imbibing. Plus, the chewable beads are different sizes and textures to suit your teether’s mood or needs, without making you look like you have a Toys R Us draped around your neck.

Problem: It’s A Wee Bit Hot For A Stroll. Solution: This Rechargeable Clip On Fan.

This fan will turn your child’s stroller into a Strolls Royce, and you’ll be rolling in style and comfort while everyone else languishes in the unrelentingly oppressive heat of the noonday sun. Of course, you can imagine plenty of other places you could use a portable fan, such as festivals, hikes, camping, the office, the patio or your bicycle. It’s quiet, it’s got four speeds, and it lasts from 3-8 hours on a charge. I’m a fan… :D

Problem: Baby’s Milk Is Frozen. Solution: The Fast Baby Bottle Warmer.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve used this. You need milk NOW, but it’s all frozen. You’re not supposed to microwave it, because reasons, but AUUGGHHHHH! You do it anyway, and now it’s too hot, and nutrient-free because you nuked all those little vitamins and whatnot. Enter the Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer. It heats evenly and quickly, even from frozen. Works on baby food, too!

And now for the main event!

These glow-in-the-dark PJs have helped this mom to have a moment of peace. And here's why...

Jessica D’Entremont, a Massachusetts mom realized that her kids had too much energy...

In order to calm them down before bed time, she told them that their PJs would not work if they didn't allow them the time to charge. That meant laying down on the floor and "charging" them.

In a Facebook post, she revealed that it actually worked!

"Looking for a way to keep your kids still? Buy them glow in the dark PJs. Tell them they have to lie really still under the light to 'charge' them. I’m not even sorry. To expand on the trickery I’ve started putting the PJs back into their drawer when they get dressed in the morning……unexposed to light all day they dim and do not glow in the dark when they tried to test me last night until they laid down again. Reinforcing the need to lie quietly under the light before bed."

It's genius, right?

However, this excuse has now become a multi-purpose way to help the young girls. "We do it every day before bedtime now as a part of their sensory diet. We also use essential oils to help support sleep and calm so this is a great way to get some stillness." Amazing! So, I suggest you buy your kids a glow-in-the-dark set too!