Mom Shares Clever Hack for Getting Picky Eaters To Try New Foods

A mom has shared a clever hack that encourages picky eaters to try new foods and it will truly blow your mind!

The mom recently took to TikTok to share her very clever hack that encourages picky eaters to try new foods...


Using simply, a plate.

The Spin Meal Plate, priced at $19.99, is a healthy nutrition plate that aims to encourage picky eaters to eat different foods.


The plate, aimed at children over the age of 3, is divided into 8 different compartments, each with picture of a baby animal.

Parents are encouraged to fill the 8 compartments with different foods and then their child can spin the arrow in the middle of the plate...


Which ever compartment the arrow lands on, the picky eater has to eat.

"Great for picky eaters. Amazing way to introduce new foods. Wonderful alternative if your child needs a little distraction while eating and you dont want to use screen time. Fun game," one customer wrote.


"Omg, I'm in love!!!!! My 4 year old son is a very picky eater and refuses almost everything we give him. Meal time is stressful and challenging, but tonight we use this spin plate and I was completely shocked and wanted to cry. He willingly on his own ate chicken, corn and green beans!!!!!!!! He ate EVERYTHING!!! This is huge for us, he was so excited to play that he forgot all about refusing food. Buying more and highly recommend for picky eaters," said another.

So, if your looking for a way to encourage a picky eater to be adventurous with their food...


The Spin Meal Plate could be perfect for you. Get yours here.